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Ranger Boats For Sale: Your Ultimate Guide to Best Deals

Ranger boats have long been a favorite choice among boating enthusiasts due to their innovative design, exceptional performance, and premium quality. With a wide range of models available for various activities such as fishing, cruising, or watersports, buyers are sure to find the perfect Ranger boat to suit their needs. Whether searching for a new or used boat, there are many options on the market to help potential owners find the ideal Ranger boat at the right price.

When beginning the search for a Ranger boat, potential buyers should consider factors such as the desired use of the boat, preferred size and features, and budget constraints. While there is an array of Rangers available, it's essential to find a boat that fits the owner's needs and preferences. Product research, online listings, and in-person viewings can all contribute to the selection process, allowing buyers to make well-informed decisions.

For those looking for Ranger boats for sale, multiple platforms offer an extensive range of available boats. Websites such as YachtWorld,, and NewsNow feature both new and used Ranger boats, making it easier for potential buyers to locate and compare different models. Moreover, social media platforms like Facebook have dedicated groups, such as Used RANGER Boats For Sale, where buyers can connect with current owners to discuss options and gather additional information.

Ranger Boats Overview

History and Performance

Ranger Boats, established in the late 1960s, has a long history of producing high-quality fishing boats and pontoons known for their performance, safety, and innovation. Combining modern design and cutting-edge technology, Ranger boats are recognized for their dependability and strong resale value. With a wide variety of models catering to different fishing styles and preferences, Ranger Boats has emerged as a trusted brand among recreational anglers and professionals alike.

Quality and Make

Ranger boats are built to last and offer exceptional durability. These boats undergo rigorous testing and quality-control measures to ensure formidable performance on the water. Ranger's commitment to innovation has led to the incorporation of modern materials and designs, which contribute to their highly-regarded build quality.

Fishing and Bass Boats

Ranger's fishing and bass boats are highly sought after by anglers for their impressive performance, stability, and ease of use. These boats often come equipped with advanced trolling motors, spacious casting decks, and ample storage for fishing gear. Some of the popular models in this category include the Ranger Intercoastal 185VS and the various Ranger Z-series boats. With a focus on comfort and ease-of-use, these boats make for an outstanding choice for both casual and professional anglers.

Pontoons and Cruisers

In addition to their fishing boats, Ranger also offers a range of pontoons and cruisers perfect for family outings and leisure activities. These boats feature spacious lounging areas, advanced audio systems, and comfortable seating arrangements for enjoying quality time on the water. Ranger pontoons and cruisers are built to the same high standards as their fishing counterparts, guaranteeing a satisfying experience on the water.

To purchase a top-quality Ranger boat, both new and used options are available through a variety of authorized dealerships and online marketplaces. From fishing and bass boats to pontoons and cruisers, there is a Ranger boat out there for every kind of boating enthusiast.

Popular Ranger Boat Models

Ranger Boats offers a diverse range of boats to suit different boating needs. This section will delve into some of the popular models in different categories such as Bass Boats, Aluminum Fishing Boats, Pontoons, and Saltwater Boats.

Bass Boats

Ranger's Bass Boats are renowned for their performance and build quality. Some popular models include:

  • RT198P: This aluminum bass boat has a versatile design suitable for professional anglers and casual boaters alike.
  • Z 518: A versatile and agile fiberglass bass boat perfect for freshwater fishing.
  • Commanche Series: These high-performance fiberglass boats are designed with professional anglers in mind, offering speed, stability, and unrivaled fishes capacity.

Aluminum Fishing Boats

Ranger's Aluminum Fishing Boats ensure durability and reliability for avid fresh and saltwater anglers. Popular models include:

  • VX1888WT: Part of the VX series for aluminum deep-V boats, this 2022 model boasts a Length Overall of 19 feet, maximum Horsepower of 225 HP, and a 47-gallon fuel capacity.
  • Angler Series: These boats are designed for versatility and convenience, providing anglers with a functional and comfortable experience on both fresh and saltwater fishing trips.


Ranger Pontoons (under the Reata series) are designed to seamlessly combine fishing and recreational activities. Some popular models include:

  • Reata 223C: This pontoon is perfect for family outings and entertaining guests, with comfortable seating and ample storage space.
  • Reata 220F: A spacious fishing pontoon with enhanced angling capabilities.

Saltwater Boats

Ranger's Saltwater Boats are built to withstand the challenges of saltwater fishing, ensuring durability and performance. Popular models include:

  • Deep V Series: Combining rugged construction with a smooth ride, these boats are suitable for inshore and offshore fishing.
  • Inshore Series: Designed for fishing in coastal waters, these boats provide a stable fishing platform and easy maneuverability.

Overall, Ranger Boats cater to the specific needs of various types of boaters and anglers, making them a popular choice for both freshwater and saltwater fishing enthusiasts.

Materials and Design


Ranger Boats are well-known for their uncompromising approach to crafting boats with the finest quality materials. One such material used in the construction of their fiberglass boats is, unsurprisingly, fiberglass. This material is renowned for its durability and lightweight properties, making it an ideal choice for boat design.

The use of fiberglass in Ranger Boats allows them to maintain a high level of performance while also providing a comfortable and stylish experience. Their premium fishing boats, such as the Bass and Deep V models, utilize fiberglass to create a lightweight and efficient design that can handle the demands of both seasoned anglers and recreational boaters alike.


Ranger Boats also offers a range of aluminum fishing boats for those who prefer their durability and cost-effectiveness over a heavier fiberglass model. Aluminum is a popular choice for fishing boats because it is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain.

The aluminum construction of Ranger Boats' Bass, Deep V, and Inshore models ensures that these vessels remain highly maneuverable and responsive in various water conditions. This focus on quality and performance ensures that Ranger Boats continue to be a popular choice among anglers and boating enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the materials and design of Ranger Boats—including both their fiberglass and aluminum models—emphasize quality, durability, and performance. This continues to make them an attractive option for both fishing enthusiasts and recreational boaters.

Engine and Performance

Yamaha Outboards

Ranger boats often feature powerful and efficient Yamaha outboard engines that provide excellent performance and durability. Yamaha's reputation for reliable and innovative engines has made them a favorite choice for Ranger boat enthusiasts.

The Yamaha outboard options for various Ranger models can include:

  • 4-stroke engines like the F115, F150, or F200, which offer great fuel efficiency and low emissions
  • VMAX SHO motors with high performance, fuel efficiency, and quiet operation
  • The XTO Offshore series for large offshore boating applications, providing maximum power and torque

These Yamaha engines are known for their reliability, low maintenance, and long-lasting performance.

Mercury Motors

In addition to Yamaha, Ranger boats can also be equipped with Mercury outboard engines. Mercury is an industry leader in marine propulsion and offers a wide range of engine options for various Ranger boat models.

Some popular Mercury outboard choices for Ranger boats include:

  • FourStroke engines that are lightweight, compact, and provide strong performance and fuel efficiency
  • Pro XS motors for optimal acceleration and top-end speed
  • Verado engines equipped with a supercharged system for improved torque and overall performance

Both Yamaha and Mercury offer a range of engines suitable for various Ranger boat models, from bay boats to offshore fishing vessels. Depending on the specific Ranger boat model and the intended use, boat owners can choose between Yamaha and Mercury motors to achieve the desired engine performance and efficiency. This wide selection of motor options allows Ranger boat owners to tailor their vessels to their specific needs and preferences.

Safety and Comfort Features

Ranger Boats are known for their highest quality and innovative features that prioritize both safety and comfort for fishermen and those who enjoy a day cruising on the water.

The company's attention to detail when it comes to safety features makes them a reliable choice within the marine industry. Some of the safety elements included in a Ranger boat are:

  • Nonskid flooring and surfaces
  • Secure and easily accessible life jacket storage
  • Fire extinguishers and signaling devices
  • Cleats and handrails for easier boarding and disembarking

Another important factor that sets Ranger Boats apart is their focus on comfort. Fishermen and those looking to cruise and engage in various water activities can appreciate the handcrafted seating options that deliver comfort at all speeds. For instance, the Ranger 212LS model combines a comfortable cruiser with an aggressive, sporty side, making it an ideal platform for skiing or jaunts around the lake while retaining its fishability features.

In the Ranger Reata Series, the boats are designed to provide a versatile and enjoyable experience for day cruising and water activities alike. Some of the comfort features present in these boats are:

  • Reclining captain's chairs
  • Ample storage for gear and essentials
  • Retractable bimini tops for sun protection
  • Multiple seating configurations to accommodate passengers and gear

While Ranger Boats are focused on providing a safe and comfortable experience on the water, they also do not compromise on the practical side. Their models cater to the needs of fishermen without losing sight of the importance of a comfortable and enjoyable cruise or day on the water.

In conclusion, Ranger Boats' commitment to safety and comfort allows their customers to enjoy a well-rounded and reliable experience, whether they are fishing enthusiasts or simply looking for an enjoyable day of water activities.

The Five Star Advantage

Ranger Boats offers an outstanding program for their customers called the Five Star Advantage. This program is based on five crucial pillars: quality, performance, innovation, safety, and resale value. In this section, we'll explore these pillars and how they contribute to the ultimate boat ownership experience.


Ranger Boats are known for their exceptional build quality. They use only top-notch materials and apply rigorous manufacturing techniques to ensure each boat meets and exceeds industry standards. This means you can trust your Ranger Boat for years of reliable performance and enjoyment, knowing that every detail has been carefully crafted for excellence.


When it comes to performance, Ranger Boats delivers in spades. Their boats are designed and engineered for optimal speed, agility, and handling on various water types. With a reputation for creating some of the best-performing boats in the industry, Ranger Boats stays true to their promise of providing customers with a high level of total performance.


Ranger Boats never rests on their laurels. They're always pushing the envelope, looking for new ways to improve their craft. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and design concepts, Ranger Boats continues to redefine what's possible within the boating industry, ultimately offering boats that are revolutionizing the way people enjoy their time on the water.


Safety is a top priority for Ranger Boats, ensuring that each boat is designed with multiple elements to protect the occupants in any situation. From the boat's structural integrity to the incorporation of state-of-the-art safety equipment and features, Ranger Boats leaves nothing to chance, providing added peace of mind for their customers.

Resale Value

As a direct result of their commitment to quality, performance, innovation, and safety, Ranger Boats retain one of the highest resale values in the market. Owning a Ranger Boat is not only satisfying and rewarding but also a smart investment. The Five Star Advantage guarantees that you're investing in a boat that will hold its value over time.

With the Five Star Advantage, Ranger Boats sets itself apart from the competition, offering quality, service, and a strong resale value that is unparalleled in the industry.

Buying a Ranger Boat

New vs. Used

When looking to purchase a Ranger boat, considering whether to buy new or used is an essential step in the process. Buying a new Ranger boat ensures you have the latest features, warranties, and factory support. New boats can be found at Ranger Boats' official website or Cabela's Boating Centers. On the other hand, used Ranger boats come at a lower cost and might have extra accessories added by the previous owner. Purchasing from a private seller is an option to find used boats, and platforms like Boat Trader or offer listings for used Ranger boats.


The cost of a Ranger boat varies based on factors such as size, model, and features. New Ranger boats typically range from around $27,920 for an RT178 to $121,320 for a 2500LS. Used Ranger boats can have a wide price range, depending on factors like the boat's age and condition, starting from around $10,700 up to $189,999 on

Financing Options

Ranger dealers and finance companies offer various financing options for both new and used boats. Options include securing a loan through banks, credit unions, or specialized marine lenders. While deciding on the financing option, it is important to research interest rates, loan terms, and associated fees.

Purchasing a used Ranger boat from a private seller typically involves cash transactions or acquiring a loan independently, while dealerships often provide in-house financing programs.

Regardless of your choice, it is crucial to assess your budget and carefully consider the added expenses of boat ownership, such as insurance, taxes, and maintenance costs.

Popular Locations for Ranger Boat Dealers


In Anaheim, California, Ranger boat dealers are popular among fishing and boating enthusiasts. Known for their high-quality and performance-oriented Ranger fishing boats, the dealers in the region cater to the growing demand for reliable vessels. Customers in this region are particularly interested in versatile bass boats, such as the Ranger Z175.


Virginia is another location where Ranger boat dealers thrive. Boasting of picturesque water bodies and remarkable fishing spots, the Mid-Atlantic state witnesses a high demand for Ranger fishing boats. The dealers in Virginia cater to the needs of anglers, offering various boat models to suit the preferences and requirements of every customer.


Ranger boat dealers in Pennsylvania have also witnessed significant success, thanks to the avid boating community in the region. With numerous lakes and rivers across the state, Pennsylvania residents seek quality Ranger fishing boats to elevate their outdoor experiences. As a result, the dealers in the region have continued to provide a range of models, including the popular bass boats like the Ranger Z175, in response to the growing demand.


In summary, Ranger Boats offer a wide variety of premium fishing boats and pontoons, catering to the needs of both amateur and professional anglers. With impressive features and durable construction, these boats provide a reliable platform for successful fishing trips.

Ranger's inventory includes both fiberglass and aluminum boats in various categories such as bass, deep V, inshore, and fish & play models. Potential buyers can find used Ranger boats for sale through reliable platforms like Boat Trader and that offer listings from private owners and dealers across the United States.

Buyers who prefer to see and inspect the boats before purchasing can visit showrooms like Vic's Sports Center, located in Kent, Ohio. They offer an extensive Ranger Boat inventory and are an authorized dealer for related products and accessories as well.

To conclude, investing in a Ranger Boat is an excellent decision for anyone who is serious about their fishing activities. With the abundant options available in both new and used models, anglers can find the perfect Ranger Boat to suit their fishing style, preferences, and budget. 

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