April 16, 2023

Everything about the Tiara 39 Coupe Yacht: Comprehensive Guide for Yachting Enthusiasts

The Tiara 39 Coupe is a luxurious yacht that seamlessly blends classic styling with modern amenities and top-of-the-line integrated electronics systems. This perfectly sized and powerful vessel offers a unique solution for boating enthusiasts who are torn between choosing a dayboat and a cruiser, as it caters to both lifestyle choices on the water. The combination of uncompromised quality, luxury, and sleek design sets the Tiara 39 Coupe apart in the world of yachting.

Constructed with glass-encapsulated wood and foam-cored stringers, the Tiara 39 Coupe features solid glass below the waterline and balsa-cored material above, ensuring both rigidity and strength. The key specifications of the yacht include an overall length of 40 feet 10 inches, a beam of 13 feet 3 inches, and a draft of 3 feet 4 inches. Powered by twin Volvo IPS 500 engines, the yacht reaches a cruise speed of 30.1 mph and a top speed of 40.3 mph, with a range of 272 nautical miles at cruising speed.

The interior of the Tiara 39 Coupe follows a modern design approach, with open and spacious floor plans that engage the galley and cockpit, providing optimal onboard comfort and entertainment. Architectural appointments and attention to detail make this yacht stand out as a truly sophisticated choice for boating enthusiasts seeking both style and practicality.

Design and Aesthetics

Exterior Design

The Tiara 39 Coupe features a classic styling that is both elegant and timeless. The yacht's sleek lines and quality components showcase Tiara's commitment to excellence in design. With its beautiful hull shape and carefully crafted details, the 39 Coupe exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Notable features of the exterior include large windows for ample natural light, an integrated swim platform, and a spacious cockpit area for entertaining guests or relaxing with family. The hardtop design adds further style and protection from the elements while underway or at anchor.

Interior Design

Stepping inside the Tiara 39 Coupe, one is greeted with a modern, inviting interior that boasts architectural appointments and open floor plans. The galley is seamlessly integrated with the cockpit, keeping guests engaged while entertaining.

The salon area offers ample seating, a retractable sunroof for added natural light, and all the amenities one would expect from a luxury yacht in this class. The stateroom and head spaces are designed with comfort and privacy in mind, carefully balancing both form and function.

Materials and Craftsmanship

The Tiara 39 Coupe is built using only the finest materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. The yacht features a solid glass construction below the waterline and a balanced mix of fiberglass and structural reinforcements above it, ensuring durability and performance.

Inside, attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design. High-quality woods, luxurious fabrics, and modern appliances all come together to create a refined and welcoming atmosphere. The experienced team at Tiara Yachts ensures that every 39 Coupe is built to the highest standards, making it a truly remarkable vessel for discerning yachtsmen and women.

Performance and Handling

Engine Options

The Tiara 39 Coupe is equipped with twin Volvo Penta IPS drives, which provide the yacht with impressive power and efficiency. These engines are designed to deliver an exceptional driving experience, allowing the yacht to perform optimally in various conditions.(source)

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a key factor in the Tiara 39 Coupe's impressive performance. With a fuel capacity of 300 gallons, this yacht has a range of 272 nautical miles when cruising at its most efficient speed. This makes it a great option for longer trips, as well as short outings.(source)

Top Speed and Cruising Speed

Speed TypeValue (mph)
Top Speed40.3
Cruising Speed30.1

The Tiara 39 Coupe boasts an impressive top speed of 40.3 mph and a comfortable cruising speed of 30.1 mph, making it an excellent choice for those who value both speed and efficiency in their yacht.(source)


Maneuverability is a key aspect of the Tiara 39 Coupe's performance. The yacht features integrated glass cockpit instrumentation and joystick controls, offering the captain precise control over the vessel. Assisted docking technology further enhances this yacht's ability to navigate tight spaces, making it an excellent option for those who prioritize ease of handling without sacrificing performance.(source)

Comfort and Amenities


The Tiara 39 Coupe yacht offers a blend of comfort and luxury, providing a home-away-from-home feel. The yacht features a spacious master stateroom with a queen-size bed, ample storage, and an en-suite head with a separate shower stall. The guest stateroom is furnished with twin berths, a wardrobe, and easily accessible shared head, ensuring guests enjoy their stay on this magnificent yacht(Tiara Yachts).

Entertainment Features

Entertaining guests on the Tiara 39 Coupe is a delight, with its open layout and contemporary design offering multiple social areas. The yacht's salon area features a comfortable L-shaped settee and a flat-screen TV for media enjoyment. Additionally, the cockpit area is furnished with a spacious elegantly designed seating area where guests can relax and mingle(Boating Mag).

Galley and Dining

Conveniently located close to the salon, the galley on the Tiara 39 Coupe is fully equipped and functional. The modern galley includes:

  • A two-burner electric stove
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Microwave oven
  • Sink with a designer faucet
  • Ample counter and storage space

The Tiara 39 Coupe boasts a cozy and contemporary dining area with a sleek high-gloss table, allowing guests to enjoy their meals with a touch of elegance(Tiara Yachts).

Storage and Space

One of the highlights of the Tiara 39 Coupe is its generous storage and space solutions, ensuring that all cruising essentials have their place. The yacht's intelligent design makes use of every available area, with storage compartments discreetly integrated into both living spaces and outside areas. The engine room is also carefully arranged, allowing for easy maintenance access and maximum use of the available space(HMY Yachts).

Safety and Navigation

Navigation Systems

The Tiara 39 Coupe yacht is equipped with advanced navigation systems aimed at providing a safe and enjoyable on-water experience. It has integrated glass cockpit instrumentation, making it easy for skippers to monitor the yacht's performance and surroundings at all times. Additionally, the yacht features joystick controls that allow for effortless maneuverability and control when navigating through various marine environments.

Safety Equipment

On top of its cutting-edge navigation systems, the Tiara 39 Coupe also prioritizes safety in its design. Some key safety features include:

  • Assisted docking technology to ensure a smooth docking experience
  • Fire suppression systems for protection against onboard fires
  • Emergency lighting integrated into the yacht's design, making it easy to see in case of power failure
  • High-quality life jackets and throwable flotation devices to increase survival chances in case of a man overboard situation

Hull Construction

The dependable Tiara hull plays a significant role in enhancing the yacht's safety through its durable and stable construction. The Tiara 39 Coupe is built with a combination of reinforced fiberglass and other high-quality materials, which contribute to a smooth and secure ride even in challenging conditions. The hull design also helps minimize noise and vibration, ensuring a comfortable experience for passengers on board.

In conclusion, the Tiara 39 Coupe yacht offers a balance between advanced navigation systems, essential safety equipment, and a solid hull construction, ensuring a safe and enjoyable boating experience for its passengers.

Ownership and Maintenance

Initial Cost and Depreciation

The Tiara 39 Coupe is a luxury yacht designed for comfort and performance. The initial cost of ownership may vary depending on factors such as customization options, and market demand. Buyers looking for a Tiara 39 Coupe should consider the prices listed on websites such as YachtWorld and HMY Yachts.

As with any luxury item, depreciation is a factor to take into account. Boats tend to depreciate over time, with the most significant depreciation occurring in the first few years of ownership. The specific rate of depreciation will depend on factors such as maintenance, usage, and market conditions.

Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a yacht can be a costly endeavor, but ensuring that the vessel remains in excellent condition is essential for retaining the resale value and ensuring continued enjoyment. Some general maintenance costs include:

  • Fuel
  • Engine maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Storage or docking fees
  • Winter and off-season storage
  • Regular safety checks and equipment maintenance

It's important to keep in mind that the maintenance costs are partially mitigated by the quality craftsmanship and materials used by Tiara Yachts, which can lead to lower long-term expenses. For assistance with maintenance and technical support, Tiara Yachts provides owner resources, such as manuals and customer service.

Insurance and Financing

Protecting your investment in a Tiara 39 Coupe is essential, and a comprehensive insurance policy will help cover any unforeseen damages or risks. The cost of insurance will vary depending on factors such as vessel value, location, and intended usage. Numerous marine insurance providers are available, and it's worthwhile to shop around to find the best policy for your specific needs.

Many buyers opt to finance their yacht purchase. This spreads the cost of ownership over a longer period and can make the initial investment more manageable. Financing options are available through various lenders, and potential buyers should research rates and terms to find the best plan for their budget.


The Tiara 39 Coupe yacht showcases an elegant blend of classic styling, modern interiors, and performance capabilities that make it a sought-after luxury vessel. With its open and spacious floor plans that seamlessly connect the galley to the cockpit, the 39 Coupe has been thoughtfully designed for both leisure and entertaining.

Constructed using solid glass below the waterline and balsa-cored above, the Tiara 39 Coupe is built for strength and rigidity, thanks to its glass-encapsulated wood and foam-cored stringers integrated into the hull. This yacht sports sleek lines and an enclosed hardtop design that provides a perfect balance of aesthetics and convenience.

Equipped with cutting-edge IPS pod drives, the Tiara 39 Coupe yacht delivers optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and maneuverability for its owner. Additionally, this vessel's top-of-the-line integrated electronics systems make it an ideal and powerful package for those seeking a modern and luxurious yachting experience.

In summary, the Tiara 39 Coupe yacht is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish, well-built, and powerful vessel that can deliver impressive performance and comfortable accommodations. Its blend of classic and contemporary design elements, as well as its advanced technology, make it the perfect yacht for unforgettable experiences on the water.

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