Royal Rendezvous: Two Historic Ships Say Hello


Finding another realm as lively with lore as the ship world is almost an impossibility. The myriad rules of the ocean, and the hallowed myths, and how ships greet one another, and how the crew conducts itself, and the many (many many) legends surrounding the waters of the world can, and do, fill books.

This isn’t the stuff of legend, either. Modern vessels perform age-old rites, as the public will see on Thursday, Feb. 5 when the Queen Mary’s “niece” — Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth — pops by Long Beach for a visit.

Well “pops by” in shiply terms isn’t quite right; “glides in, in a stately manner” is more accurate. The event is being hailed as “The Royal Rendezvous” and it has only happened a few times before, including in 2013.

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