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Yamaha WaveRunner SuperJet: Redefining Performance and Agility on Water

Yamaha, a well-established name in the power sports industry, has earned worldwide recognition for its reliable and innovative personal watercraft. One standout product in their portfolio is the Yamaha WaveRunner SuperJet. Often referred to as a jet ski, though technically a stand-up personal watercraft, the SuperJet is revered among watersport enthusiasts for its speed, agility, and responsive handling.

Performance & Design

The WaveRunner SuperJet's strength lies in its performance capabilities and unique design. Powered by a high-performance, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 marine engine, the SuperJet boasts impressive torque and acceleration. This engine configuration has not only boosted the watercraft's performance but has also improved fuel efficiency compared to its predecessors, making it more environmentally friendly.

The SuperJet's distinctive stand-up riding style sets it apart from the typical sit-down personal watercraft. This riding style allows for sharper turns and higher jumps, making it a favorite among racers and freestyle riders. However, this does make the SuperJet more challenging to ride, especially for beginners.

Yamaha equipped the SuperJet with an adjustable handle pole, which can be tailored to the rider's preference, and a wider hull that improves stability without compromising agility. The spring-assisted handle pole is lighter, allowing for better control and less rider fatigue.

Additionally, the SuperJet features a reboarding holder that helps riders get back on the watercraft after a fall. It also comes with a fully functional, motorcycle-inspired handlebar, giving riders better control and maneuverability.


Safety is a priority for Yamaha, and the SuperJet is no exception. This personal watercraft comes equipped with the L-MODE®, which reduces the engine's output by approximately 30%, allowing beginners to get accustomed to the ride at slower speeds. There's also the inclusion of a magnetic safety lanyard that cuts off the engine when the rider falls off, an essential feature in personal watercraft safety.


In the world of stand-up personal watercraft, the Yamaha WaveRunner SuperJet faces competition primarily from the Kawasaki Jet Ski® SX-R™. Kawasaki's SX-R offers powerful performance and shares many similarities with the SuperJet. However, each model has its unique features, and personal preference often becomes the deciding factor between the two.

In summary, the Yamaha WaveRunner SuperJet is a remarkable stand-up personal watercraft that offers exhilarating performance, agile handling, and an overall thrilling water sports experience. Though it may have a steep learning curve for beginners, its speed and maneuverability have made it a favorite among professional riders and freestyle enthusiasts. Whether for competition or leisure, the SuperJet promises a fun-filled adventure on the water. 

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