July 13, 2023

Mike Werling: A Legacy of Leadership at Sea Magazine

Sea Magazine has long been the compass guiding boating enthusiasts through the vast ocean of information, and one person who played a significant role in shaping its legacy is Mike Werling. As the former editor of Sea Magazine, Mike Werling's tenure left an indelible mark on the publication. In this blog post, we'll explore Werling's contributions to Sea Magazine and reflect on his impact, even as he has moved on to new horizons.

A Steadfast Steward of Sea Magazine:

For many years, Mike Werling served as the editor of Sea Magazine, leading the publication with a steady hand and a passion for boating. His dedication to delivering informative and engaging content resonated with readers, making Sea Magazine a trusted source for boating trends, equipment reports, travel inspiration, and maintenance tips. Under Werling's guidance, Sea Magazine solidified its position as a beacon for boating enthusiasts.

Navigating the Seas of Change:

During his tenure, Werling steered Sea Magazine through a rapidly evolving boating industry. With his keen editorial eye, he adapted the publication to reflect the changing needs and interests of boaters. From embracing emerging boating trends to addressing environmental concerns and incorporating technological advancements, Werling ensured that Sea Magazine remained relevant and informative for readers navigating the seas of change.

Inspiring Exploration and Adventure:

Werling's editorial prowess extended beyond providing practical information; he also inspired readers to embrace the spirit of exploration and adventure. Through captivating articles and vivid storytelling, Werling transported readers to idyllic cruising destinations, picturesque anchorages, and vibrant coastal towns. His words kindled a sense of wanderlust and encouraged boaters to seek new horizons, discover hidden gems, and embrace the joy of exploration.

A Passion for Boating and Beyond:

While Mike Werling's contributions to Sea Magazine were undeniable, his passion for the boating lifestyle extended beyond the pages of the publication. His deep love for boating, the open waters, and the camaraderie of fellow boaters was evident in his editorials and the connections he fostered with the boating community. His enthusiasm for all things boating resonated with readers and helped forge a sense of unity among boaters, both in the Western United States and beyond.

Moving on to New Horizons:

As life's journey unfolds, Mike Werling has moved on from his role as editor at Sea Magazine. While his departure may have brought about change, his legacy remains intact. Werling's impact on Sea Magazine continues to shape its editorial direction and resonate with readers who cherish the publication's commitment to providing valuable insights and inspiring boating experiences.

Continuing the Legacy:

While Mike Werling has moved on, Sea Magazine continues to thrive under new leadership, building upon the foundation he helped establish. The publication remains committed to delivering up-to-date information, captivating travel stories, and practical advice for boating enthusiasts. The evolution of Sea Magazine is a testament to the enduring legacy Werling left behind, and his influence can still be felt within its pages.


Mike Werling's tenure as editor of Sea Magazine marked an era of growth, exploration, and inspiration. His editorial vision and dedication to providing valuable content enriched the boating experiences of countless readers. While he has embarked on new endeavors, his contributions to Sea Magazine will always be remembered. As boating enthusiasts, let us celebrate Mike Werling's legacy and continue to embrace the spirit of adventure and discovery that he so passionately championed. Fair winds and smooth sailing, Mike Werling!

Charlie Hardcastle
Charlie is Editor-in-Chief of Sea Magazine
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