September 17, 2023

Shibumi Shade: The Ultimate Beach Sun Protection Solution

Shibumi Shade has become a popular choice for beachgoers seeking optimal sun protection without the hassle of traditional beach umbrellas or tents. This innovative beach shade utilizes a unique design that harnesses the power of the wind to provide ample coverage for relaxation on the sand.

The lightweight, portable, and easy-to-assemble nature of the Shibumi Shade has earned it glowing reviews from users and experts alike, transforming the way people experience sun protection. The Sea Magazine squad? Oh, we've seen 'em all when it comes to shady gadgets. But the Shibumi Shade? Now that's our beachy BFF!

shibumi shade

The creative concept behind the Shibumi Shade was born out of necessity, as three friends from the University of North Carolina sought a more efficient and effective way to stay cool during sun-soaked beach days. Today, the brand offers an array of options to cater to different preferences and budgets while maintaining their commitment to quality, usability, and travel-friendly design. Each Shibumi Shade is crafted using eco-friendly, ocean-bound recycled plastic material, ensuring a positive environmental impact as consumers enjoy a comfortable and convenient sun shelter.

Key Takeaways

  • Shibumi Shade is a wind-powered, easy-to-assemble sun shelter popular among beachgoers.
  • Originating from the University of North Carolina, the brand offers various options suited for different needs and budgets.
  • Each Shibumi Shade is made from eco-friendly, ocean-bound recycled plastic materials, providing a sustainable option for sun protection.
Bolivar Beach Supervisor Michael Lentz, center, along with Bolivar Beach Patrol workers Michael Murphy, left, and Dale Dishman set up a Shibumi Shade wind tent on the sand in Crystal Beach on Friday, March 4, 2022. The tent was part of a display of tents that would could serve as an alternative to the commonly used, aluminum-framed folding tents used by many beachgoers. STUART VILLANUEVA/The Galveston County Daily News

Understanding Shibumi Shade

Shibumi Shade is an innovative beach shade solution that has gained popularity for its simplicity and effectiveness in providing ample shade for beachgoers. This unique shade structure uses the power of wind to create a generous shaded area, making it a great alternative to traditional beach umbrellas and tents.

The design of the Shibumi Shade is centered around its aluminum poles and a parachute-like canopy. When set up, the poles create an arch, allowing the striking blue canopy to billow in the breeze, providing shade for up to six adults. As the wind blows, the canopy's free-flowing shape effectively works with the wind rather than against it, ensuring stability and coverage even on windy days.

Another advantage of Shibumi Shade is its ease of setup and portability. The lightweight frame, which consists of a few aluminum poles, can be quickly assembled and planted into the ground. The canopy is also lightweight and easy to attach to the poles, making it a hassle-free solution for people looking for reliable sun protection on the beach.

Additionally, the Shibumi Shade boasts an attractive appearance. The vibrant blue canopy adds a pop of color to the beach, making it not only functional but also visually appealing.

In conclusion, the Shibumi Shade is an innovative and effective option for those seeking sun protection at the beach. With its clever design, ease of setup, and eye-catching appearance, it is no wonder that the Shibumi Shade has gained a loyal coastal following and steadily grown in popularity.

Material and Design


The fabric used in the Shibumi Shade is made from ocean-bound recycled plastic bottles, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice. This special parachute fabric is designed and sewn in America, and contributes to the shade's lightweight nature. The material offers UPF 30+ sun protection, ensuring adequate shielding from harmful sun rays.


Shibumi Shade features aluminum poles that provide a strong and lightweight support structure. These poles are easily assembled and planted into the ground. The use of aluminum also contributes to Shibumi Shade's overall portability and durability.


The unique design of the Shibumi Shade incorporates a single curved arch created by the aluminum poles. This arch allows the fabric to flow freely in the breeze, making it quieter in high winds compared to other beach shades. The arch design also enables the shade to provide cover for up to six adults, making it a versatile and efficient choice for beach gatherings.

Usability and Experience


The Shibumi Beach Shade offers a straightforward assembly process, making it an attractive option for beachgoers. Users can quickly set up the shade by planting the aluminum poles into the ground and creating an arch, which supports the vibrant blue parachute canopy 1. This simple design allows easy setup, even for those who may not have experience with assembling beach shades.

Wind Resistance

A strong selling point for the Shibumi Beach Shade is its wind resistance capabilities. Its unique arch design allows the wind to flow through smoothly, preventing the shade from being blown away or collapsing during windy days 3. This feature makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable shade that can withstand varying weather conditions on the beach.

Light Weight

The Shibumi Beach Shade is considerably lighter than other alternatives such as pop-up tents 1, ensuring easy handling and transportation. This lightweight feature adds to the overall convenience of using the Shibumi Shade, as it will not require excessive strength or effort to carry it to and from the beach.

Carrying Options

With convenience in mind, the Shibumi Beach Shade is packed in a cleverly designed strapped bag, making it easy to carry for users. The carrying bag ensures that all parts are kept together and well organized, further enhancing the user's experience when setting up and dismantling the shade.

Product Range and Cost

Shibumi Shade offers two different sizes of their innovative, wind-powered beach shade. The original Shibumi Shade provides up to 150 sq. ft of shade and is perfect for groups of 4 to 6 people. For those looking for a smaller option, the company also offers a two-person shade, ideal for couples or solo beachgoers. These shades are designed and sewn in America, boasting UPF 50+ sun protection and a unique wind-powered setup.

When it comes to the cost, the original Shibumi Shade is priced at $270. This price may seem steep to some consumers, considering it essentially consists of a few poles and several yards of fabric. However, the innovative design and the convenience it offers may justify the cost for those who spend a lot of time at the beach.

The smaller, two-person shade has a lower price point of $190. This more compact option still provides the same wind resistance and sun protection as the original size but at a more affordable cost.

Shibumi Shade's main competitors often offer beach shades at lower costs; however, they do not necessarily provide the same level of wind resistance, convenience, and ease of set-up. The decision to invest in a Shibumi Shade ultimately depends on an individual's preferences and the value they place on the shade's unique features.

Relevance in Beach Environment

Shade Effectiveness

The Shibumi Shade is designed to provide protection from the sun for up to six adults1. This innovative beach shade has an eye-catching arch design, with a lightweight canopy made of ocean-bound recycled plastic that billows in the ocean breeze, offering a well-ventilated and comfortable reprieve from the sun. Its effectiveness as a sun shelter has made it a popular choice among beachgoers looking for a more dynamic and refreshing alternative to traditional beach umbrellas and sun shelters.

Against the Wind

One of the key advantages of the Shibumi Shade is its ability to handle wind efficiently2. The unique arch design allows the wind to flow through, preventing the shade from being blown away or collapsing during windy days at the beach. This feature is particularly useful for those who frequently visit beaches with windy conditions, where traditional beach tents and sun shelters may struggle to stay upright and secure.

Environmental Impact

In addition to offering effective sun protection and wind resistance, the Shibumi Shade also showcases a commitment to environmental sustainability. The canopy is made from ocean-bound recycled plastic, giving new life to plastic waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfills or the ocean3. By choosing this innovative sun shelter, beachgoers can not only enjoy a comfortable and shaded environment but also contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution.


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Customer Satisfaction

Shibumi Shade has gained a reputation for creating exceptional beach shades, with customers expressing high levels of satisfaction with the product. The versatility, ease of use, and durability of the Shibumi Shade have contributed to its popularity among beachgoers.

Customers appreciate the simplicity of the setup process, which only takes a couple of minutes to complete. According to a review on Amazon, one buyer stated that it was "the best beach shade ever," and "worth every penny" after trying many other options.

In addition to the product's design and ease of use, Shibumi Shade has a strong focus on delivering outstanding customer service. Their contact page invites users to reach out for assistance, expressing gratitude for the interest and support from customers.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee, with no time limit, is provided by Shibumi Shade. This guarantee demonstrates the company's confidence in their product's quality, which reinforces the trust placed in them by consumers.

The overall customer satisfaction with Shibumi Shade is also evident in their impressive 4.9 rating based on 3,256 reviews, with 99% of buyers recommending the product to others. This positive feedback suggests that customers have found the shade to be an effective solution for their sun protection needs.

In conclusion, Shibumi Shade's focus on delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service help ensure they maintain a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. Their guarantee and user-friendly nature offer added reassurance for potential buyers.

Shibumi Shade Revolution in University of North Carolina

The Shibumi Shade's origin can be traced back to the University of North Carolina (UNC), where three alumni came together with a goal. Tired of traditional beach umbrellas being blown away by the wind, Dane Barnes, his brother Scott, and their best friend Alex Slater collaborated on creating a new kind of shoreline shade. Their invention, the Shibumi Shade, has captured the interest of beachgoers since its introduction in North Carolina in 2016.

The founders' pursuit of "effortless perfection" in their design was a driving force in Shibumi Shade's success. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of elegance in simplicity, the three UNC graduates underwent numerous design upgrades before finally arriving at their final product. The result was a lightweight beach shade (weighing less than four pounds) that can be set up in as little as three minutes and can accommodate up to six adults.

As a representation of their alma mater, the Shibumi Shade features a trademark two-toned blue color scheme reminiscent of UNC. The brand's popularity quickly spread across the eastern coastline, bringing attention to both the innovative design and its roots in the university. In 2020, the founders were invited as guest speakers for UNC's Family Business Club to share their journey and insights.

Innovation and practicality are at the core of the Shibumi Shade, which capitalizes on wind power to effectively provide shade for beachgoers. Its rise to prominence along the coastlines demonstrates the impact of the University of North Carolina's values on the entrepreneurial spirit of its alumni. The Shibumi Shade revolution has truly emerged as yet another testament to UNC's commitment to fostering creativity and excellence among its students.

Travel and Portability

The Shibumi Shade is designed with travel and portability in mind, making it a popular choice for beachgoers who value convenience and ease of use. This innovative shade solution is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 4 lbs. The compact design can be easily carried on your shoulder, freeing up your hands to carry other beach essentials.

Ease of setup is another feature that makes the Shibumi Shade highly portable. It relies on the wind to provide ample shade without the need for heavy or cumbersome poles. The process of setting up and taking down the Shibumi Shade only takes a few minutes, which means more time to enjoy the sand and surf.

Another travel-friendly aspect of the Shibumi Shade is its eco-friendly construction. Created from 40% recycled plastic bottles, this sustainable shade solution helps reduce waste and contributes to ocean conservation efforts. This makes the Shibumi Shade a responsible choice for environmentally-conscious travelers.

Whether you are planning a day trip to the beach or an extended vacation, the Shibumi Shade proves to be a smart choice for those who value portability and eco-friendly products. It delivers ample shade for up to six people while remaining easy to transport and effortless to set up, allowing you to make the most of your time in the sun.

Branding and Marketing Through Social Media

Shibumi Shade has effectively leveraged social media platforms for branding and marketing their innovative beach products. In particular, the Senior Social Media + Content Manager plays a crucial role in building the brand, targeting their audience, and creating a strong online presence.

TikTok, a popular platform among younger demographics, provides an excellent opportunity for promoting the Shibumi Shade. With its powerful visual capabilities and engagement features, TikTok allows the company to showcase their products while also connecting with users in a more personal, authentic way. Some tactics used on this platform include posting entertaining and educational content, as well as collaborating with influencers who can help amplify the brand's message.

In the summer of 2021, Shibumi Shade experienced viral marketing success, as brilliantly detailed in a article. The brand's marketing strategy relied heavily on generating buzz through social media channels and characteristically engaging content. This ultimately led to increased sales and exposure, not only on social media but also in various online publications and platforms.

Shibumi Shade's commitment to creating thoughtfully designed products and respecting the sandy escape of beachgoers is reinforced through the consistent messaging delivered via social media. By adopting a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone of voice, the company effectively communicates its values and benefits to its target audience.

In conclusion, Shibumi Shade has successfully harnessed the power of social media, particularly TikTok, and expertly used branding and marketing strategies to create a strong online presence and drive awareness of their innovative products. As a result, they have experienced significant growth and garnered positive attention within the beach lifestyle market.

Beachside Sensibility and Culture

The Shibumi Beach Shade has become an essential part of the modern beach experience by combining practicality, style, and simplicity. Beachgoers can effortlessly enjoy their time under the sun without the hassle of traditional beach tents or umbrellas.

The Shibumi Shade's design embraces beachside sensibility by taking advantage of natural elements such as the wind, creating a wind-powered canopy. It features lightweight aluminum poles that form an arch, with a UPF 50+ sun protection fabric canopy billowing gracefully in the breeze, providing ample shade for up to six adults.

Moreover, the Shibumi Beach Shade has quickly gained popularity due to its easy setup and minimalist aesthetic, becoming somewhat of a beach gear icon. The shade is accessible, with its cleverly designed strapped bag, making it an attractive addition to any beachside outing. Its visually appealing design not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a touch of culture to the beach landscape.

In addition to the ability to block harmful UV rays, the Shibumi Shade ensures it keeps sightlines open while lounging by the coast. This feature allows beachgoers to enjoy the view without compromising comfort, further enhancing their beachside experience.

Ultimately, the Shibumi Shade represents a blend of function and beachside sensibility, seamlessly integrating into the coastal culture. Its innovative design and practical features make it a must-have item for anyone seeking to embrace the beach experience while prioritizing their well-being and the natural beauty of their surroundings.

The Shibumi Shade Story and Background

The Shibumi Shade was created by three friends from North Carolina who sought to revolutionize beach experiences by developing a lightweight, easy-to-set-up sunshade. Dane Barnes, Scott Barnes, and Alex Slater invented this unique and inventive solution after years of dealing with cumbersome beach umbrellas during their family vacations.

As residents of the coastal state of North Carolina, the trio had a strong appreciation for the beaches, particularly Raleigh and Emerald Isle. They designed the Shibumi Shade to harness the natural power of the ocean breeze, creating a stable and airy sun protection solution. The recognizable blue and teal colors of the shade symbolize the sea and sky, reflecting the connection to their favorite coastal environments.

The innovation gained immense popularity not only in North Carolina but also across America, including destinations like Hawaii. Their invention inspired a multitude of beach enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy a more enjoyable and hassle-free beach experience.

Inventing the Shibumi Shade was only the beginning. The three entrepreneurs faced challenges in establishing their company and producing the shades to meet the growing demand. However, they remained dedicated to their mission of sharing better beach experiences with others, continuously refining their design and manufacturing processes. Today, the Shibumi Shade is a testament to their hard work and can be seen on hundreds of beaches across the United States, casting a comforting shadow under which beachgoers can relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find Shibumi Shade on sale?

You may occasionally find Shibumi Shade products on sale or with a discount. It is best to visit the official Shibumi Shade website for the latest offers and promotions.

What are the dimensions of a Shibumi Shade?

A standard Shibumi Shade provides 150 sq. ft. of shade coverage, making it an excellent option for beachgoers in need of ample sun protection. Refer to the Shibumi website for specific dimensions and size offerings.

Who are the founders of Shibumi Shade?

The founders of Shibumi Shade are not explicitly mentioned in the search results. For more information, visit their official website or reach out to their support team.

Are there any restrictions on using Shibumi shades on certain beaches?

While Shibumi shades are designed for beach use, there might be specific beaches where their use is restricted or not allowed. It is essential to check local regulations and guidelines before using a Shibumi Shade or any other shade equipment on a particular beach.

Is the Shibumi Shade worth the investment?

The Shibumi Shade has been praised for its lightweight design, easy setup, and significant sun coverage. However, its price might be considered a drawback, with the canopies starting at $190 for the smaller size and going up to $250 for the full-size model. Users should weigh the benefits against the cost to determine if the investment is worth it for their needs. A detailed review of the Shibumi Shade can be found here.

How does the Shibumi Shade perform in low-wind situations?

Shibumi Shade requires a minimum of 3 mph wind to maintain its effectiveness. In most beach environments, this wind speed is easily achieved. For more information on how Shibumi Shade performs in various wind conditions, consult their FAQ page.

Q&A With User's

Welcome everyone to this roundtable discussion with Sea Magazine. We're here at America's number one beach, Siesta Key, FL, to discuss the Shibumi Shade, often touted as the world's best beach shade. We have four avid beach-goers with us today. Could you all introduce yourselves?

Anna: Hi, I'm Anna! I come to Siesta Key often with my kids. I've tried everything from beach umbrellas to pop up tents, but Shibumi Shade has been a revelation.

Ben: Ben here. I got introduced to Shibumi Shade through some ads. As someone who's usually in charge of setting up for the whole crew, it's been a game-changer.

Cassie: Hey, I'm Cassie. I love the beach but hated the hassle of tent poles and fabric flapping in the wind. Shibumi Shade caught my attention for its high-quality materials and the idea behind it.

Derek: Derek. I've used a lot of beach shades over the years. Currently, I'm in the Tommy Bahama camp, but I've tried Shibumi too.

Charlie: Great, let's dive in. Anna, you mentioned you bring your kids. How has the Shibumi Shade made your trips more enjoyable?

Anna: Oh, it's been fantastic. With crowded beaches, it's essential for me to have a space where my kids can sit, play, and be covered from the sun. The Shibumi Shade is ultra-portable. I don't have to worry about tent poles or setting up a complicated beach umbrella. And the kids love it too; they think it's fun!

Charlie: Ben, you mentioned you're usually setting up for the whole crew. What's been your experience?

Ben: It's been great, Charlie. You know, with traditional pop-up tents, there's always that moment of, "How much wind can this thing take before blowing away?" With Shibumi, even in moderate winds, it stands firm. Plus, there's enough room for the whole crew. No more fabric flapping or worrying about high wind ruining the whole thing.

Charlie: Cassie, what made you choose Shibumi over other brands?

Cassie: I saw the ads, and what struck me was how relevant the product was to my needs. It's more than just an umbrella. The location-specific straps make it adaptable to where you're sitting, and you don't have to fill anything or dig. It's about relaxing without a worry in the world. And the fact that it uses high-quality materials? That's a bonus.

Charlie: Derek, you seem to prefer Tommy Bahama. Why is that?

Derek: Look, different strokes for different folks, right? I think Shibumi Shade has its merits, and it's certainly a head-turner on crowded beaches. But for me, the Tommy Bahama shade provides a more traditional feel. It's just my preference. Companies like Tommy Bahama and Shibumi are all striving to give beach-goers the best experience. So it's a matter of choice.

Charlie: Totally fair. Last question: has anyone ever had a situation where the Shibumi Shade couldn't handle high winds?

Anna: Once, there was a particularly strong wind, and while the Shibumi didn't blow away or collapse, I did wrap it up for safety. But that's true for any beach shade, really.

Ben: Yeah, I always keep an eye on it. But compared to regular umbrellas or pop up tents, it handles the wind much better. And with the straps, it's anchored well.

Cassie: I always have sunscreen as a backup, just in case. But so far, the Shibumi has been steadfast.

Charlie: Thank you all for your insights. Whether it's for room, convenience, or just a space to relax, it sounds like the Shibumi Shade has made its mark. Thanks for joining us on this beautiful day at the world's number one beach.

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