Hatteras GT63 Post One Crosses Atlantic Ocean

NEW BERN, N.C. – Hatteras/Cabo Yachts LLC (“Hatteras Yachts”), a world leader in the construction of convertible sportfishing and luxury motoryachts from 45 to 105 feet, is proud to announce that the Hatteras GT63 Post One successfully completed a transatlantic crossing from Bermuda to Horta in the Azores. The 63-foot, 10-inch sportfishing yacht made the trip accompanied by her owner’s motoryacht, the 148-foot Cheoy Lee M/Y Dorothea III, which refueled her “fishing tender” en route.

Captain John Crupi, fleet captain for Dorothea III and Post One, reported that the 1,985-nautical mile, nine-day trip made history according to 30-year Horta resident and Port Agent Duncan Sweet: The Hatteras GT63 is the first production-built fiberglass sportfishing yacht to have made the transatlantic crossing on its own bottom.

“I’ve called the ocean home for more than 20 years. Having traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, you sort of become used to things not going as planned, said Capt. Crupi. “When we first came up with the idea of both Dorothea III and Post One crossing the Atlantic together, my mind immediately switched to the ‘what ifs’ and contingency planning to deal with issues underway. While we had plans in place for these ‘what ifs’, they simply never happened. Between June 19 and July 21, Post One traveled 4,085 nautical miles on her own bottom from Panama to Azores, Portugal. During this she also fished six days in Bermuda. That is a total of 27 days underway in a 33-day time span without a single issue. That is simply amazing. Post One performed flawlessly – a real tribute to the Hatteras brand and to the people who build these boats. Great job, Hatteras!”

Capt. Josh Heater, who was at the GT63’s helm for the transatlantic crossing, said: “Team Hatteras isn’t a concept – it’s a reality. The attention to detail, advanced hull design, engineering, and fit and finish is what makes this boat and this brand a legend. As the saying goes, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ and that is a philosophy that is applied at its highest level from lamination through delivery. Thank you, Team Hatteras – you built us a great boat!”

“The ultimate test for any sportfishing yacht is seaworthiness and offshore capabilities,” said Hatteras Yachts President and CEO Kelly Grindle. “Only the Hatteras GT Series deliver speeds in excess of 40 knots with tournament-ready fishing features, and are built to be tough and reliable in a wide range of sea conditions.”

Post One and Dorothea III left Bermuda via Town Cut at 6:30 a.m. on July 12. Captain Josh Heater drove the Hatteras GT63, while Captain Crupi was at the helm of the Cheoy Lee. Thanks to savvy weather routing, the yachts enjoyed the benefits of a high-pressure system, including light winds and relatively calm seas, during the crossing. This greatly aided them in the tricky procedure of refueling Post One from the mother ship’s diesel fuel reserves, utilizing a specially adapted fuel fill on the sportfisherman. Three times during the crossing, the crew transferred close to 1,500 gallons of fuel between the two boats while under way.

The yachts arrived at Horta at 8 a.m. local time on July 20. “Captain Heater did an amazing job and all who know him are very proud of what he has accomplished,” said Capt. Crupi. “Except for a washdown and some interior cleaning, fishing preparations had all been done en route, and Post One will be fishing for blue marlin on Azores Bank tomorrow.”

Post One’s owner and crew are not only fishing for sport. They recently embarked on The Marlin Mission, a fundraising campaign that gives donors the opportunity to pledge a dollar amount for every blue marlin the Hatteras GT63 catches. The proceeds will be used to purchase much-needed school supplies for children in the Islands of Cape Verde and the remote communities of Brazil. For more information, please visit https://dorothea3.com.

For more information about the Hatteras GT63, visit https://www.hatterasyachts.com/models/convertibles/gt-63


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