June 28, 2023

Marine Group Cabo Boosts Capabilities with the Addition of a 75-ton Expandable Marine Travelift

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Marine Travelift

Hang onto your captain's hats, everyone! Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabo (a.k.a. "Marine Group Cabo"), the behemoth of yacht repair and dry storage facilities in Baja Mexico, has shaken up the high seas with a slick move. They've nabbed themselves a shiny, fresh-off-the-drawing-board, 75-ton Variable Width Marine Travelift. This nifty piece of kit has a secret trick up its sleeve: it can slim down once it’s done flexing its muscles in the haul-out slip, resulting in super-efficient use of space onshore. Designed specifically for the big boys of the sea, those 50 to 85-foot beauties (that's 15-25 meters for our metric friends), this decision was spurred on by a surge in the demand for boat repairs in the Cabo region that left them tight on space.

The fearless leader of Marine Group Cabo, Peter Horner, gave us the scoop, saying, "We had a real estate conundrum—boat city, but a postage stamp of space." So what do you do when you're the reigning champ of boat yards south of the border, and space is at a premium? You get innovative and choose a solution that uses every inch to the max, of course!

Let's rewind to 2010. Marine Group Cabo launched their waterfront facility, showcasing a 150-ton Marine Travelift, a behemoth with a jaw-dropping 28-foot (8.5 meter) beam. This mighty machine allows Marine Group Cabo to haul out the superstars of the yacht world, vessels as long as 115 feet (35 meters). But here's the rub: the distance between docked boats was dictated by the breadth of the Travelift, leading to ships being spread further apart than they really needed to be.

The unfortunate upshot? A bucketload of wasted space. But not anymore. Thanks to their new Travelift, they've turned the tide, and space is no longer going to waste.

The plot thickened as this space crunch led to an ever-growing list of sea-steeds impatiently waiting their turn for a makeover during the off-season. Some seafarers had to rejig their timelines to fit in some TLC for their vessels during peak season, while others had to be turned away, their boats leaving with their tails between their legs.

Here's the kicker: Marine Group Cabo was the trailblazing first customer to snag a Marine Travelift with the cunning Variable Width feature.

Our story takes us back to the 2021 Work Boat Show, where Marine Group Cabo's top dog, Todd Roberts, was on the hunt for a variable width machine. And that's when the magic began. As Kurt Minten, the VP of Marine Travelift puts it, "Other manufacturers gave the concept a go, but we're stoked to have hit the nail on the head and delivered a workable solution, all while collaborating with one of the most esteemed shipyards on the globe."

The new shrinkable Travelift will allow boats to be strategically tucked in more efficient spots, giving the yard a capacity boost and opening the floodgates to more work.

Horner's got the math sorted. He said, "Our previous limit was to handle and block fifteen 50-foot (15-meter) yachts simultaneously. But now, with our new mechanical marvel, we can entertain as many as thirty 50-foot showstoppers in the same playground!"

Designed with boatloads of safety features, this new machine protects the yacht being hoisted, the hoist itself, and the operator during the whole up-and-away and cruising process. It's even got a remote diagnostic system, meaning the maker can diagnose and fix most hiccups right from the factory via a handy mobile app. Talk about being virtually omnipresent!

Now, with the new 75-ton Variable Width machine ready for action, Marine Group Cabo can deploy two Marine Travelifts to service yachts as long as a whopping 125 feet (38 meters). It's double trouble, folks, in the best way possible!

Get to Know Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabos

Let's shine a spotlight on Marine Group Boat Works, a family-run empire that's all about building and mending vessels with a touch of excellence. With two cutting-edge waterfront properties in the sun-kissed San Diego Bay and the exotic Los Cabos, Mexico, they're an oceanic force to be reckoned with.

Nestled in San Jose at the enchanting Puerto Los Cabos marina, the Los Cabos outpost spreads across an impressive 300,000 square feet of terra firma and water. Here, they offer top-notch yacht repairs and maintenance services, and, just in case your boat needs a place to crash, they've got dry storage for tenders and watercrafts up to 33 feet or 10 meters.

But that's not all, folks! They've got a veritable treasure trove onsite - a marine store packed to the gills with thousands of goodies imported straight from Uncle Sam's backyard. Want to dive deeper? Check out www.marinegroupcabo.com and immerse yourself in a sea of information!

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