The Beast: On Board the 39-Meter Explorer Catamaran

Driving over the Harbour Bridge in Auckland, New Zealand, a cluster of superyachts in the nearby marina catch the eye. But it is not so easy to make out The Beast. With her military-style camouflage paint job, this 39.2-metre, 493GT catamaran may be one of 2019’s most distinctive launches – but she is harder to spot at a distance.

“I knew if I ever built another yacht, I’d go for something a bit different,” says Kiwi jewellery entrepreneur Sir Michael Hill, who until recently owned 34-metre Alloy YachtsVvS1 (now Akiko). Andy Grocott, Hill’s long-time captain, chimes in: “We’d discussed a new build for quite a few years, but VvS1 was a great boat and each time we looked into building or purchasing a replacement it came down to what size tender we could practically fit on deck.”

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