October 16, 2023

Rigid Industries: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Advanced Lighting Solutions

Rigid Industries is a reputable provider of off-road LED lighting products, catering to the needs of various vehicles and industries. They offer an extensive range of pod lights, light bars, and Tundra products designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide exceptional lighting solutions. With cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, Rigid Industries has become a leading name in the LED lighting market.

Established in 2006 and headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, Rigid Industries prides itself on producing durable and high-quality off-road lighting products for a variety of applications, including marine, automotive, and first responder vehicles. Their dedication to performance and versatility has earned them a strong following among professional athletes, off-road enthusiasts, and industry experts alike.

Key Takeaways

  • Rigid Industries offers a wide array of off-road LED lighting products, suitable for different applications.
  • The company, headquartered in Arizona, has been consistently delivering durable and high-quality products since its establishment in 2006.
  • Rigid Industries caters to various industries, including marine, automotive, and first responders.

Rigid Industries: An Overview

Rigid Industries is a prominent company in the aftermarket automotive lighting industry, established in 2004. The company's focus lies in manufacturing LED products for various markets such as off-road, powersports, marine, agriculture, and military. With facilities in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona, Rigid Industries has developed a strong reputation among its customers.

One of the most notable products offered by Rigid Industries is their off-road LED lighting solutions. These high-quality lights provide maximum visibility and durability for various off-road activities. To cater to the diverse needs of off-road enthusiasts, Rigid Industries provides a range of vehicle kits, ensuring an optimal lighting solution for each type of vehicle.

Alongside the off-road market, Rigid Industries also demonstrates expertise in the rail sector. The company manufactures state-of-the-art LED lighting systems that ensure safety and efficiency for rail clients.

In addition to the wide range of products, customers of Rigid Industries benefit from a limited lifetime warranty on many of their products, emphasizing the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This warranty instills confidence in users as they can rely on Rigid Industries for providing long-lasting and top-performing lighting solutions.

In conclusion, Rigid Industries continues to assert its position as a reliable, innovative, and customer-focused company within the aftermarket automotive lighting industry. Through their specialized LED products and commitment to quality, they have consistently delivered unparalleled support and solutions to various sectors.

Vehicle Specific Systems

Rigid Industries offers a wide range of vehicle-specific LED lighting systems for popular brands like Ford, Toyota, and Jeep. These lighting solutions help to enhance performance, safety, and functionality for off-road enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

One of the standout product lines in Rigid Industries' vehicle-specific systems is the 360-Series lights. These high-performance lights are designed to provide exceptional visibility, making them perfect for off-roading or driving in challenging conditions. The 360-Series is available in various configurations, including fog lights, driving lights, and auxiliary lighting, to cater to different vehicle requirements.

Customers with a Ford, Toyota, or Jeep vehicle can find tailored lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with their vehicle's design. Rigid Industries ensures compatibility and ease of installation by designing light mounts and kits that match the specific make and model. For example, a range of Toyota-specific lighting options are available, including fog light kits and A-pillar mounts for popular models like the Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner.

Rigid Industries' vehicle-specific systems can be purchased from authorized distributors and retailers, such as 4 Wheel Parts. The company's products are backed by a confident and knowledgeable support team, ensuring customers receive tailored advice and assistance for their specific vehicle lighting needs.

In conclusion, Rigid Industries delivers an extensive selection of vehicle-specific LED lighting solutions that cater to Ford, Toyota, and Jeep models, among others. The versatility and performance of their products, such as the 360-Series lights, make them a top choice for drivers seeking reliable, high-quality lighting systems.

Product Ranges

Rigid Industries offers a wide variety of high-quality LED lighting products designed for various applications. In this section, we will explore some of their popular product ranges, including the Adapt Series, 360-Series, and Running and Reverse Lights.

Adapt Series

The Adapt Series by Rigid Industries is a versatile line of LED light bars that provide advanced functionality and adaptability. These lights adjust their beam patterns based on the vehicle's speed, offering optimal illumination for any driving situation, including off-roading and highway driving. The Adapt Series lights are designed with the following features:

  • 8 selectable beam patterns ranging from spot to flood
  • Integrated accent lighting with customizable colors
  • Integrated Active Power Management system for efficient power use
  • Reinforced housing for increased durability


The 360-Series is another popular product range by Rigid Industries, offering a comprehensive selection of LED lights for various applications. These powerful off-road lights exhibit exceptional performance, covering wide angles with their 360-degree beam patterns. Key features of the 360-Series include:

  • 4-Wheel Parts compatibility, ensuring easy integration with off-road vehicles
  • Multiple sizes available, ranging from compact pods to large light bars
  • A variety of beam patterns, including spot, flood, and driving
  • Durable, impact-resistant lenses for enhanced protection

Running and Reverse Lights

Rigid Industries also provides a selection of Running and Reverse Lights for better visibility and safety on the road. These lights provide a clear, bright output, ensuring drivers can see and be seen during nighttime driving or while reversing their vehicle. Some notable features of these lights are:

  • Easy installation and integration with most vehicles
  • Offer both running and reverse light functionality in a single unit
  • Compact design that does not compromise on light output
  • Robust construction to withstand harsh environments and off-road conditions

By providing a diverse range of high-quality LED lighting products, Rigid Industries caters to the unique needs of various drivers and applications. Each product range has its own set of features and benefits, ensuring customers can find the perfect lighting solution for their needs.

Establishment and Headquarters

Rigid Industries was formed in 2004 and specializes in manufacturing LED products for various markets, including off-road, powersports, marine, agriculture, military, and OEM markets. The company is recognized for its state-of-the-art technology and hybrid optical systems. Rigid Industries' headquarters and manufacturing facilities are currently located in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona.

In its early years, Rigid Industries focused on producing high-quality LED lights designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts. They understood that drivers in off-road conditions need a distinct type of lighting system, providing better visibility to ensure safety and performance during nighttime excursions.

Over time, Rigid Industries expanded its product offerings by catering to various industries where reliable lighting solutions were in high demand. Today, their product line includes LED bars, pods, rear-facing lights, and mounting solutions for trucks and other off-road vehicles. Their extensive distribution network spans across dealers and resellers to ensure customers worldwide have access to their innovative lighting systems.

By consistently delivering exceptional lighting products and excellent customer service, Rigid Industries has earned a solid reputation among professionals and enthusiasts alike. The company maintains a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone in its communications, presenting a clear understanding of its customers' needs and expectations.

Rigid Industries' growth and success is a testament to the quality and innovation of its LED lighting products. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and upholding industry standards, the organization continues to strive for excellence in the development and distribution of LED lighting solutions.

Use in Different Fields

Rigid Industries is renowned for its high-quality and durable LED lighting solutions, catering to various industries such as powersports, marine, and military applications.

In the powersports field, Rigid Industries offers lighting options suitable for off-road vehicles, ATVs, and motorcycles. Exceptional brightness and durability are ensured by their flagship products, such as the E-Series light bars. These products help enhance safety and visibility during adventurous rides, making them a highly sought-after choice among enthusiasts.

For marine applications, Rigid Industries ensures their LED products are resistant to harsh environments like saltwater and extreme weather conditions. This commitment to quality helps boating and marine professionals maintain optimum visibility, whether navigating through foggy conditions or exploring deep beneath the water's surface.

Military organizations also benefit from Rigid Industries' rugged lighting solutions. Due to their durability and high output, these LED lights can withstand the challenges of combat and tactical situations, providing essential illumination for service members on the battlefield or during covert operations.

In conclusion, Rigid Industries LED lighting products have demonstrated versatility and reliability, catering to various industries with their exceptional performance. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that users in powersports, marine, and military fields can depend on Rigid Industries for their lighting needs.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

RIGID Industries offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for their products, ensuring they are free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is provided to customers with certain exclusions, exceptions, and limitations.

The warranty covers the product for its entire lifetime, guaranteeing quality and reliability. However, it is important to note that this coverage will end if the product becomes unusable for reasons other than defects in workmanship or material, such as misuse or improper handling.

To benefit from this warranty, customers must follow the proper procedures for obtaining service. This includes contacting the authorized service provider and providing necessary proof of purchase and documentation.

Some of the exclusions that may apply to this warranty are:

  • Improper installation, handling, or maintenance
  • Unauthorized alterations or modifications
  • Misuse of the product
  • Normal wear and tear
  • External factors beyond the manufacturer's control

Despite these limitations, RIGID Industries remains committed to delivering high-quality products that stand the test of time. By offering this Limited Lifetime Warranty, the company assures customers of their dedication to product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best RIGID off-road lights?

RIGID Industries offers a wide range of off-road lights suitable for various applications. The best choice depends on factors such as the terrain, driving conditions, and specific needs of the vehicle. Some popular RIGID off-road lights include the E-Series light bars, SR-Series, and Adapt light bars. Each series has its features and advantages. The E-Series is known for its combination of spot, flood, and combo beam patterns, while the SR-Series is known for its compact profile and powerful output.

How to install a RIGID Industries wiring harness?

To install a RIGID Industries wiring harness, follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific harness and light system. Typically, the process involves connecting the harness to the battery, routing the wiring to the desired location, and connecting the harness to your RIGID light system. Ensure that all connections are secure and properly grounded to avoid any complications or performance issues.

What is the performance of a Rigid Light Bar 20 inch?

The performance of a Rigid 20-inch Light Bar depends on the model and its specifications. For example, the 20-inch E-Series light bar features powerful and efficient LED technology, providing high-quality illumination for off-road driving. It typically has a high lumen output, offering excellent visibility even in challenging conditions. For detailed information about the performance of a specific 20-inch Rigid Light Bar, check the product specifications and customer reviews online.

How to mount RIGID Industries lights on a Toyota Tacoma?

To mount RIGID Industries lights on a Toyota Tacoma, first determine the desired mounting location, such as the bumper, roof, or A-pillar. Then, choose a suitable mounting option, like brackets specifically designed for your vehicle model. Ensure the brackets are compatible with RIGID Industries lights. Follow the instructions provided by both RIGID Industries and the bracket manufacturer for secure installation.

What is the difference between RIGID scratch and dent products?

RIGID scratch and dent products usually have minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scratches or dents, which do not affect the performance of the lights. These products are typically offered at a lower price point compared to their brand-new counterparts, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers who don't mind cosmetic imperfections on their off-road lighting equipment.

Are RIGID driving lights DOT approved?

Although RIGID Industries lights are designed for performance, not all their products are DOT approved. Some RIGID lights may be for off-road use only and not suitable for on-road or street driving. To determine if a specific RIGID light is DOT approved, check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer directly.

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