One Ocean, Many Killer Whale Cultures

In the cold, dark waters off the southern tip of Iceland, killer whales work together to corral fish into tight balls, taking turns to stun and devour them. Groups of up to 200 whales will enter the fray, feeding on these concentrated schools of herring. A few months later, some of these same whales will be 1,000 kilometers away, working in small groups to hunt seals along the Scottish coast.

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One thought on “One Ocean, Many Killer Whale Cultures

  1. Ive always wondered -for over 50 of my 77 years- to what degree, if any, are these grouping a result of language, perhaps common for some matters, but less so, perhaps tribal or even family, for others? The question and wonder applies to killer whales more recently but to other whales and dolphins for the full period.


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