July 12, 2023


They call it My Marina 217, a seemingly cryptic nomenclature for a docking paradise, tucked away in a secluded inlet where the cerulean sea meets land painted in a palette of olive greens and chalky whites. From afar, it appears like any other marina. But step foot, or rather, anchor down, and you’ll soon discover a boater's nirvana.

Many marinas have all the standard amenities: slips, service, gas, the odd laundry facility. But My Marina 217? It goes above and beyond. It's the difference between a run-of-the-mill diner and a Michelin-starred restaurant, between prepackaged ramen and a bowl of Hakata tonkotsu that's been simmering for 48 hours straight.

The first thing that strikes you is the sea of slips, more than a hundred of them, each with its unique quirk. From snug slots for your modest 20-footers to sprawling berths for the 100-foot luxury yachts, there is an egalitarian sentiment in the air. Like Tokyo’s cozy izakayas that sit next to glamorous sushi counters, in My Marina 217, every vessel is given the star treatment, regardless of size or pedigree.

And then there's the service. The staff at My Marina 217 are not your average dockhands; they're more akin to expertly trained concierges, possessing a mystifying knack for anticipating what you need before the thought even crosses your mind. Weather-worn with sun-kissed smiles, they walk with a sailor's sway, moving with the rhythm of the sea that's etched deep in their marrow.

Need help with docking in an unfamiliar slip? They're there. Engine trouble? Consider it handled. Can't remember which local IPA pairs best with freshly caught salmon? They've got you covered. They navigate each request with as much finesse and expertise as you'd handle your beloved vessel cutting through the early morning mist on a glassy bay.

In a corner, you'll find the most visited spot — the gas dock. No mere petrol station, it's more like a pulsating vein, vital and life-giving, keeping the heart of the marina beating, boats coming and going, the echoes of adventure never fading. There's a humbling camaraderie here, one born from the shared understanding that the sea is as much a friend as it is a foe.

But what really sets My Marina 217 apart is the laundry facilities. Sure, every marina has a couple of washers and dryers. But here? It's as though they've spirited a piece of civilization and tucked it away in this salt-kissed sanctuary. High-tech, eco-friendly machines that somehow remove the toughest of stains while treating your clothes with the gentlest of touches. The air is perfumed with a comforting blend of sea salt and fresh linen, a scent as intoxicating as it is soothing. It's a slice of homely comfort in an otherwise untamed landscape.

Everything about My Marina 217 whispers of thoughtful, dedicated service, of an unwavering commitment to ensuring that every moment you spend here is nothing short of exceptional. It's more than a marina; it's a home for those of us who find the rhythm of our heartbeats in the rolling waves, the call of our souls in the ocean's sigh. A refuge for seafarers, a haven for wanderers, a riviera for adventurers. And once you experience it, you can't help but consider it yours, My Marina 217.

Sure, you can find plenty of marinas around the globe. But places like this? They're as rare as a pearl in an oyster. Unassuming on the surface, yet hiding an extraordinary world within.

My Marina 217, like the best things in life, is not simply about the services it offers but the feelings it evokes — that peculiar mix of joy, serenity, and anticipation, the triumvirate of sensations that only the truly seaborne can appreciate. It's not just a marina. It's a lifestyle, a community, a dream realized. It's yours and mine, it's ours — it's My Marina 217.

Charlie Hardcastle
Charlie is Editor-in-Chief of Sea Magazine
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