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BoatUS Membership Minnesota: Essential Boating Benefits and Perks

A BoatUS Membership in Minnesota offers numerous benefits for boating enthusiasts. Members can enjoy discounts on fuel, repairs, and transient slips, along with 24/7 on-water towing assistance. These perks make the boating experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

The membership also provides access to educational programs and resources that promote boating safety. With free MMSI registration and a subscription to the award-winning BoatUS Magazine, members can stay informed about the latest developments in the boating world.

Another important aspect is the sense of community and advocacy provided by the Boat Owners Association of The United States. Members can connect with other boaters and contribute to efforts that protect the interests of the boating community.

Key Takeaways

  • BoatUS Membership in Minnesota offers discounts and 24/7 towing.
  • The membership includes educational resources and a magazine subscription.
  • Members benefit from a supportive community and advocacy efforts.

Membership Options

BoatUS offers various membership options tailored to different boating needs. Each plan provides specific benefits, making it easier for members to enjoy their time on the water.

Basic Membership

Basic Membership is ideal for those who want essential services and discounts. Members get access to discounts on fuel, repairs, and other boating services at over 1,200 boating businesses nationwide. In addition, members receive a subscription to the award-winning BoatUS Magazine, which covers various boating topics and tips. The annual fee for Basic Membership is affordable and offers significant savings through various discounts and services. Basic Membership is a great starting point for anyone new to boating or those who don't require extensive services.

Towing Memberships

Towing Memberships provide crucial assistance for boaters who need on-water help. TowBoatUS, the nation's largest fleet, services these memberships. There are two main types of Towing Memberships: Unlimited Freshwater Towing and Unlimited Saltwater Towing. With these memberships, members receive 24/7 dispatch service and coverage for all boats they own, borrow, or rent. The Unlimited Saltwater Towing Membership is specifically tailored for those who frequently boat in saltwater environments. BoatUS Members can renew their towing memberships easily online, ensuring they always have access to these vital services.

Trailer Assist

Trailer Assist is designed for boaters who frequently trailer their boats. This membership option covers roadside assistance for both the boat trailer and the towing vehicle. Services include flat tire changes, battery jumps, lockout services, and fuel deliveries. The plan aims to provide peace of mind for those traveling long distances with their boats. With Trailer Assist, members can quickly get help if they encounter problems while transporting their boats, ensuring they spend less time stuck on the road and more time enjoying the water. This option is particularly useful for those who frequently move their boats between different locations.

Member Services and Benefits

BoatUS offers its members a range of services and benefits, focusing on efficient boating support and substantial savings.

Discount Programs

BoatUS Members have access to a variety of discounts. They receive exclusive discounts at over 1,200 marinas nationwide. These discounts include savings on fuel, slips, and repairs.

Members also benefit from discounts with national partners. For example, they can enroll for free as a West Advantage Gold Rewards Member, earning top-level rewards at West Marine. Additional perks include discounted rates on cruises and charters. Strengthening the member experience, these programs focus on providing monetary savings and superior service accessibility.

Insurance and Boat Financing

Marine insurance and financing options are vital for BoatUS Members. They can obtain comprehensive coverage through BoatUS Insurance Policies, backed by GEICO. These policies often come with a premium discount, making it a cost-effective choice.

For boat financing, members can explore Boat Loans offering competitive rates and terms. By partnering with GEICO and other financial institutions, BoatUS ensures its members receive practical and affordable financial solutions tailored to boating needs.

Education and Safety Programs

BoatUS offers a variety of educational resources and safety programs to help boaters enhance their skills and knowledge. These include online courses, in-person classes, and proctored exams designed to make boating safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

BoatUS Foundation

The BoatUS Foundation provides free online boating safety courses developed specifically for each state. These courses are recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and approved by NASBLA and state boating license agencies. For those looking to satisfy Minnesota's education requirements, it's crucial to note that the BoatUS Foundation's online course is not approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for mandatory education requirements.

Boaters aged 12-17 wishing to operate a boat with a motor greater than 25 hp or PWC operators aged 13-17 must look into alternative educational programs approved by the state. The courses offered can still serve as a refresher or study guide for those planning to attend an in-person class or take a proctored exam.

For more information, visit BoatUS Foundation or their state-specific courses page.

Member Resources

BoatUS Membership offers a range of resources to help boat owners stay informed and enjoy their boating experience. These resources include a monthly magazine, online features, and custom boat services.

BoatUS Magazine

BoatUS Magazine provides members with valuable boating news, boat reviews, and step-by-step repair projects. The print edition includes regional boating news, boat handling tips, and fishing advice. It’s a comprehensive source for BoatUS Members looking to stay updated on the latest in boating. Articles are written by experts and cover a wide range of topics. Whether it's advice on maintaining boats or the latest trends in boating equipment, the magazine aims to keep members well-informed and engaged.

Online Features

The BoatUS website offers a variety of online features beneficial to members. They can access their membership information and check their status through the Member Information & Status Lookup. Additionally, the website provides how-to videos, a library of boating articles, and the latest in boating news. Members can also take advantage of the BoatUS App, which allows them to register for events, receive digital versions of the magazine, and access member discounts. The app also gives updates on towing services and nearby boating businesses that offer special deals to BoatUS Members.

Custom Boat Services

BoatUS Members can also benefit from custom boat services like Boat Graphics and Lettering. These services offer personalized boat graphics to give boats a unique look. Members receive discounts on custom graphics, which include everything from boat names to hull identification numbers. This service ensures that boats not only look good but also meet all regulatory requirements. It's an added perk that enhances the overall boating experience by combining aesthetics with compliance.

Affiliated Savings and Rewards

BoatUS Members enjoy a range of benefits, specifically through partnerships with businesses like West Marine.

West Marine Rewards

With a BoatUS Membership, members are automatically enrolled in the West Advantage Gold Rewards program at West Marine. This rewards program is West Marine's highest-level offering. Members earn 4% back on purchases, calculated as 1 point for every $1 spent at West Marine stores.

For every 250 points earned, members receive a $10 reward certificate that they can use on future purchases. This dual membership feature means BoatUS Members can save significantly on boating equipment and services. Additionally, signing up for BoatUS Membership opens the door to numerous other discounts and benefits across various vendors, making it a valuable investment for boat owners and enthusiasts.

Advocacy and Community

BoatUS membership in Minnesota offers vital support and representation for boaters, enhancing their boating experience and connecting them with local communities.

Governmental Representation

BoatUS is the largest national boating advocacy organization. They work tirelessly to protect boaters from unfair taxes, fees, and regulations at both state and national levels. In Minnesota, they advocate for policies that ensure safe and fair boating practices.

They liaise with lawmakers to ensure that boating-related laws are favorable to recreational boaters. They tackle pressing issues such as clean water legislation and access to public waterways. This saves members time and hassle by representing their interests effectively.

By being a BoatUS member, boaters contribute to a collective voice that has significant influence in governmental decisions. This helps safeguard the interests of the boating community in Minnesota.

Local Boating Communities

BoatUS also fosters a strong sense of community among boaters in Minnesota. Members can join local boat clubs and participate in various events that bring families and individuals together. These clubs often partner with BoatUS to offer discounts on fuel, transient slips, and travel services, making boating more affordable.

For recreational boaters, joining these local communities can enhance their boating experience. They get access to exclusive deals and can network with other boating enthusiasts. This not only strengthens their connection to the community but also provides practical benefits.

Participation in local boating communities helps in sharing knowledge and tips, promoting boating safety, and coordinating group activities. These efforts contribute to making boating more enjoyable and accessible for everyone involved.

Joining and Support

BoatUS Membership offers a variety of benefits for boat owners. Members receive access to towing services provided by TowBoatUS, the nation's largest fleet. Free MMSI registration, discounts at marinas, and a subscription to BoatUS Magazine are also included.

To become a member, visit the membership page.

Renewing a membership is straightforward. Members can renew online through the membership renewal portal. This ensures continued access to 24/7 on-water assistance and other benefits.

For Minnesota Boat Club members, participation in club activities can reduce membership costs. Members who volunteer 16 hours a year can earn a $100 refund on their dues. Details on the membership benefits can be found on their club membership page.

Support Services:

  • 24/7 Dispatch: Emergency assistance any time, anywhere.
  • Towing: Available for all boats you own, borrow, or rent.
  • Paperless Options: Get BoatUS Magazine and other correspondence by email using the membership FAQ page.

BoatUS makes it easy to upgrade towing services or other benefits when needed. Information is available on their contact page.

For personalized help, members can call BoatUS at 800-391-4869 or reach out via the online contact forms. The goal is to provide hassle-free and immediate support for all boating needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

BoatUS Membership in Minnesota offers various benefits to boaters, including discounts and insurance options. The details below cover common questions about the value, contact methods, pricing, benefits, insurance coverage, and comparisons with other memberships.

Is BoatUS Membership in Minnesota considered to be worth the cost?

BoatUS Membership in Minnesota provides many benefits such as discounts on fuel, repairs, and transient slips. Members often find the annual fee of $25 a good value because it includes perks like 24/7 on-water towing and a subscription to BoatUS Magazine.

How can I contact BoatUS Membership services in Minnesota?

Members can manage their accounts and contact BoatUS Membership services through the BoatUS website. This platform allows users to make payments, renew memberships, and upgrade towing services easily.

What are the current prices for BoatUS Membership in Minnesota?

The standard BoatUS Membership costs $25 annually. This fee provides access to multiple benefits and discounts. Additional services like towing assistance may have separate fees depending on the level of coverage selected.

What specific benefits does BoatUS Membership offer to boaters in Minnesota?

Members receive discounts at over 1,200 boating businesses, including marinas and repair shops. Additional perks include free MMSI registration, savings on cruises and charters, and a 4% rebate on purchases from West Marine.

How does BoatUS insurance provide coverage and what are the limits?

BoatUS insurance covers a wide range of scenarios, such as on-water towing and damage repairs. Coverage limits depend on the policy selected. For instance, on-water towing is available 24/7, ensuring peace of mind while boating.

What are the main differences between Sea Tow and BoatUS memberships?

Both Sea Tow and BoatUS offer towing and on-water assistance. BoatUS includes additional perks like discounts on marina services, a subscription to a boating magazine, and deals on travel-related expenses. In contrast, Sea Tow is more focused on emergency towing and salvage services.

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