From the Helm

SHUTTING DOWN SEA MAGAZINE a few months ago was a mistake.

We had the biggest audience of active boat owners and buyers in the West. It’s time to correct that mistake and re-introduce Sea Magazine to those readers.

Duncan McIntosh

Duncan McIntosh

We’ll be returning with this April/May issue, which features stories on Pacific Coast cruising, composite construction, travel, sailing, and other boating topics. Some of the features in this issue spotlight the Greenline 39, World Cat 400DC-X and Lexus Luxury. Another spotlight: boating in Cabo San Lucas. The re-introduction of Sea also features a story on women in sailing.

The table is also being set for the June/July issue. We’ll continue to publish two months at a time and see where the tide and wind takes us. Sea Magazine has been the voice of boating trends in the Western United States for more than 111 years when we published from a small office on Wharf Street in downtown Seattle – and we have every intention of being here for the next generation of boaters in the West.

It’s been a few months since we last published, so it might take us some time for us to get our sea legs back. We11 certainly be polishing the publication as we bring Sea back to life. There might be a few tweaks and alterations, but the spirit of Sea Magazine will persist. Basically, we’re back.

Stay tuned, as the Sea staff will reacquaint themselves with you. We here at Sea believe you will enjoy the content they’ll present with each issue. Sea Magazine has always been an asset – and now that it is back, she will continue to serve the West Coast’s cadre of active boat buyers and owners.

We look forward to providing you great content as we move further into our second century
of publishing. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Welcome aboard!

Duncan McIntosh