Silent Yachts New Drive Train

Things that make you say WOW!

SILENT Yachts is the Austrian producer of oceangoing solar-electric production catamarans and their new Silent 55 model has a completely revised drivetrain with significantly more battery power and electric motors that are twice as powerful as before. A pair of 250 kW e-motors and 210 kWh of lithium batteries provide not only propulsion but also power for all house needs via a 15-kVA inverter. Although there is a generator, thirty solar panels provide charging on sunny days. However, with a full charge, the vessel can cruise all night. The genset is used to top up the batteries when needed but isn’t required for either cooking or air conditioning at anchor. Technically, the yacht has unlimited range and operates with no noise, fumes or vibration, which is something that will make you say, “Wow!”

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