Spooky Ship Stories

Halloween is right around the corner, so here are a few spooky ship stories t o heighten the mood.

1/ Ourang Medan sent out a distress signal and when two American ships sent rescuers on board, a grisly discovery was found. The crew were all found dead with horrified expressions on their face, mouth agape — without any signs of foul play. Before an investigation could get underway, a mysterious fire sank the ship.

2/ Octavius was a three-masted schooner that was found by a whaling ship in 1775. When the derelict ship was boarded, the entire crew was found dead, frozen and preserved. But upon inspection, it was concluded that the ship had been lost in the Arctic for 13 years.

3/ Kaz II, also known as “the ghost yacht,” was a catamaran found drifting 88 nautical miles off the coast of Australia in April 2007. Strangely, when emergency crews boarded the drifting vessel, the boat appeared fully functioning and normal, with place settings on the table and the engine still running. The only indication of anything out of the ordinary was a badly shredded sail and no signs of life aboard.


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