March 29, 2023

De Antonio Yachts: Exploring Luxury and Innovation on the Water

Welcome to the world of De Antonio Yachts, a shipyard based in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. It was founded in 2012 by two seafaring gentlemen, Marc De Antonio and Stanislas Chmielewski, who shared an unquenchable passion for the sea and design.

This duo's vision was to create innovative yacht and boat designs that would make waves in the industry. And boy, did they succeed! De Antonio Yachts has gained a reputation for producing luxury boats that are both unique and visually stunning. They have even teamed up with other brands to create special edition models. One such collaboration was with CUPRA, a hotshot automotive brand, which resulted in a one-of-a-kind show boat that's sure to make any car enthusiast weak at the knees. The boat was based on De Antonio's successful D28 model and boasted distinctive automotive finishes.

Since its inception, De Antonio Yachts has grown from strength to strength. The company now has a team of 11-50 employees who continue to uphold their commitment to innovation. Their headquarters are still firmly anchored in Barcelona, where they offer a range of models to cater to various consumers and tastes.

So, if you're looking for a luxury boat that's both visually striking and innovative in design, look no further than De Antonio Yachts. These guys are the real deal.

Yacht Models

De Antonio Yachts offers a variety of yacht models, each designed with innovation and style in mind. The range includes models such as the D28 DECK, D28 OPEN, D28 CRUISER, D28 XPLORER, D36 OPEN, D42 OPEN, and D50 OPEN, as well as the D50 COUPE (De Antonio Yachts). Each of these models offers unique features and customization options for yacht enthusiasts.

The D28 series provides four different options for potential buyers: the DECK, OPEN, CRUISER, and XPLORER. Each model features a unique design and layout that caters to specific boating preferences. Similarly, the D36 OPEN and D42 OPEN cater to buyers looking for more open space on their yacht, with features such as hidden outboard engines that provide a sleek and unobtrusive appearance without compromising on functionality and power (De Antonio Yachts).

The crown jewels of the De Antonio Yachts fleet are the D50 OPEN and D50 COUPE models. These yachts offer luxuriously designed living spaces, premium materials, and cutting-edge technology features. The D50 OPEN, in particular, combines impressive performance with sophisticated design, while the D50 COUPE boasts a comfortable interior and additional amenities for extended voyages.

De Antonio Yachts' innovative approach to yacht design extends across all of their models. For instance, the D42 outboard engines are concealed by a hatch, which provides additional deck space while maintaining functionality. Additionally, the innovative walk-around design with large sundecks, bow lounge areas, and convertible seating zones allow potential buyers to make the most of every inch of these stunning yachts (

Design and Innovation

De Antonio Yachts is known for its passion for the sea, innovative designs, and commitment to developing boats with simple, cutting-edge lines De Antonio Yachts Ibiza. They focus on providing smart solutions that enhance efficiency, usability, and performance.

One of the most innovative features of De Antonio Yachts is the hidden outboard engines, which contribute to the sleek design and modern appearance of their boats De Antonio Yachts. This design choice not only enhances the aesthetics but also offers practical advantages such as increased usable space and reduced noise.

The company offers a variety of models, each customizable to cater to individual preferences and needs. Models include D28 Deck, D28 Open, D28 Cruiser, and D36 Open, among others De Antonio Yachts. Consumers can select from a range of options and features, allowing them to create their ideal boat.

De Antonio Yachts takes pride in their commitment to staying ahead of trends and incorporating the latest design solutions, leading to their success in the day boat market About De Antonio Yachts. The company's expansion into four continents demonstrates their dedication to innovation, quality design, and customer satisfaction.

Awards and Recognition

De Antonio Yachts has received various awards and recognition for its innovative designs and outstanding performance. The company has accumulated major awards in the boating industry, showcasing its commitment to excellence, quality, and forward-thinking designs.

One of the awards won by De Antonio Yachts is the prestigious European Powerboat of the Year, an annual award that recognizes the best five boats among all the models sold in Europe. The jury evaluates the boats based on specific criteria, including safety, performance, and design, to determine the most innovative and efficient yacht models.

Additionally, De Antonio Yachts has been honored with Delta Awards, which are given biennially in recognition of the work of industrial designers and manufacturing companies. Since their first edition in 1961, the Delta Awards have become a notable honor for designers and manufacturing companies worldwide.

Furthermore, the company's new D36 model has been recognized as a standout yacht at the 2023 Motor Boat Awards. The De Antonio D36 is a fine exponent of the company's unique take on outboard-powered weekenders, providing a fresh and exciting approach to yacht design.

These accolades and recognitions highlight De Antonio Yachts' excellence in the competitive field of yacht design and manufacturing. The company's continued success can be attributed to the innovative vision of its founders, Marc de Antonio and Stan Chmielewski, who are both alumni of IED Barcelona Transport Design.

Ownership and Maintenance

De Antonio Yachts is a brand focused on creating innovative and stylish boats for their customers. Their yachts attract demanding boat owners who seek a unique and exceptional boating experience, as stated on their official website.

When it comes to ownership, it is essential for boat owners to understand the required maintenance to keep their vessel in top condition. While specific details on the maintenance costs for De Antonio Yachts are not readily available, some general factors can affect the costs, such as the size and age of the yacht, the yacht's construction materials, the propulsion system, and the intended use of the yacht.

Some key aspects of yacht maintenance include:

  • Hull and deck cleaning
  • Engine maintenance
  • Electrical system checks
  • Navigation equipment updates
  • Safety equipment inspections

In addition to the direct maintenance costs, yacht owners should also consider other expenses associated with boat ownership, such as insurance, storage, and fuel costs. Creating a proper budget plan that takes into account all these expenses can contribute to a better ownership experience.

Overall, De Antonio Yacht owners can expect a luxurious and unique experience with these vessels, as well as the responsibility of providing proper care and maintenance to enjoy the sea in style and comfort.

Thoughts from Team SeaMag

De Antonio Yachts has established itself as a leader in the yacht industry, offering innovative and unique designs for the ultimate yachting experience. With a range of models from the D50 Open flagship to the award-winning D36, there are options to suit various preferences and needs.

The company's dedication to innovative design is evident in its smart solutions for a powerful and comfortable on-board experience. With impressive features such as spacious sundecks and walk-around designs, De Antonio Yachts ensures that its clients enjoy the best of yachting.

In summary, De Antonio Yachts has built a strong reputation for its attention to detail and commitment to design innovation, providing clients with a remarkable yachting experience. As the brand continues to grow, it seems certain that De Antonio Yachts will maintain its position as one of the industry's top innovators for years to come.

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