Should a good broker know people at the local boatyards?

For an answer to this question, we turned to the CPYB Code of Ethics, specifically Part IV: Relations With Yacht Yards.

Article 1
Maintenance of good relations between Brokers and yacht yards is mandatory. Accordingly, the following procedures are recommended:
(a) When a listing is received by a Broker, the owner should be asked by the Broker to inform the yard that the Broker has permission to show the yacht.
(b) Inform the owner that any agreement he may have with the yard regarding commission is his responsibility and will not affect the Brokerage commission.
(c) When showing the yacht, the Broker should check in at the yard office, show the boat without assistance unless it is essential, in which case the assistance should be paid for. The yacht should be left as it was found.
(d) If the Broker is unable to show the yacht, it may be possible to make arrangements with the yard to have them show it. The yard should be advised of the Broker’s willingness to pay for the service and payment should be made promptly for such service, whether the yacht is sold or not.
(e) The Broker should keep the yard informed with respect to a sale being negotiated.
(f) If estimates or other services are required, the Broker or the client, as appropriate, should be prepared to pay for them and do so promptly. In summary, the Broker should do his job, not ask the yard to do it. Necessary services should be paid for promptly.