May 15, 2023

Sea Ray Pachanga 22

The Story of Sea Ray

Sea Ray is a storied name in the world of boating, a brand synonymous with quality, luxury, and class. Founded in 1959 by Cornelius Nathaniel Ray III in Oxford, Michigan, Sea Ray quickly distinguished itself as a leading manufacturer of sport boats and cruisers. Over the past seven decades, it has been instrumental in setting new standards in boating, with its innovative design and engineering.

In 1986, Brunswick Corporation acquired Sea Ray, and the resulting combination of resources and expertise helped cement Sea Ray's position as a market leader. Today, Sea Ray boasts an extensive product line ranging from sport boats to yachts, each model crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Sea Ray Pachanga 22: A Walkthrough

One of Sea Ray's iconic models is the Pachanga 22, a performance powerboat that combines style, speed, and comfort.


The Pachanga 22, a 22-foot sports boat, boasts a beam of 8 feet, providing ample space for comfortable seating. Its weight of roughly 3,600 pounds ensures stability on the water, while its deep-V hull guarantees an incredibly smooth ride.

The Pachanga 22 can comfortably seat up to 6 people. It comes equipped with a sun pad, a swim platform, and an integrated swim ladder. The cockpit boasts a comfortable layout with bolster seats for the driver and co-pilot, and a bench seat at the stern. The boat's upholstery is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and longevity.

On the technical side, the Pachanga 22 features a 75-gallon fuel tank, providing substantial range for those longer trips. The boat also offers a good amount of storage space, with compartments under the seats and in the engine room.

Engine Options

The Pachanga 22 was designed to offer performance and speed. Historically, it was fitted with a 330HP Mercruiser 454 Magnum, enabling the boat to reach speeds of up to 60 mph. Later models also offered an option for a 375HP Mercruiser 496 Magnum HO engine, providing an even more powerful performance.

Pachanga 22 and the Competition

When comparing the Pachanga 22 to its competitors, boats such as the Baja 22, the Formula 242 LS, and the Cobalt 220 come to mind. While these boats share similar specifications and market positioning, the Pachanga 22 offers unique advantages.

For example, the Pachanga 22's deep-V hull is known for its excellent handling and smooth ride, even in choppy waters, something that has been consistently praised by boating enthusiasts. In contrast, the Baja 22, while an excellent boat, tends to ride rougher in choppy conditions.

Furthermore, while the Formula 242 LS is comparable in terms of performance and quality, it comes at a significantly higher price point. The Cobalt 220, on the other hand, though similarly priced, is often viewed as less sporty in terms of its design and handling.

The Verdict from Boating Magazines

Renowned boating publications have always been generous in their praise for the Pachanga 22. For instance, Boating Magazine once remarked, "The Sea Ray Pachanga 22 hits the sweet spot of style, performance, and price. It offers an impressive mix of power and agility, delivering an exhilarating ride that few boats in its class can match."

Meanwhile, Power & MotorYacht magazine noted, "Sea

Ray's Pachanga 22 embodies the company's commitment to quality. Its solid construction, superb handling, and powerful performance make it a standout in the crowded field of sports boats."

In a review by Yachting, they praised the Pachanga 22's hull design, stating, "The Pachanga 22's deep-V hull slices through chop with ease, providing a smooth ride that's typically reserved for larger boats. It's a testament to Sea Ray's innovative design and engineering."


The Sea Ray Pachanga 22 holds a special place in the pantheon of sports boats. With its blend of performance, style, and comfort, it has carved out a unique niche for itself in the market. Its competitors, though formidable, struggle to offer the same balance of features at the same price point.

Sea Ray, as a manufacturer, has a long and illustrious history of creating high-quality boats. The Pachanga 22 is a shining example of this legacy, continuing to charm boating enthusiasts with its timeless design and top-notch performance.

Whether you're a seasoned boater or a novice looking to get your feet wet, the Pachanga 22 is a boat that demands serious consideration. It's a testament to Sea Ray's commitment to quality, innovation, and, above all, to the joy of boating. As always, we advise potential buyers to thoroughly research and ideally, test drive any boat before making a purchase. Happy boating!

Charlie Hardcastle
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