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Sports Cruiser Boats for Sale: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Vessel

Sports cruiser boats, also known as express cruisers, are a popular choice for boating enthusiasts who desire a versatile vessel that combines luxury, speed, and functionality. Ranging from 25 to 40 feet in length, these boats offer a wide selection of makes, models, and price points to suit various budgets and preferences.

One of the key features of sports cruisers is their open deck layout, which provides ample space for relaxation and entertainment. Additionally, these boats often come equipped with comfortable cabins that can accommodate overnight stays, making them suitable for both day cruising and longer getaways. With diverse options in terms of size, design, and features, prospective buyers can find a sports cruiser tailored to their unique requirements and desires.

When searching for sports cruiser boats for sale, potential buyers can explore different platforms such as, Boat Trader, and YachtWorld, which offer a variety of vessels at different price points. It is crucial to consider the cost of ownership, including factors like maintenance, insurance, and fuel consumption, when planning for a sports cruiser purchase.

Types of Sports Cruiser Boats

Sports cruiser boats are versatile and popular vessels designed for recreational activities, leisure, and comfort. They come in a range of styles, sizes, and brands to suit various boating preferences. This section explores three popular types of sports cruiser boats: Express Cruiser, Aft Cabin Boats, and Bowrider.

Express Cruiser

An express cruiser is a type of powerboat that typically features a streamlined design, offering both speed and comfort for extended cruising trips. These boats are designed with a focus on open space and often include a spacious cockpit for entertaining and sunbathing. While catering to various sizes, some notable brands manufacturing express cruisers include Sunseeker, Sea Ray Sundancer, and Formula.

Express cruisers often come equipped with a comfortable cabin below deck that typically includes sleeping quarters, a galley, and a head. Some popular express cruiser models feature a monohull design, like the Jeanneau Leader series and the Axopar range of boats.

Aft Cabin Boats

Aft cabin boats are another type of sports cruiser that prioritizes comfort and living space by utilizing the area towards the stern of the vessel for additional sleeping accommodations. The aft cabin layout provides a separate and private space for relaxation, often featuring an en-suite head.

Some well-known manufacturers of aft cabin cruiser boats include Cruisers Yachts, Princess Yachts, and American Tug. These boat manufacturers design vessels that can cater to families and large groups, ensuring everyone has ample space and amenities for an enjoyable boating experience.


A bowrider is a versatile sports cruiser boat designed with an open bow seating area, offering a comfortable spot for passengers to socialize and enjoy the onboard experience. This design focuses on providing ample seating and lounging space, making bowriders particularly popular for day trips and water sports.

Several boat brands manufacture bowrider sports cruisers, such as Chaparral, Bayliner, and Regal. These boats come in various sizes and configurations, ensuring that there is a bowrider model available to suit different boating preferences and budgets.

Size, Length, and Capacity

Sports Cruiser boats come in a wide range of sizes and lengths to cater to various boating enthusiasts' preferences. They are designed to accommodate small groups to large gatherings, making them suitable for a versatile range of activities and events on the water.

The average length for these boats is generally around 36 feet. However, they can vary in size, starting from as short as 19 feet to as long as 88 feet. Size is an essential factor when considering the boat's potential for accommodating passengers, offering comfortable cabins, and providing ample storage space for gear and provisions.

With a primary focus on day cruising, sports cruisers can efficiently accommodate different passenger capacities, depending on the size and layout of the boat. Some boats are designed to host small gatherings, while others can hold larger groups for parties or corporate events.

When it comes to accommodation and sleeping arrangements, sports cruisers can offer comfortable cabins and berths for overnight trips. Depending on the boat's size, it may feature several cabins and a combination of double and single berths for sleeping. These cabins often come equipped with storage compartments, cozy bedding, and sometimes en suite bathroom facilities for added convenience.

Overall, the size, length, and capacity of sports cruiser boats can vary considerably based on the make and model. When choosing the perfect sports cruiser for your needs, it's essential to consider not only the boat's visual appeal but also its practical aspects, including passenger capacity, sleeping arrangements, and available amenities on board.

Propulsion Systems and Performance

Sports cruiser boats offer a variety of propulsion systems to suit different owner preferences and performance needs. In this section, we will discuss the common propulsion systems and their performance characteristics for sports cruiser boats.


Inboard engines are mounted inside the hull of the boat, transferring power to the propeller shaft through a transmission. Inboard engines typically provide better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity, resulting in improved handling and stability. They are popular in larger sports cruiser boats due to their power and efficiency. However, maintenance can be more complicated due to the engine's location within the hull.


Outboard engines are mounted on the transom of the boat, offering easy access for maintenance and repairs. They are popular in smaller sports cruiser boats, as they save interior space and can be removed for easy storage. Outboard engines are usually lighter and produce less noise and vibration compared to inboard engines, though they may offer less power and efficiency.


Also known as sterndrive or I/O engines, inboard/outboard systems combine characteristics of both inboard and outboard engines. The engine is mounted within the boat, while the drive unit is located outside the hull, similar to an outboard engine. This setup allows for more interior space than outboard engines and grants better handling and stability than inboard engines alone.


Diesel engines are popular in sports cruiser boats due to their fuel efficiency and long-lasting performance. Diesel engines have higher torque and are more suited for long-range cruises, though they may be heavier and produce more noise than their gasoline counterparts.


Electric propulsion systems have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their eco-friendly nature and lower operating costs. Electric engines produce little to no noise or vibrations, making the cruising experience more relaxing. However, range and charging infrastructure remain concerns for potential buyers of electric sports cruisers.


Mercury is a popular brand of outboard engines known for its reliability and performance. Mercury engines come in a variety of horsepower options, allowing sports cruiser owners to choose the right engine for their needs. These engines are also known for their ease of maintenance and availability of parts and services.

Hull Types and Draft

Sports cruiser boats offer a variety of hull types and drafts to suit different boating needs and conditions. In this section, we will discuss four popular hull types: Deep Vee, Modified Vee, Planing, and Semi-Displacement.

Deep Vee

Deep Vee hulls are characterized by their sharp V-shaped angles, which allow for better handling in rough water conditions. They provide a smoother and drier ride at high speeds, making them ideal for offshore cruising and watersports. However, they may require a higher power output from the engine, increasing fuel consumption. With their medium-depth draft, these boats can navigate in most coastal waters without compromising stability.

Modified Vee

Modified Vee hulls are a more balanced option, with a slightly flatter angle than the Deep Vee. They offer improved fuel efficiency and are suitable for both calm and moderate sea conditions. The modified vee hull provides a smoother ride than a flat bottom hull without losing too much performance. Their medium-depth draft is still suitable for coastal cruising, but a wider beam may be necessary for increased stability.


Planing hulls are designed to lift the boat's bow out of the water, allowing it to "plane" across the surface at high speeds. This reduces the amount of hull in contact with the water, significantly lowering drag and improving fuel efficiency. These hull types are common in sports cruisers, as they provide a stable and comfortable ride. Planing hulls generally have a medium-depth draft, allowing for a good balance between offshore performance and the ability to navigate shallow waters.


Semi-Displacement hulls combine elements of both displacement and planing hulls. They offer the ability to achieve higher speeds than a traditional displacement hull, while still maintaining fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride in various conditions. With a relatively shallow draft, semi-displacement hulls are versatile and suitable for a wide range of boating activities, from coastal cruising to offshore adventures.

Features and Amenities


The helm of a sports cruiser boat offers an ergonomic design with easy-to-read instrumentation and advanced navigation systems. The captain's seat is typically adjustable for optimal comfort, and some sports cruisers include high-quality audio systems, so you can enjoy music or listen to weather updates while at the controls.

Head and Galley

Sports cruiser boats usually have a head compartment equipped with a toilet, sink, and storage space. Some models also offer a separate shower area. The galley of a sports cruiser generally features compact appliances, such as a refrigerator, stove, and microwave, allowing for convenient meal preparation on board.

Seating and Accommodations

Comfortable seating areas are essential on sports cruiser boats to enjoy time with family and friends. These boats often have spacious lounge areas, both in the cockpit and below deck, perfect for socializing or simply relaxing. When it comes to accommodations, many sports cruisers provide a variety of sleeping arrangements, including forward and aft cabins or convertible berths, ensuring a good night's sleep for everyone on board.

Swim Platforms and Cockpit

The swim platform is a key feature of sports cruiser boats, offering easy access to the water for swimming or other water activities. Many boats have fold-down ladders and non-slip surfaces, so getting in and out of the water is safe and hassle-free. The cockpit area is designed for outdoor enjoyment, providing ample seating and storage space for fishing gear, water toys, and other equipment.

Grill and Sink

For outdoor cooking enthusiasts, some sports cruiser boats come equipped with a built-in grill and sink in the cockpit area. This allows for enjoyable meals to be prepared and enjoyed outside, taking full advantage of the fresh air and beautiful surroundings while on the water.

Buying Sports Cruiser Boats

Sports cruisers, also known as power cruisers, are an ideal choice for boating enthusiasts looking for a combination of performance, style, and luxury. Whether you decide to buy new or used, it's essential to consider various factors such as manufacturer reputation, type of cruising, and budget. Here, we present some key points and resources for buying sports cruiser boats.

New Boats

Quite a few reputable boat makers offer new sports cruisers that cater to different preferences, such as Sea Ray and Cruisers. One advantage of purchasing a new sports cruiser is the ability to customize its features according to your needs. When buying a new boat, consider seeking advice from knowledgeable boat dealers and researching new vessel offerings, both domestically and internationally.

Used Boats

For those on a more limited budget or seeking a seasoned cruiser, used sports cruiser boats can be a viable option. Websites like Boat Trader and YachtWorld offer a vast selection of used boats across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, and Mexico. It's important to carefully inspect the boat's condition, maintenance history, and performance before finalizing a purchase.

Prices and Budget

Sports cruiser boats can greatly vary in price, ranging from as low as $17,950 for more basic models to well over $3,977,518 for the most advanced and luxurious cruisers. To ensure your budget suits your desired boat, consider factors such as:

  • Manufacturer and model
  • Boat size and age
  • Additional equipment and customizations
  • Maintenance and running costs

By understanding these budget components, you can confidently begin your search for the perfect sports cruiser boat that fits your financial constraints and preferences.

Yacht Brokers and Dealers

When looking to buy a sports cruiser boat, working with yacht brokers and dealers can be an invaluable resource. These professionals have extensive knowledge of the market and can help buyers find the perfect vessel according to their specific needs and budget.

Yacht brokers are specialized in matching potential buyers with the right sports cruiser boats for sale. They usually have a wide network of connections and access to a large number of boats on the market, ensuring that clients have several suitable options to choose from. Some reputable yacht brokerage websites that offer sports cruisers for sale include United Yacht and YachtWorld.

Dealers, on the other hand, typically represent one or more boat manufacturers, providing clients with brand-new sports cruiser boats or certified pre-owned vessels. They usually have a showroom or a marina where potential buyers can view and test the boats before making a decision. A popular dealer for sports cruiser boats is

It's important to ensure that the yacht brokers and dealers you work with are reputable and trustworthy. To do this, consider checking online reviews and testimonials from previous customers, as well as verifying industry accreditations and memberships in professional organizations such as the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA) or the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA).

By teaming up with experienced yacht brokers and dealers, buyers can simplify the search process and increase their chances of finding the perfect sports cruiser boat that fits their needs and preferences.

Popular Sports Cruiser Boat Brands

Sea Ray

Sea Ray is a reputable brand in the sports cruiser industry known for their stylish and innovative designs. They offer a wide range of models, from 23-foot family cruisers to large luxury yachts. Sea Ray boats are well-equipped with amenities and can provide excellent comfort and performance at various price points.


Axopar is a Finnish boat manufacturer that produces award-winning sports cruisers with eye-catching designs and exceptional performance. Their boats are known for their fuel efficiency and smooth rides, perfect for day cruising, weekend trips, or entertaining guests.


Jeanneau, a French boat builder, is another popular choice for sports cruiser enthusiasts. They offer a diverse line of sleek and spacious motor yachts that combine style, functionality, and high-quality materials for a luxury boating experience at various budgets.


Princess Yachts is a British luxury yacht manufacturer that produces elegant and refined sports cruisers. Their distinctive designs, advanced technology, and attention to detail make them one of the leading choices for luxury cruising.


Sunseeker is well-known for their remarkable sports cruisers with innovative designs and powerful performance. These luxury boats are designed for the high seas and offer top-of-the-line amenities and unmatched craftsmanship for yacht enthusiasts.


Formula Boats is an American brand renowned for their high-performance cruisers that blend speed, agility, and elegant design. With versatile models suitable for day trips or long-distance cruising, their sleek boats provide a thrilling and comfortable experience.


Regal is another US-based manufacturer offering sports cruisers that are both stylish and performance-oriented. Their boats come in various sizes and are known for their innovations, such as fast planing hull designs and patented running surfaces for smooth rides.


Chaparral is a respected brand producing sports cruiser boats that prioritize safety, performance, and comfort. With a wide range of models and customizable options, they are a popular choice for boating enthusiasts seeking quality at competitive price points.

Cruisers Yachts

Cruisers Yachts focus on producing sports cruiser boats that offer luxurious accommodations and excellent performance. This American brand is dedicated to creating customizable boats with innovative features for a stellar boating experience.


Bayliner is a renowned boat manufacturer that offers sports cruisers at affordable prices. With a focus on reliability and practicality, they provide boaters with a range of well-designed, versatile models suitable for various boating activities.

American Tug

American Tug specializes in building fuel-efficient and seaworthy sports cruiser boats, featuring semi-displacement hull designs and modern amenities. These rugged yet comfortable boats provide a unique and enjoyable boating experience for those who appreciate classic styling and functionality.

Top Destinations for Cruising

When considering a sports cruiser boat, it's essential to explore some of the top cruising destinations around the world. Several ideal spots for cruising can be found in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, and Mexico.

In the United States, the East Coast offers a range of beautiful cruising locations, such as the Intracoastal Waterway and the Florida Keys. The West Coast also has its charm, with picturesque ports in California, Washington, and Oregon.

The United Kingdom boasts an extensive coastline and myriad inland waterways that are perfect for cruising. Some top destinations include the beautiful Scottish Highlands, the serene waters of the Lake District, and the breathtaking coastline of Cornwall.

Canada offers several stunning cruising destinations along its vast coastline. The Pacific Northwest, with its beautiful Vancouver Island and British Columbia, is ideal for adventure-seeking cruisers. The Atlantic coast provides the perfect opportunity to explore the Canadian Maritimes, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, with their picturesque ports and lively maritime culture.

With its beautiful coastline and Mediterranean climate, Spain is a popular destination for sports cruiser enthusiasts. The Balearic Islands, including Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza, are popular sailing destinations offering beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lively nightlife. On the mainland, notable coastal destinations like Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, and the Spanish Riviera provide fantastic experiences for cruising.

Finally, Mexico offers a variety of cruising options for sports cruiser owners. The Baja Peninsula and Sea of Cortez boast incredible scenery, abundant wildlife, and secluded anchorages, perfect for a relaxed and adventurous cruise. On the Caribbean side, the Riviera Maya and Cancun provide idyllic turquoise waters, world-class fishing, and vibrant nightlife. 

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