April 9, 2024

Galeon 435 GTO: Price & Specs Unveiled for Luxury Boating Enthusiasts

The Galeon 435 GTO is a remarkable addition to the Grand Touring Outboard Line by Galeon Yachts.

As a powerful and versatile yacht, it showcases an evolution of design, combining aggressive lines with eye-catching two-tone exterior details. I am confident that this yacht offers a perfect blend of aesthetics, performance, and luxury.

Galeon 435 GTO Price


Prices are not listed but we called on several listings around the U.S and heard prices ranging from $1.50M to $1.75M based off option choices (not confirmed). Clearly Galeon likes to play the (guess the price game) as long as possible, it's a marketing/pricing strategy that has worked out quite well for them in the past.

In terms of technical specifications, the Galeon 435 GTO boasts a length overall of 44' 9" and a beam of 13' 6".

With its sleek contours and spacious layout, the vessel provides ample capacity and accommodation for onboard guests.

One can expect innovative features and top-notch onboard amenities that elevate the yachting experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Galeon 435 GTO is a powerful and versatile yacht in the Grand Touring Outboard Line
  • The yacht features aggressive design elements and a spacious layout for guest comfort
  • Cutting-edge amenities and innovative features make it a top choice for yacht enthusiasts

Design & Aesthetics

Exterior Details

When I first laid eyes on the Galeon 435 GTO, I immediately noticed its sleek contours and aggressive lines.

Such design attributes make it a standout yacht in any marina. The two-tone exterior adds even more to its visual appeal, complementing its modern design. Additionally, the full-length hull windows ensure ample natural light fills the yacht's interior spaces, while glazed balconies provide excellent 360° views.

Interior Amenities

As I stepped inside the 435 GTO, I was impressed with the attention to detail that had gone into designing the interior spaces.

I found both the upholstery and the craftsmanship of the highest quality, lending a feeling of luxury throughout. One key element to the yacht's overall aesthetic is the glass-encased wheelhouse, which lets in an abundance of light and offers a seamless connection to the outdoor areas.

The 435 GTO prioritizes privacy with separate lounging spaces, allowing me and my guests to enjoy our time on board. I was particularly drawn to the flush floor design, which enables easy access from the cockpit to the wide bow area for comfortable seating. Equipped with headrests, armrests, cupholders, and an outdoor speaker system, this space allows for a perfect socializing environment.

When exploring the interior amenities, I was pleased with the upscale cabinetry, a walk-in shower in the head, and a well-appointed galley. Indeed, the Galeon 435 GTO boasts a combination of style, functionality, comfort, and privacy that proves to be an impressive yacht in its class.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

The Galeon 435 GTO is a beautifully designed yacht with sleek contours and impressive performance. Its dimensions play a significant role in its overall appeal. The length overall of the yacht measures at 44' 9" / 13.65 m.

The beam overall measures at 5.91 m, providing ample space for occupants. Further, the draft max (canoe body) is 1.18 m, allowing for smooth navigation through shallow waters.

When it comes to weight, the 435 GTO has a dry weight of insert dry weight if available and it can carry a maximum load of insert maximum load value if available. As for transport height, this yacht stands at 14' 0" / 4.29 m.


One of the standout features of the Galeon 435 GTO is its powerful performance. Equipped with Triple Mercury Verado 600HP (T-600 HP - 3.7 KW) outboard engines, this yacht ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride.

In terms of speed, the 435 GTO has a cruising speed of 40 MPH, facilitating swift movement across the waters. The max speed, on the other hand, remains undisclosed, but you can rest assured that this yacht can deliver a thrilling experience while maintaining safety and comfort.

Capacity & Accommodation

Fuel and Water Systems

When it comes to fuel and water systems, Galeon 435 GTO really shines. The yacht has an impressive fuel capacity of 528 gallons (2000 liters), ensuring that those long trips out on the seas are easily achievable. Additionally, the water capacity is a sufficient 79 gallons (300 liters).

These numbers allow me to cruise worry-free, knowing that I have ample resources on board.

Living Spaces

I appreciate the comfortable and spacious living areas on the Galeon 435 GTO. With multiple staterooms and a guest cabin, it can comfortably accommodate my friends and family, thus totally living up to my expectations. The master bedroom is particularly luxurious, ensuring that I can rest well after navigating the seas all day.

Furthermore, the Galeon 435 GTO has an entertainment-friendly layout, which includes an open bow and ample aft deck space, making it easy for me to entertain guests onboard. With ample seating and living spaces, the yacht offers a satisfying level of comfort.

Onboard Amenities

Deck Features

One of the main highlights of the Galeon 435 GTO is its entertainment-friendly layout that offers a great combination of indoor and outdoor spaces for socializing and relaxation.

The yacht boasts a well-designed aft deck space that is perfect for al fresco dining or simply enjoying the open air. The outdoor areas have been intelligently designed to maximize space and offer a versatile environment, perfect for a variety of activities.

  • Aft Deck Space
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Al Fresco Dining

The aft cockpit area is spacious and well-planned, with ample storage solutions to make your time onboard as comfortable as possible. An impressive sunroof is also featured on the yacht, allowing for natural light to flood the interior and provide a fantastic ambience.

  • Aft Cockpit Area
  • Ample Storage
  • Sunroof

Focus on Comfort

The Galeon 435 GTO's onboard amenities reflect the best of the best, ensuring the ultimate in comfort for every guest on board.

One of the standout areas is the private open bow, which is an inviting space for both relaxation and socializing while taking in the surrounding views.

The yacht also includes a well-appointed galley, perfect for preparing refreshments and meals during your adventures. High-quality materials and attention to detail in the upholstery showcase Galeon’s commitment to providing a luxurious and comfortable experience for those onboard.

With its top-shelf upholstery work, you can expect soft and cool-to-touch materials, adding to the overall feeling of opulence.

Innovative Features

Expandable Spaces

One of the most impressive aspects of the Galeon 435 GTO is its Beach Mode, which features deployable port and starboard balconies that significantly expand the onboard living space.

I love how convenient it is to create a large entertainment area by simply opening the balconies on either side of the yacht.

Moreover, the glass sliding doors on the Galeon 435 GTO enhance the overall accessibility and ambiance. With these doors, I find it effortless to transform the main deck into a seamless indoor-outdoor space, perfect for socializing and enjoying the sea breeze. Plus, the improved temperature control systems on board help maintain an optimal and comfortable environment for passengers during their voyage.

Safety & Privacy

Ensuring privacy and security while aboard the Galeon 435 GTO is a priority. The yacht's layout is designed with a private open bow, which enhances the onboard safety and secluded environment for passengers.

I find the open bow area particularly inviting for relaxing and soaking in the surroundings while maintaining a sense of privacy.

Ownership & Maintenance

Warranty and Support

When it comes to warranty and support, I can confidently say that Galeon provides an impressive level of service.

The Galeon 435 GTO is a fine example of expert craftsmanship and careful attention to detail.

Galeon's commitment to their yachts goes beyond simply building and selling them.

Dealer Network: The Galeon network of dealers is well-established, making it easy for prospective owners to find a local dealer.

This ensures that expert assistance and support are never too far away.

Warranty: As is typical for high-quality yachts, the Galeon 435 GTO comes with a multi-tiered warranty.

This warranty covers different aspects of the yacht, which provides peace of mind to the owner.

Caring for Your Yacht

Maintaining a yacht of this caliber requires diligence and attentiveness.

The 435 GTO features fine upholstery and premium materials, which means that proper care is essential to preserving the yacht's beauty and value.

Cleaning and Maintenance: It is important to clean the yacht's exterior regularly, particularly if it is exposed to harsh elements.

Additionally, the interior should be vacuumed and wiped down as needed.

To maintain the luxurious appearance of the upholstery, I recommend professional cleaning as recommended by the manufacturer.

Winterizing: If you live in an area with colder climates, it is necessary to properly winterize your yacht to protect it from potential damage.

This process includes draining the water systems, adding anti-freeze, and properly covering the yacht.

Inspections: Regular inspections by a certified professional are crucial in identifying any potential issues or concerns.

Early detection of problems can save time and money, ensuring a pleasant and worry-free yachting experience.

Purchasing Information

When it comes to purchasing a Galeon 435 GTO, I want to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

As a confident and knowledgeable source, I'll provide you with the most accurate details regarding price, specifications, and where to find a dealer or marina to make your purchase.

The Galeon 435 GTO is a luxurious yacht that combines sleek design with impressive performance.

With its no-compromise model, it offers an entertainment-friendly layout, including a private open bow and plenty of aft deck space.

The yacht's two staterooms showcase the pinnacle of expert craftsmanship, with fine upholstery and attention to detail Galeon 435 | Galeon Yachts.

I must emphasize that the price for such a luxurious yacht is available only on request, as it varies depending on the customizations and additional features Galeon 435 GTO - boats.com.

In terms of specifications, the Galeon 435 GTO is an evolution within the Grand Touring Outboard line.

Its aggressive lines and captivating two-tone exterior details make it a powerful and versatile addition to the fleet 2024 Galeon 435 GTO Sports Cruiser for sale. Some noteworthy features include:

  • Full-length hull windows
  • Partially glazed balconies
  • Uninterrupted 360° views from the glass-enclosed wheelhouse

You can find more detailed information on Galeon's official website.

If you're interested in purchasing a Galeon 435 GTO, I recommend getting in touch with an authorized dealer or marina that specializes in Galeon yachts.

Dealers may be able to offer you exclusive deals and customized purchasing options to fit your needs.

Moreover, they can also assist with technical support and maintenance throughout the ownership of your yacht. Argo Yachting is one such dealer that can provide you with relevant information and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting price for a new Galeon 435 GTO?

I could not find the exact starting price for the 2024 Galeon 435 GTO, but you can request the price on boats.com for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

What are the technical specifications of the Galeon 435 GTO?

The Galeon 435 GTO is the next-in-line of powerful, outboard models featuring sleek contours and versatile space distribution on board.

The yacht showcases two staterooms with expert craftsmanship, fine upholstery, and attention to detail. You can find the full set of technical specifications in this PDF spec sheet provided by Galeon Yachts.

How does the Galeon 435 GTO's performance compare to previous models?

The 435 GTO is designed with more aggressive lines and eye-catching details compared to the acclaimed 375 GTO.

Overall, the Galeon 435 GTO marks a distinctive evolution within the Grand Touring Outboard line.

What is the fuel consumption rate of the Galeon 435 GTO?

I could not find specific information on the fuel consumption rate of the Galeon 435 GTO. However, it is best to contact a Galeon dealer to obtain the most accurate information.

What notable features are included in the Galeon 435 GTO?

The Galeon 435 GTO has an entertainment-friendly layout with a private open bow and ample aft deck space. According to Galeon Yachts, the yacht can do everything you ask of her and more, providing a versatile and inviting space for socializing and enjoyment.

What are the warranty and service options for the Galeon 435 GTO?

To learn about the warranty and service options for the Galeon 435 GTO, I recommend visiting the Galeon Yachts' website or contacting a local Galeon dealer.

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