Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Visits Marquis & Carver Yachts

Pulaski, Wis. (December 15, 2015) – Marquis & Carver Yachts welcomed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Thursday, Dec. 10 at 10 a.m. CDT to its facility. Governor Walker’s visit included a plant tour and an employee meeting.

“We are honored to have the Governor visit our facility,” said Rob Parmentier, Marquis Yachts LLC president and CEO. Parmentier went on to say, “The governor’s visit is a clear illustration our strategy we set forth more than a year ago is taking shape and working. We are being recognized for these accomplishments as well as some exciting newsworthy announcements we will be making in the near future.”

“The momentum, direction and impact Rob and his team have made in Pulaski on Carver and Marquis is incredible. The Governor’s visit is a realization of those accomplishments and achievements,” stated Marquis Yachts LLC chairman and owner, Irwin Jacobs.

Marquis Yachts LLC co-owner John Paul DeJoria added, “What is happening in Pulaski at Marquis and Carver is big! I cannot wait to hear the rumbling and see the groundswell from what is to come from this operation and announcement.”


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