April 18, 2023


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Charlie Hardcastle
Meet Charlie Hardcastle, the undisputed king of the sea, and Editor-in-chief of Sea Magazine. Charlie's passion for boating runs deeper than a kraken's lair, and his years of experience on the water make him the ultimate boating guru. When it comes to boats, Charlie's knowledge is as vast as the ocean. He knows everything from the latest technology to the best locations for water enthusiasts. But Charlie's expertise isn't just limited to boating mechanics and history. He's also a marketing whiz, with a keen understanding of how the industry is adapting to changing consumer preferences. He knows how to effectively reach new audiences, whether they're looking for a luxury yacht or a modest pontoon boat. In short, Charlie is the complete package, a one-stop-shop for all things boating. So if you're looking to learn about the latest technology, marketing strategies, or just want to hear some epic sea tales, Charlie Hardcastle is your guy.
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