April 16, 2023

Scout Boats & Bertram Yachts: Everyone Is Using a Seakeeper for Enhanced Stability

Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts are two renowned manufacturers, known for their luxury center console, sport fishing, and bay boats. Built with precision and using the highest-quality materials, both companies deliver exceptional performance and comfort to their customers. One of the most innovative technologies that these manufacturers have embraced is the Seakeeper, a gyroscopic stabilizer designed to minimize boat roll and provide a smoother, more enjoyable experience for boaters.

Scout Boats, recognized for their innovative designs and commitment to quality, offer a wide range of models catering to various boating needs. These boats are created with hand-laid fiberglass construction and specifically designed hulls to maximize fuel efficiency and performance (Boats.com) . On the other hand, Bertram Yachts, established in 1960, has a rich heritage of designing and building sportfishing yachts that offer strength, durability, and timeless style.

With the integration of Seakeeper technology, both Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts are further enhancing their vessels' capabilities in providing a more stable and comfortable ride for passengers. The Seakeeper device, installed directly into the boat, operates by generating a powerful gyroscopic torque, counteracting the motion created by waves and maintaining stability even in rough waters. By reducing boat roll, anglers can concentrate on their fishing experience without worrying about stability, and family outings can be more comfortable and enjoyable for all on board.

Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts Overview

Scout Boats

Scout Boats is a renowned manufacturer of luxury center console, sport fishing, and bay boats. Their models range from 17 to 53 feet, each packed with innovative features and cutting-edge technology. Offering a blend of performance, luxury, and styling, Scout creates versatile boats for various activities, such as family outings or sportfishing adventures1.

One of the popular models, the 377 LXF, starts at $799,214 and is known for its ideal combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal2.

Bertram Yachts

Bertram Yachts is a prestigious yacht manufacturer inspired by tradition and driven by excellence. They're recognized for crafting rugged, versatile boats, including sportfishing and flybridge yachts3. Their lineup consists of various models, such as the CC Series, XC Series, and Offshore Series, catering to different preferences and boating activities4.

Some notable models include the 28CC, 28XC, 39CC, 35 Flybridge, 50 Sport, and 61 Convertible, each designed to provide a unique boating experience5.

Both Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts rely on Seakeeper for enhanced stability and smoother rides. Seakeeper is a widely-used technology that reduces boat roll, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable time on the water for passengers and crew alike.

Seakeeper: The Game-Changer

Seakeeper Technology

Seakeeper is a groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized the boating industry, offering unparalleled stability to various types of vessels, including Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts. The system employs a gyro stabilizer designed to counteract the effects of boat roll, providing a smoother and more comfortable experience on the water.

The Seakeeper stabilizer features a spinning flywheel housed within a vacuum-sealed sphere. As the vessel encounters waves, the gyro generates a counteracting force, minimizing the boat's movement and substantially reducing discomfort for those on board. Seakeeper stabilizers come in various sizes and models to fit diverse boat types and sizes.

Benefits of Using a Seakeeper

Integrating a Seakeeper stabilizer into boats like Scout's 380 LXF and Bertram Yachts has numerous advantages:

  • Increased Comfort: By reducing boat roll, Seakeeper enhances the overall comfort and enjoyment for passengers, making their time on the water more pleasurable.
  • Reduced Fatigue: The stabilizing effect of the Seakeeper system allows boaters to spend longer hours on the water without experiencing the physical and mental fatigue associated with constant boat movement.
  • Improved Safety: With reduced boat roll, it becomes easier for passengers to move around the vessel, lowering the risk of accidents.
  • Enhanced Boat Value: The integration of a Seakeeper system can increase a boat's market value, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

In conclusion, Seakeeper technology has become a game-changer in the boating industry, offering increased comfort, safety, and reduced fatigue for those on board. Its integration into Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts is a testament to the value and effectiveness of this revolutionary system.

Integration of Seakeeper in Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts

Seakeeper, a leader in marine stabilization, has been steadily gaining recognition among boatbuilders for their innovative systems. Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts are two of the key industry partners that have embraced Seakeeper technology, incorporating it into their vessels for improved stability and comfort.

Scout Boats and Seakeeper

Scout Boats has made a record-setting order with Seakeeper and has standardized the use of Seakeeper technology across their brand. Seakeeper stabilizers are included as standard equipment on all Scout 380 LXF and Scout 420 LXF models, featuring the Seakeeper 3 and Seakeeper 6 units, respectively (source).

By integrating Seakeeper stabilizers into their boats, Scout aims to enhance the overall boating experience for their customers. This includes minimizing boat roll, improving comfort while underway or at anchor, and making the time spent on the water more enjoyable. Future models are also planned to have Seakeeper technology as a standard feature.

Bertram Yachts and Seakeeper

Similar to Scout Boats, Bertram Yachts has partnered with Seakeeper to standardize the use of Seakeeper stabilizers across their brand. This decision further solidifies the integration of marine stabilization technology in the yachting industry, providing boaters with a smoother and more stable ride (source).

Bertram Yachts, renowned for their rugged performance and luxurious designs, also seeks to improve the boating experience for their customers through the implementation of Seakeeper's innovative technology. As a result, boaters can expect enhanced stability, better fuel efficiency, and increased comfort when aboard a Bertram yacht equipped with a Seakeeper stabilizer.

Real-World Applications

Fishing and Leisure

Scout boats, from their luxury center console models to their sport fishing and bay boats, are becoming increasingly popular among fishing and leisure enthusiasts. Equipped with advanced technology and innovative designs, these boats support both competitive sport fishing and comfortable leisure cruising.

Bertram yachts, known for their deep-V hulls and remarkable fishability, are also sought after by those passionate about angling adventures as well as luxury comfort. When considering efficient and stable excursions across the waters, both Scout boats and Bertram yachts benefit from incorporating Seakeeper stabilization systems into their designs.

Marine Surveying and Exploration

Scout boats and Bertram yachts are not just limited to recreational use - they can also be utilized in marine surveying and exploration. The reliable performance and stability provided by the integration of the Seakeeper system in these vessels make them ideal candidates for conducting scientific research, environmental monitoring, and exploration missions.

Moreover, the speed of energy-harvesting autonomous boats can be an advantage in overcoming certain challenges, particularly when it comes to ocean-bound scientific endeavors. With the enhanced stability and performance offered by Seakeeper, Scout boats and Bertram yachts can become integral assets in the future of marine surveying and exploration.

Owner Experiences and Testimonials

Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts are known for their high-performance and fuel efficiency, which makes them popular with boat enthusiasts. Both boat manufacturers use Seakeeper, a gyroscopic stabilizer that enhances superior performance and ride comfort.

Many Scout Boat owners have praised the brand's construction quality and innovative designs. The Scout 330 LXF has been commended for its precise turning and smooth ride, effortlessly cutting through waves. The 100% hand-laid construction ensures a solid feel without creaks or rattles.

The Scout 215 XSF center console boat is well-suited for first-time boat owners and families, offering comfortable bow lounge seats and a capacity for up to nine people. With prices starting at $51,195, the Scout 215 XSF is an affordable entry to high-quality boating.

Bertram Yachts owners also report memorable experiences owning their boats. Known for its deep-vee hull and sleek design, Bertram provides exceptional seaworthiness and stability, contributing to enjoyable outings for owners and their guests.

The integration of Seakeeper technology has increased owner satisfaction for both Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts. The gyroscopic stabilizer significantly reduces boat roll, making for smoother and more enjoyable outings.

Here are some owner testimonials highlighting their experiences with these boats and Seakeeper:

  • "After experiencing the smooth ride on my Scout 330 LXF, I can't imagine going back to a boat without Seakeeper technology. It's truly enhanced our days on the water."
  • "The Bertram 35 exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and comfort, especially with the Seakeeper stabilizer. It lets us enjoy every moment on the water without worrying about unexpected swells or choppy conditions."
  • "Our family outings on our Scout 215 XSF are always enjoyable, thanks to the comfortable seating and the added stability provided by Seakeeper. It has made a world of difference in our boating experience."

In conclusion, owners of Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts equipped with Seakeeper stabilizers consistently express their satisfaction with the increased comfort, stability, and overall enjoyment of their boating experiences.


Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts are renowned brands in the boating industry, known for their quality construction and luxurious designs. As more people venture into the world of boating, these two brands have become synonymous with top-notch marine experiences. With the increasing popularity of Seakeeper units, both Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts have been adopting this technology to further enhance their offerings for customers.

Seakeeper's gyroscopic stabilization system offers unparalleled comfort and stability, making it a key feature in many Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts models. This technology not only improves the overall boating experience but also contributes to crew safety by minimizing vessel rocking and rolling motion. The integration of the Seakeeper system in these crafts is a testament to the brands' commitment to delivering the best possible products to their customers.

As the boating industry continues to evolve, the adoption of innovations like Seakeeper is essential for manufacturers like Scout Boats and Bertram Yachts. By incorporating leading-edge technology, these companies can maintain their status as premier brands in the market, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty from their customers. In the end, those who choose to invest in a vessel from either Scout Boats or Bertram Yachts can expect a superior boating experience, enhanced by the presence of the Seakeeper system.

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