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The Quicksilver Activ 675 Open is a part of the Activ Open range by Quicksilver, a well-regarded name in the boating industry. This particular boat is designed with versatility, safety, and style in mind. Let's delve into a general overview of the Quicksilver Activ 675 Open based on data available up to September 2021:


  1. Design & Layout: The Activ 675 Open offers an ergonomic design with spacious seating arrangements that can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. The boat is designed for ease of movement, with clear deck spaces and specific pathways.

  2. Performance: The boat can be paired with Mercury outboard engines, with options that fit the boat's specifications and users' needs.

  3. Storage: Designed with convenience in mind, the boat offers a variety of smart storage solutions including under-seat spaces and dedicated compartments.

  4. Entertainment Features: The boat often comes equipped with an optional stereo system, and some packages might include a bimini for sun protection.

  5. Safety Features: The design emphasizes safety with a deep cockpit, high freeboard, and a stable hull design.


  1. Versatility: The Activ 675 Open is well-suited for various water activities such as cruising, watersports, fishing, and more.

  2. Ease of Use: Its design promotes easy handling and operation, suitable for boaters of various experience levels.

  3. Comfort: The seating arrangements and space utilization ensure comfort for both the captain and passengers.

  4. Safety: One of the key focuses of the Activ range is safety, and the 675 Open is no exception with its design and features.


  1. Size Limitation: Being a mid-sized boat, it might not be suitable for extended offshore trips or very large parties.

  2. Price Point: Quicksilver boats, given their reputation and quality, might come at a slightly premium price point compared to some competitors.


The Quicksilver Activ 675 Open competes with other open boats in its size range. Some of the competitors might include boats from brands such as Jeanneau, Zodiac, and Bayliner.

For the latest information, features, and current pricing:

  1. Visit the Official Quicksilver Website: They should have detailed specifications, pictures, and possibly virtual tours of the model.

  2. Contact a Dealer: Local dealerships can provide firsthand insights, availability, pricing, and even test rides.

When contemplating a purchase, remember to compare various models and brands to ensure you select a boat that aligns with your needs and preferences. 

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