Dania Beach Marina

151 North Beach Rd
Dania Beach, FL 33004-3023

Berth Capacity

  • 92


Minimum Approach Depth
  • 0.0 Meters
Minimum Channel Depth
  • 0.0 Feet
Mean Low Water Dock Depth
  • 0.0 Meters
Mean High Water Clearance
  • 0.0 Feet


Water Hookup
Max. Vessel LOA
  • 0.0 Feet
Max. Slip Length
  • 0.0 Meters
Max. Slip Width
  • 0.0 Meters


- mph

Dania Beach Marina: Your Gateway to Adventure in Dania Beach, FL

Situated in the vibrant city of Dania Beach, Florida, Dania Beach Marina is a bustling hub for boaters and water enthusiasts. With its prime location, excellent facilities, and a host of amenities, Dania Beach Marina offers a gateway to adventure for both locals and visitors alike.


Dania Beach Marina is located in the heart of Dania Beach, FL, making it easily accessible for boaters. Its precise address may vary, so it's advisable to contact the marina directly for accurate location information. Dania Beach is conveniently situated near Fort Lauderdale and other popular destinations in South Florida, making it a sought-after location for boating activities.

Marina Facilities and Services

Dania Beach Marina offers a wide range of facilities and services to cater to the needs of boaters. Some of the amenities and services you can expect at Dania Beach Marina include:

  1. Wet Slips and Dockage: The marina provides well-maintained wet slips and dockage options to accommodate boats of various sizes. These slips offer convenient access to the water, allowing boaters to easily embark on their adventures.

  2. Fuel Dock: Dania Beach Marina features a fuel dock, ensuring that boaters have easy access to fueling services for their vessels. This allows you to refuel before setting off on your boating excursions or top up upon your return.

  3. Pump-out Station: To promote environmental sustainability, Dania Beach Marina may offer a pump-out station for waste disposal. This allows boaters to safely and responsibly dispose of their waste, helping to protect the local waterways.

  4. Boat Ramp: The marina may have a boat ramp available for launching and retrieving trailerable boats. This provides convenient access to the water for boaters who prefer to launch their vessels independently.

  5. On-Site Parking: Dania Beach Marina may provide ample on-site parking for boaters and guests. This ensures easy access to your boat and makes it convenient to transport any gear or supplies to and from your vessel.

Nearby Attractions and Activities

Dania Beach Marina is ideally situated near various attractions and activities, offering plenty of opportunities for fun and exploration. Some popular options include:

  1. Dania Beach: Just steps away from the marina, Dania Beach offers a pristine shoreline where you can relax, swim, or take a leisurely walk along the coast. Enjoy the warm sand, clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets.

  2. Anne Kolb Nature Center: Located nearby, the Anne Kolb Nature Center is a beautiful nature preserve with walking trails, observation towers, and opportunities to spot wildlife. Explore the diverse ecosystems and marvel at the natural beauty of the area.

  3. Shopping and Dining: Dania Beach is home to a variety of shopping and dining options. Explore the local boutiques, visit the nearby shopping centers, and indulge in a diverse culinary scene offering everything from seafood to international cuisine.

  4. Fishing and Watersports: With its prime location on the coast, Dania Beach offers excellent fishing opportunities. Whether you prefer offshore fishing or inshore angling, there are plenty of charters and rental options available. Additionally, watersports enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and jet skiing.


Dania Beach Marina in Dania Beach, FL, serves as a gateway to adventure for boaters and water enthusiasts. With its convenient location, excellent facilities, and proximity to nearby attractions and activities, Dania Beach Marina offers everything you need for an exciting and enjoyable boating experience.

Please note that it's always a good idea to contact Dania Beach Marina directly for the most up-to-date information on their facilities, services, availability, and any additional amenities 

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Whether you're a local boater or a visitor to the area, Dania Beach Marina provides the infrastructure, services, and location to make your boating experience enjoyable and convenient. From wet slips and fueling services to nearby attractions and activities, Dania Beach Marina serves as a hub for boating adventures in Dania Beach, FL.

Please note that it's always advisable to contact Dania Beach Marina directly for the most up-to-date information on their facilities, services, availability, and any additional amenities they may offer. They will be able to provide you with accurate information tailored to your specific needs.

For boaters looking for a vibrant marina with a range of amenities and easy access to local attractions, Dania Beach Marina is the perfect choice. Discover the beauty of Dania Beach and embark on memorable boating experiences from this dynamic marina. 

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