Rendezvous Roundup 2018

Boat owners looking for a summer highlight should find one from our list of about 30 gatherings all along the West Coast.

Rendezvous is an oddly spelled word that is singularly plural — like deer or moose but, curiously, not dear or mousse — and holds the potential for intrigue and secrecy. In the world of boating, however, a rendezvous holds the potential for fun. They’re held up and down the West Coast all summer, and they’re the events many boat owners most look forward to during the season, some owners going so far as to use a rondy event as a jumping-off point for a larger adventure.

As an excuse for getting together with like-minded individuals, rendezvous are as good as anything. Boat owners can swap stories, tips, techniques, advice and “compete” with one another, usually only for bragging rights. Some events even offer educational seminars and classes, with manufacturer representatives, safety experts, engine reps and others.

Starting now (last month, actually) and going through October, our cruising grounds are active with rendezvous events. Read our list and see which one is right for you.

Rendezvous by Manufacturer

Some events are limited to one brand of boat, usually sponsored by a particular manufacturer, dealer or owners group. Attendees own a specific kind of boat, which heightens the bond created by simply being boaters. One’s knowledge can be enhanced by or contribute to someone else’s experience and knowledge.

JUNE 1-3
Hosted by Aspen Power Catamarans, Swantown Marina, Olympia, WA;; (360) 668-4347;

AUG. 3-5
Hosted by South Coast Yachts; Two Harbors, Catalina Island, CA; (619) 224-7784;;

JULY 27-29
Hosted by Camano owners; Islands Marine Center, Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island, WA; (509) 947-9601;;

JULY 12-15
Hosted by Pacific Northwest Chris-Craft Rendezvous Club; Port Orchard Marina, Port Orchard, WA; chairman@;

JULY 20-22
Canadian Chris Craft Rendezvous; hosted by Chris- Craft B.C.; Telegraph Harbour Marina, Thetis Island, B.C.;;

Cutwater Boats & Ranger Tugs
SEPT. 6-9
Hosted by Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats; Roche Harbor Resort & Marina, Roche Harbor, WA;,,; (206) 491-1733.

SEPT. 28-30
Hosted by DeFever Cruisers of the Pacific Northwest; Port of Poulsbo, WA;;

AUG. 17-19
U.S. and Canadian Rendezvous; hosted by GlasPly owners; Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes, WA; (650) 269-0785;

MAY 4-6
Hosted by Northwest Grady- White Club; The Spring Rendezvous & Cod Derby; Roche Harbor Marina, Roche Harbor, WA; (206) 953-5363;

AUG. 31-SEPT. 2
Hosted by Northwest Grady-White Club; The Fall Rendezvous & Salmon Derby; Port Hudson Marina, Port Townsend, WA; (360) 356-6257;

Grand Banks
MAY 9-13
Hosted by Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association; Roche Harbor Marina, Roche Harbor, WA;;

Hampton Yacht Group
Presented by Hampton Yacht Group, for owners of Hampton and Endurance Yachts; Roche Harbor, WA; (206) 623-5200; jenny@

Hunter Marine— Sail only
JUNE 7-10
Hosted by Specialty Yachts; Telegraph Harbour Marina, Thetis Island, B.C.; (877) 822-0359;

JUNE 22-24
Hosted by Marine Servicenter and Jeanneau; Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes, WA; (206) 323-2405;

SEPT. 6-9
Hosted by Pacific Northwest Krogen Owners Group; The Union Steamship Co. Marina, Bowen Island, WA;;

Maritimo Muster
AUG. 30-SEPT. 3
Hosted by Compass Point Yachts Inc.; Port Sidney Harbour Marina, Sidney, B.C.; (949) 870-2239;;

Monaro Marine
JULY 21-22
Hosted by Monaro Marine; Port Browning Marina, B.C.; (604) 277-7433;;

AUG. 3-5
Hosted by the Navigator Yacht Owners Rendezvous Committee; Telegraph Harbour Marina Resort, Thetis Island, BC;

Nordic Tug
Hosted by Pacific Area Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association; Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes, WA; Peter Bolay;;

North Pacific Yachts
AUG. 21-23
Hosted by North Pacific Yachts; Genoa Bay, B.C.; (604) 377-6650;;

Ocean Alexander
JUNE 14-17
17th Annual Rendezvous, Hosted by Alexander Marine USA; Roche Harbor Marina, Roche Harbor, WA;;; (206) 344-8566

Offshore Yachts
SEPT. 13-14
Hosted by Offshore West; Roche Harbor, WA; Diane Kohlhaas; (949) 673-5401;

JUNE 8-9
Hosted by Emerald Pacific Yachts & Van Isle Marina; Roche Harbor Marina, Roche Harbor, WA; (206) 587-0660;

AUG. 24-26
Hosted by Master Marine; Friday Harbor, San Juan Island; (250) 655-3711;;

JUNE 21-24
30th Annual Rendezvous; hosted by Tollycraft Boating Club; Roche Harbor Marina, Roche Harbor, WA; (360) 379-6498;

SEPT. 12-16
Canadian Tollycruisers Rendezvous; hosted by Canadian Tollycruisers; Telegraph Harbor Marina, Thetis Island, B.C.; (360) 379-6498;;

Rendezvous Events

Sometimes, instead of highlighting a specific brand, a rendezvous is meant to appeal to owners of several boat brands. They can be hosted or sponsored by a boat dealer or an owners group. Owners groups tend to cluster by type of boat — trawlers, wooden, etc. — while dealers tend to organize around the brands of boats they sell. What follows are events that are open to more than one kind of boat.

Lake Union Sea Ray
JULY 12-14
20th Anniversary Rendezvous, sponsored by Lake Union Sea Ray for owners of Sea Ray and Meridian boats; Roche Harbor, WA; (206) 284-3800;,

California Coast Yachts
Hosted by California Coast Yachts for owners of Riva, Pershing, Ferretti, Itama and Mochi yachts; Location TBD; (949) 610-7250;

Baja Ha-Ha XXV
OCT. 28-NOV. 10
Join a two-week-long cruisers’ rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico;


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  1. Just a clarification: The September Canadian Tollycruisers Rendezvous is actually hosted by the Canadian Tollycruisers (NOT by our American cousins the Tollycraft Boating Club). Lovely to be included here – thank you!


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