September 16, 2023

Robalo Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Robalo Boats, a leading manufacturer since 1968, has long been known for their top-quality offshore family fishing boats. With a strong commitment to heavy-duty construction, innovative design, and a legendary ride, Robalo Boats have attracted a loyal following of recreational boaters and avid anglers. Their extensive range of Center Consoles, Cayman Bay Boats, and Dual Consoles provide an ideal platform for both fishing and cruising in a variety of marine environments.

Over the years, Robalo's engineering has focused on the development of strong, reliable hull designs, advanced propulsion systems, and versatile layouts that cater to a wide range of on-water activities. As a result, boaters in the market for a new fishing boat will find Robalo's models to be a popular choice due to their blend of performance, style, and utility. Moreover, with an extensive network of dealers and locations, finding and purchasing a Robalo boat has never been easier.

Key Takeaways

  • Robalo Boats is a renowned manufacturer of offshore family fishing boats since 1968, known for their heavy-duty construction and innovative design.
  • Their lineup includes Center Consoles, Cayman Bay Boats, and Dual Consoles, providing ample options for both fishing and cruising enthusiasts.
  • With advanced hull designs, propulsion systems, and a vast dealer network, owning a Robalo boat is both a rewarding and convenient experience.

History and Reputation

Robalo Boats was founded in 1969 by Jud Gavrvin and Bill Laurie. Originally known as Robalo Marine Manufacturing Company, it was located in Miami, Florida. The first boat designed for the company was a 19-foot saltwater fishing boat, created by C. Raymond Hunt. Today, Robalo is known for designing versatile boats ideal for fishing, cruising, and watersports. With over 50 years of experience, the company has built a solid reputation for quality and reliability in the boating industry (source).

Robalo Boats are well-regarded for their long-lasting build materials, top-notch engineering, and practical design. The company produces a range of boats with prices varying from around $30,000 to over $100,000, catering to different budgets and boating needs (source). As a result, Robalo has attracted many customers across the United States, including Stafford, Virginia.

In Stafford, Virginia, Robalo Boats are popular among boating enthusiasts who appreciate the quality and reliability that the brand offers. The boats are frequently used for recreational fishing in the nearby water bodies, such as the Potomac River and Aquia Creek. The location's proximity to the Chesapeake Bay also makes Robalo Boats a sought-after choice for anglers in the region.

However, like any boat manufacturer, occasional issues can arise with Robalo Boats. Common problems include stress cracks, gel coat issues, and hardware corrosion (source). Nevertheless, the company's dedication to addressing customer concerns and ensuring their satisfaction has contributed to Robalo's positive reputation among boat owners.

In conclusion, Robalo Boats has a long and impressive history of producing reliable and high-quality boats for various purposes. The brand has earned the trust of boating enthusiasts in Stafford, Virginia, and across the United States. Confidently embracing innovation and maintaining a customer-focused approach has allowed Robalo Boats to remain a popular choice within the boating community.

Robalo Boat Models

Center Consoles

Robalo Boats is known for their high-quality Center Console models. The R302, R360, R220, 202C, and R250 are popular choices in this category. The Robalo R222 Center Console, R230 Center Console, and R200 Center Console models offer excellent fishing experiences and performance. Each center console model is designed with a mix of durability, comfort, and versatility in mind.

Cayman Series

The Cayman Series includes the 246 Cayman, 226 Cayman, and 206 Cayman models. These bay boats are not only built for performance but also accommodate a range of features for family enjoyment. The Robalo 206 Cayman S is designed to meet both fishing and recreational needs, while the larger 266 Cayman provides a more spacious platform for boating enthusiasts.


Robalo's Explorer models, such as the R222 Explorer and 222 Explorer, provide additional functionality and comfort for those long excursions. The Robalo R222 Explorer focuses on offering families all the amenities they need for a great day on the water, with excellent fishing and cruising features.


For those looking for a balance between leisure and fishing, Robalo offers the R305 Walkaround and R302 model. These walkaround boats provide a blend of comfort, performance, and practicality, making them an excellent choice for fishing trips and getaways alike.


Other popular models in the Robalo lineup include the R247 and 202C, which offer their unique features, such as ample storage, seating, and customization options, to cater to various boating needs.

All New Models

Robalo Boats is continually updating and enhancing their offerings, with all-new models hitting the market for each season. The R250, R360 Center Console, and Robalo R220 Center Console are examples of new vessels designed to meet customer demands while maintaining the high-quality build and performance that Robalo is known for.

Hull Design and Types

Robalo boats are known for their innovative hull designs, providing smooth and efficient rides on the water. In this section, we will discuss various hull types used in Robalo boats, focusing on Deep Vee, Modified Vee, Planing, and other hull types.

Deep Vee

The Deep Vee hull design is characterized by a sharp V-shaped design and an average beam, which cuts through the water to offer smooth rides in rough conditions. Robalo incorporates this design into many of their models, providing excellent stability, performance, and a legendary HydroLift hull design, which guarantees one of the driest and smoothest rides on the water.

Modified Vee

In contrast to the Deep Vee, a Modified Vee hull design features a softer V-shape, providing a balance between stability and smoothness. It combines good low-speed stability with a more comfortable ride in moderate seas. Robalo's HydroLift hull design is often referred to as a Modified Vee hull, as it offers a combination of stability and performance through wide reverse chines and pronounced hull strakes.


Planing hulls are designed to create lift at high speeds, allowing the boat to glide on the water's surface, which results in faster speeds and improved fuel efficiency. Robalo's HydroLift hull design is also considered a planing hull, as it produces swift times-to-plane and top speeds, while maintaining fuel efficiency and a smooth ride. Planing hulls are suitable for boaters who prioritize speed and efficiency, offering a compromise between the stability of a Deep Vee and the comfort of a Modified Vee.


Besides the mentioned hull designs, there are other types of hulls found in the boat industry. These include round-bottomed, flat-bottomed, multi-hull, and pontoon hulls, which are used in various applications depending on their advantages and disadvantages. However, these hull types are less relevant to Robalo's lineup and focus on their proprietary HydroLift hull design, which provides the ideal combination of functionality, performance, and comfort.

This section covered Robalo boats' hull design and types, focusing on various designs such as Deep Vee, Modified Vee, Planing, and other hull types. Robalo boats are known for their innovative, proprietary HydroLift hull design, which ensures a smooth and efficient ride on the water for their customers.

Propulsion Systems

Robalo boats offer a variety of propulsion systems suitable for different types of boating activities and preferences. In this section, we will discuss three primary propulsion systems: Outboard, Inboard, and Electric.


Outboard motors are a popular choice for Robalo boats as they offer a compact, efficient, and versatile propulsion system. They are available in various configurations, such as 2-stroke (Outboard-2S) and 4-stroke (Outboard-4S), with each offering unique performance characteristics. Outboard engines are ideal for Robalo's center console and bay boat models, as they provide easy access to shallow waters and allow for quick and efficient maneuvering. Additionally, outboard motors make maintenance more straightforward, as the engine can be easily tilted and accessed for repairs or cleaning.

Some benefits of outboard motors for Robalo boats include:

  • Compact design that frees up interior space
  • Easy maintenance and access to engine components
  • Efficient fuel consumption, especially with 4-stroke engines
  • High power-to-weight ratio for improved performance


Inboard propulsion systems utilize an engine mounted inside the boat's hull, connected to a shaft that extends through the bottom of the hull to a propeller. These systems are popular for watersports enthusiasts and those seeking a more luxurious boating experience, as they offer a smooth and quiet ride. Inboard engines may be more suitable for larger Robalo models like dual console boats, providing increased interior space and enhanced overall stability.

Key features of inboard propulsion systems for Robalo boats are:

  • Smooth, quiet operation offering increased comfort
  • Better weight distribution for improved stability
  • Suitable for various watersport activities, such as wakeboarding and water skiing


Electric propulsion systems are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered engines, offering a clean and quiet boating experience. As the marine industry evolves, electric motors are becoming more prevalent, with advancements in battery technology and charging infrastructure. While still relatively uncommon, electric propulsion systems could potentially be incorporated into Robalo boats as an alternative choice for environmentally conscious boaters.

Some advantages of electric propulsion systems include:

  • Near-silent operation for increased comfort and reduced noise pollution
  • Zero emissions, making them environmentally friendly
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs compared to gas-powered engines

In conclusion, the choice of propulsion system for a Robalo boat depends on the specific needs and preferences of the boater. Outboard engines offer versatility and efficiency, inboards provide smooth operation and enhanced stability, and electric systems present an eco-friendly option for the future of boating.

Fishing and Cruising Capabilities

Saltwater Fishing

Robalo boats are known for their excellent saltwater fishing capabilities. Their largest model, the R317, is well-equipped with fishing essentials and family-friendly features. Some Robalo models come with Kevlar-reinforced hulls, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride in saltwater conditions. Twin aft 30-gallon livewells, electric reel receptacles, and ample in-deck fish boxes make it easy to gear up for an exciting day of offshore fishing.

Freshwater Fishing

While Robalo boats are predominantly known for saltwater fishing, they are also suitable for freshwater fishing. Smaller models like the R230 offer the perfect size for freshwater lakes and rivers. With a maximum horsepower of 250 and a fuel capacity of 90 gallons, these boats have the power and range for an enjoyable day on the water.

Day Cruising

Robalo boats offer versatility and comfort for day cruising. The spacious deck layouts provide ample seating and storage, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the sun. Some models even feature convertible seating arrangements that provide unobstructed casting areas when fishing and comfortable lounge areas when cruising. Robalo's Hydro-Lift hull design ensures swift times-to-plane, top speeds, and fuel efficiency, making day cruising a breeze.

Overnight Cruising

While Robalo boats may not be specifically designed for overnight cruising, they can be adapted for short overnight trips. Some of the larger models offer cabins with berths, providing a cozy retreat after a long day on the water. These boats may not have the luxury amenities found in dedicated overnight cruisers, but they offer a practical solution for occasional overnight trips.


Robalo boats are versatile and can easily accommodate watersports activities. The powerful engines and Hydro-Lift hull design provide the perfect balance of speed and stability for towing skiers and wakeboarders. Additionally, the spacious swim platforms and boarding ladders make getting in and out of the water a simple and enjoyable experience for all.


Robalo's Cayman bay boat series is specifically designed for inshore and bay fishing. These boats offer shallow draft capabilities, allowing them to easily navigate the shallow waters often found in bays and estuaries. With a focus on fishing and versatility, these Robalo boats are equipped with features such as casting platforms, rod storage, and large livewells to optimize your time in the bay.

Purchasing a Robalo Boat

When considering purchasing a Robalo boat, it's essential to explore both new and used options. Robalo boats are known for their quality and performance, making them a popular choice among boat enthusiasts. In this section, we'll discuss the factors to consider when buying a new or used Robalo boat.


Purchasing a new Robalo boat comes with various benefits, such as the latest product specifications, standard equipment, and authorized dealer support. The cost of a new Robalo boat depends on several factors, including the model, optional equipment, accessories, and equipment availability. You can find a list of Robalo boats for sale with their respective prices in USD.

When buying a new Robalo boat in Canada or the United States, several additional expenses come into play. These include dealer prep, freight charges, dealer installation, taxes, title, registration, documentation, licensing, optional equipment, and trailers. It's essential to consider these costs while calculating the total price of the boat. Robalo offers Reel Deal Pricing, which is an all-inclusive pricing model that can make the purchasing process more straightforward.

Contacting an authorized Robalo dealer will provide valuable information on available accessories and equipment for your new boat, ensuring you make an informed decision. It's crucial to verify the dealer's credentials and reputation before making a purchase.


Used Robalo boats offer a more affordable option for those on a tighter budget. When buying a used boat, it's essential to research the boat's history, current condition, and any repairs or upgrades that have been made. You can find used Robalo boats for sale by owner with their respective prices.

While purchasing a used boat may save on the initial cost, potential buyers should consider additional expenses such as taxes, title, registration, documentation, licensing, optional equipment, trailers, standard equipment, and product specifications. As with new boats, used boats can have equipment and accessory availability depending on the specific model, age, and user preferences.

Before purchasing a used Robalo boat, ensure you inspect the boat thoroughly, preferably with a qualified marine surveyor. Evaluating the condition of the boat will help you determine if the asking price is reasonable and if there are any potential hidden issues that may impact its performance or safety.

In conclusion, purchasing a Robalo boat involves careful consideration of factors such as cost, condition, and associated expenses. By weighing the pros and cons of new and used boats, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget.

Dealers and Locations

United States

Robalo boats are available through an extensive network of dealers across the country. In Virginia, boat enthusiasts can find Whelans Marina located at 3993 Hales Point Road, Farnham. For those in Ocean Pines, Maryland, there is the popular Sundance Boat Sales dealership. For those near Green Brook, New Jersey, you can visit Brick dealership for your Robalo Boats needs. In Traverse City, Michigan Boats for Sale can be found at Traverse City Robalo Dealership.

Most of the US authorized dealers offer a wide range of Robalo boat models like the Center Consoles, Dual Consoles, Walkaround family fishing boats, and Bay Boats.


In Canada, Robalo boats are also sold through authorized dealers. If you are located in Orillia, Ontario, you can find your nearest dealer at Orillia Marina. They typically offer a variety of Robalo boats, including the popular Center Consoles and Dual Consoles.

Other Locations

Apart from the United States and Canada, Robalo boats have an international presence through their global dealer network. Their Dealer Locator tool will help you find the closest dealer for your location.

Regardless of where one is located, the Robalo dealership network aims to provide both new and longtime Robalo owners with a high level of customer service and support. It is essential to purchase your Robalo boat from an authorized dealer, as they can answer all your questions and offer superior after-sales support

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Robalo boats apart from other fishing boat brands?

Robalo boats are known for their long-lasting build material, top-notch engineering, and practical design. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Robalo has established a reputation as a leading fishing boat manufacturer. For more information, visit this article about Robalo boats and their quality.

Which Robalo boat models are best for fishing and cruising?

Robalo offers versatile boats that can be used for fishing, cruising, or watersports. However, specific models might suit your needs better. While many Robalo boats offer great features and performance for fishing and cruising, it is essential to consider your unique preferences and requirements. Check out this source for more information on Robalo models.

What is the price range for Robalo center console boats?

The price range for Robalo center console boats varies depending on the model, size, and additional features. To get a more accurate idea of the prices for different models, it is best to contact a local dealer or visit the Robalo website for the latest pricing information.

Where can I find pre-owned Robalo boats for sale?

Pre-owned Robalo boats can be found through various platforms, such as online boat marketplaces, classified ads, and local boat dealerships. When looking to buy a pre-owned Robalo boat, it is important to inspect the boat thoroughly and obtain as much information as possible about its maintenance and usage history. You can check this resource for more information on finding Robalo boats for sale.

Are there any common issues with Robalo boat models?

As with any boat brand, there can be some common issues associated with Robalo boats. Some of these issues include workmanship, finishing, and quality control problems, wet foam core rotting, and a lack of customer support. However, these issues do not necessarily apply to all Robalo models or individual boats. For more information, visit GoDownsize where they discuss common problems with Robalo boats.

How do Robalo boats compare to similar brands in the market?

When comparing Robalo boats to similar brands in the market, it is essential to consider factors like build quality, performance, features, and customer support. Robalo boats generally have a good reputation for reliability and versatility. However, it's crucial to research the specific model you are interested in and compare it to other boats within the same category. This will help in making an informed decision based on personal preferences and needs.

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