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Saltwater Fishing Boats For Sale: Your Ultimate Guide

If you're in the market for a saltwater fishing boat, you've likely discovered that there are numerous options available. Saltwater fishing boats come in various sizes and designs, suited to different types of fishing and water conditions. Some of the most popular types of saltwater fishing boats include center consoles, bay boats, and flats boats.

To find the perfect saltwater fishing boat for your needs, consider factors such as the size, budget, and desired features. Prices for saltwater fishing boats can range from as low as $14,500 to over $2,150,000 for larger, more luxurious vessels (YachtWorld). It's also possible to find boats for sale by owner on platforms like Boat Trader or browse listings on websites like and MAKO.

Before making a final decision, research the different models on the market and read reviews from experienced saltwater anglers. Test rides are highly recommended to ensure the boat's performance meets your expectations. Ultimately, the ideal saltwater fishing boat will depend on your individual requirements, budget, and preferences.

Types of Saltwater Fishing Boats

Saltwater fishing boats are designed to cater to the specific needs of anglers in various marine environments. With a wide range of options available, it's essential to understand the different types of saltwater fishing boats to make an informed decision.

Center Consoles

Center console boats are incredibly popular among saltwater anglers due to their versatile nature. These boats usually feature a single, central console that allows anglers to walk around the entire boat, providing 360-degree access to the water. They can handle different types of fishing, from inshore to offshore. Center console boats are available in various sizes, accommodating both small and large fishing parties.

Cuddy Cabin

Cuddy cabin boats combine the practicality of a fishing vessel with the comfort of a small cabin. They are well-suited for longer fishing trips, offering shelter and modest accommodations for sleeping and cooking. Typically, cuddy cabin boats include a V-berth, a small galley, and a head compartment. Their fishing features may include rod holders, storage, and live wells.

Bay Boats

Bay boats are designed for inshore fishing in coastal waters, bays, and estuaries. They usually have a shallow draft, which allows them to navigate shallow waters with ease. In terms of fishing amenities, bay boats often come with live wells, rod holders, and ample storage space to store tackle and gear.


Flybridge boats are designed for offshore fishing adventures. They come with a secondary, elevated helm station (the flybridge) that provides better visibility for navigating and spotting fish. These boats often include spacious cockpit areas, outriggers, bait wells, and large fish boxes for storing the catch. Flybridge boats typically accommodate larger groups and offer more amenities for extended trips, such as sleeping quarters and galleys.


Walkaround boats feature a cabin and fishing amenities, similar to cuddy cabin boats, but allow anglers to walk around the entire boat thanks to a full-length deck. This design provides easy access to the water from any point on the boat. Walkarounds are suitable for both inshore and offshore fishing and offer a good balance between comfort and functionality.


Skiffs are small, lightweight boats designed for inshore fishing. They have a flat-bottom design, which allows them to traverse shallow waters easily. Skiffs are ideal for anglers who prefer simple and affordable vessels for fishing in calm, protected waters.

Popular Brands and Models

When discussing saltwater fishing boats, several prominent brands and models consistently emerge as favorites among anglers for their performance, comfort, and reliability. In this section, we briefly explore some of these brands and their noteworthy models.

Boston Whaler is a well-known brand in the saltwater fishing boat market, offering a variety of center console, dual console, and walkaround models. One of their popular models is the Boston Whaler Montauk, a versatile craft perfect for inshore and nearshore fishing adventures.

Grady-White is another renowned manufacturer of saltwater fishing boats, with a range of models designed for open water excursions. They are best known for their center console boats that can handle rough seas, as well as their attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

With a reputation for building high-quality and affordable fishing boats, Sea Hunt is an excellent choice for anglers seeking a dependably robust fishing platform. Their center console models, such as the Sea Hunt Triton series, are especially popular due to their comfortable layouts and unrivaled performance.

Scout is a brand that prides itself on producing luxury fishing boats that excel in design, performance, and technology. Their center console models are top picks for serious anglers, who appreciate the well-designed layouts, ample storage, and fuel efficiency found in these boats.

Pursuit is a brand known for its innovative design and high-quality construction. Their line of saltwater fishing boats includes center consoles, dual consoles, and express models, such as the popular Pursuit Offshore series, designed for those who demand versatility and top-notch seaworthiness.

Sailfish boats are designed with deep-V hulls and provide a dry and comfortable ride, even in challenging conditions. Available in a variety of configurations, their center console and dual console models offer ample space for both fishing and entertaining.

Finally, Luhrs is another brand to consider, especially if you're interested in convertible or express models. These boats are designed to provide a smooth, stable ride in various water conditions, providing anglers with a spacious fishing platform and luxurious accommodations during extended trips.

Engines and Propulsion Systems

Saltwater fishing boats come with various engine options, each with its own advantages and capabilities. The type of propulsion system used in a boat greatly impacts its performance for saltwater fishing.

Outboard engines are a popular choice for saltwater fishing boats, as they are easy to maintain, lightweight, and provide better fuel efficiency. These engines are available in two-stroke (2s) and four-stroke (4s) options, with four-stroke engines being more environmentally friendly and quieter.

Inboard engines, on the other hand, are built into the hull of the boat, offering more power and higher torque for larger vessels. They are primarily available in diesel and gas options, with diesel engines being more fuel-efficient and gas engines providing quicker acceleration.

Inboard/outboard propulsion systems, also known as sterndrives, combine the features of both inboard and outboard engines. These systems provide better maneuverability and more power, making them suitable for saltwater fishing boats that require enhanced performance capabilities.

Electric propulsion systems are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas and diesel engines. While they may not be as powerful, electric systems offer quiet operation and reduced emissions, making them an excellent choice for anglers who prioritize sustainability.

When choosing the best engine and propulsion system for your saltwater fishing boat, it is essential to consider factors such as power, fuel efficiency, maintenance, and environmental impact. By assessing these factors, you can find the right balance that meets your fishing needs and preferences.

Hull Types and Design

When looking for saltwater fishing boats for sale, it's essential to understand the different hull types and designs. The three most popular hull designs are deep vee, modified vee, and Sea-V2.

deep vee hull design is characterized by a sharp V-shape, which can provide a smoother ride and better stability in rough waters. This design is ideal for offshore fishing boats, as it cuts through waves for a more comfortable experience. An example of a deep vee hull design can be found in Regulator fishing boats, designed by naval architect Lou Codega, boasting a transom deadrise of 24 degrees and increasing to about 48 or 49 degrees towards the bow (Sport Fishing Mag).

The modified vee hull design is a variation of the deep vee, featuring a shallower V-shape, making it more suitable for inshore fishing or situations where the boat needs to navigate shallow waters. This design provides a good balance between smooth ride and stability, as well as improved fuel efficiency compared to deep vee hulls.

Sea-V2 is a patented hull design by Grady-White Boats, featuring a continuously variable vee with no two sections being the same. This allows the hull to gradually transition from sharp in the forward sections to flatter towards the transom. The Sea-V2 design offers both excellent stability and a comfortable ride in various sea conditions.


In summary, when searching for saltwater fishing boats for sale, it's essential to scrutinize the hull types and designs to ensure optimum performance in the intended fishing conditions. Deep vee, modified vee, and Sea-V2 hulls each present their unique advantages, catering to different preferences and requirements.

Key Features and Amenities

Saltwater fishing boats come with a variety of features and amenities to enhance the fishing experience and provide comfort for anglers. One key aspect to consider is the available space on the boat, which includes areas such as the bow, stern, galley, and cockpit.

The bow and stern should offer ample space for casting lines and fighting fish, while the galley should be equipped with essentials for food preparation and storage when spending long hours on the water. The cockpit is the main hub for fishing activity and should provide plenty of room for anglers to move around and access their fishing gear.

Comfort is another important aspect to consider when searching for saltwater fishing boats. Look for features such as cushioned seating, ample shade, and well-designed cabins for relaxation and protection from the elements. Some boats may also provide additional amenities such as air conditioning or onboard restrooms for added convenience.

In addition to these essentials, consider the following key features that can enhance the saltwater fishing experience:

  • Fishing rod holders and storage options to keep gear organized and accessible.
  • Bait and fish storage compartments to keep your catch fresh and secure.
  • A well-designed navigation system and marine electronics to assist with finding prime fishing locations.
  • Durable construction materials to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing.

By considering these key features and amenities, anglers can find the perfect saltwater fishing boat to meet their needs and create an enjoyable and successful day on the water.

Safety and Navigation

When looking to purchase a saltwater fishing boat, ensuring the boat is equipped with proper safety and navigation systems is crucial. Accidents and unexpected situations can happen, so being prepared can make a difference in protecting the crew and the vessel.

Firstly, a good saltwater fishing boat should have reliable navigation systems, such as GPS, chartplotters, and marine radios. These tools are essential, as they help captains remain aware of their current positions and communicate with other boats or the coast guard when necessary. Websites like Boat Trader and YachtWorld often provide information on the navigation equipment included with fishing boats for sale.

Regarding safety, it is vital to have life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs) on board for all passengers. Boats should also be equipped with fire extinguishers, emergency flares, and various signaling devices to alert nearby vessels in case of distress. Marine first aid kits and tools for repairing minor issues on the boat are also essential.

Lastly, individuals engaging in water sports or fishing activities around saltwater boats should be aware of safe practices to prevent accidents. This includes wearing proper gear like life jackets and helmets, using the right equipment, and being mindful of their surroundings. Nighttime navigation can be particularly challenging, so having functioning navigation lights and radar systems help ensure safe journeys in low-light conditions.

In conclusion, before purchasing a saltwater fishing boat, it is crucial to inspect its safety and navigation features, as they play a significant role in ensuring the overall enjoyment of water sports and fishing activities.

Pricing and Buying Tips

When looking for saltwater fishing boats for sale, it's important to consider price, quality, and available information to make an informed decision. Prices for saltwater fishing boats can vary greatly, with more modest options starting around $12,997 and going up to $1,474,000 for luxury vessels, as listed on Boat Trader.

When assessing quality, check for factors such as the construction materials, engine performance, and overall design. By using websites like or YachtWorld, you can find a wide range of saltwater fishing boats, allowing you to compare specifications and features among different models.

As you research boats, be aware of differing pricing models. Some sellers may list the price with additional costs for features or add-ons, while others may include these in the overall price. Make sure to inquire about any additional costs at the time of purchase.

Before making a purchase, gather as much information as possible about the boat. Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the reliability and performance of the specific model you're interested in. When in doubt, consult with a professional or experienced angler to ensure you are making the best decision for your needs.

Saltwater fishing boats are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Factors such as the type of fishing activities and location can impact the choice of boat. Inshore and coastal fishing boats may differ in size and specifications from offshore, deep-sea fishing vessels. Keep this in consideration as you evaluate boats and their features.

Locations for Saltwater Fishing Boats

When looking for saltwater fishing boats for sale, considering the location is crucial. Various states and cities across the United States offer a diverse range of saltwater fishing boats that cater to different preferences and budgets.

In Washington, you can find a wide variety of saltwater fishing boats made by reputable manufacturers. Conveniently explore your options using Boat Trader's website, which allows you to filter the search results by boat type, price, and other important criteria.

Another great place to search for saltwater fishing boats is North Carolina. MarineMax Wrightsville Beach, Collins Inc. of Johnston County, and Pop Yachts are just a few dealerships that offer a diverse selection of brands and models to choose from.

Aurora is a city where you can find saltwater fishing boats for sale as well. They offer different boat prices and styles that cater to various saltwater fishing enthusiasts.

If you're looking for saltwater fishing boats in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you'll find a vast assortment of boats perfect for exploring the city's extensive network of waterways and opportunities for saltwater fishing.

Ultimately, your choice of location will depend on factors such as proximity, availability of desired models, and price range. Don't hesitate to visit different dealerships and make comparisons before making a decision. Enjoy the search for your ideal saltwater fishing boat!

Recreational Boating Activities

Saltwater fishing boats are designed to cater to a variety of recreational boating activities. These boats offer a perfect blend of adventure, speed, and style, which are essential for those who seek thrilling experiences on the water. Saltwater fishing boats come in different shapes and sizes, allowing boaters to choose the best option that suits their needs and preferences.

Adventure seekers can enjoy offshore fishing trips, where powerful saltwater fishing boats can handle rough water conditions and provide a safe and comfortable journey. These boats are equipped with advanced navigation systems, ample storage space, and powerful engines, ensuring a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

Speed enthusiasts will love the high-performance saltwater fishing boats, as they are designed for fast-paced actions and excitement on the water. These boats are built with lightweight materials and powered by powerful engines, providing an impressive top speed and excellent acceleration. This makes them ideal for water sports like wakeboarding, skiing, and tubing.

When it comes to style, many saltwater fishing boats have luxurious interiors and exteriors, rivaling the elegance of yachts. These boats are equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, advanced entertainment systems, and high-quality materials, giving boaters an unforgettable experience on the water.

Recreational boating activities like cruising, sightseeing, and entertaining guests can also be enjoyed on saltwater fishing boats. These boats are designed with spacious layouts and various amenities that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

Searching for a suitable saltwater fishing boat can be an exciting process, with numerous options available on websites like YachtWorld. These boats cater to diverse recreational boating activities, allowing boaters to find the perfect vessel that matches their adventurous spirit, need for speed, and sense of style.

Selecting the Right Boat Length

When it comes to saltwater fishing boats, selecting the right length is crucial for a comfortable and efficient fishing experience. Boat length determines several aspects, including stability, capacity, and maneuverability, which directly impact your fishing activities.

For inshore fishing, it is recommended to choose boats that range from 17 to 25 feet in length. These boats often have a shallow draft, allowing them to access shallow waters and navigate tight spots. Inshore boats usually have features like live baitwells and rod storage, making them suitable for small groups and light tackle fishing.

For offshore fishing, larger boats are more advantageous due to their increased stability in rougher waters. These boats can range from 25 to 60 feet or more, which allows for better handling of stronger winds and waves. Typically, they come with a deeper draft that can store more fishing gear, accommodate larger groups, and provide additional room for amenities.

The choice of boat length should also take into consideration its intended usage. If you plan to use your boat for overnight trips or fishing in various weather conditions, a longer boat may offer advantages such as more space, comfort, and enhanced safety features. On the other hand, if your main goal is to fish in shallow waters or during fair weather, a shorter boat may be more appropriate.

Storage and transportation also play a role in deciding the length of your saltwater fishing boat. The larger the boat, the more storage space it requires, and the more challenging it can be to transport.

Ultimately, determining the right boat length for saltwater fishing depends on your specific needs, preferences, and fishing goals. Consider all these factors to make an informed decision and have a successful time on the water.

Reliability and Power Sources

Saltwater fishing boats are known for their durability and reliability, which are essential features for those venturing into challenging marine environments. The engines powering these vessels must be capable of providing consistent performance, smooth operation, and enough power to handle demanding situations.

Two prominent manufacturers of marine engines are Yamaha and Mercury, known for producing reliable and efficient outboard motors. These manufacturers offer a range of power sources suitable for saltwater fishing boats.

Yamaha offers a variety of outboard engines for saltwater fishing boats, including both four-stroke and two-stroke options. The Yamaha line is known for their excellent fuel efficiency and smooth, quiet operation. Key features include precision fuel injection, lightweight construction, and advanced corrosion protection.

  • Four-stroke engines: Yamaha's four-stroke lineup ranges from the compact F2.5 to the powerful F425, providing options for small boats up to large offshore vessels.
  • Two-stroke engines: The popular Yamaha two-stroke HPDI series offers powerful yet fuel-efficient performance, making these engines a great choice for offshore center consoles and sportfishing boats.

Mercury is another popular choice for saltwater fishing boats, offering a wide range of engines with innovative features, such as durable materials, advanced propulsion technology, and award-winning engineering. Mercury motors are available in both four-stroke and two-stroke options.

  • Four-stroke engines: Mercury's four-stroke Verado series, which ranges from 200 to 400 horsepower, is designed for a smooth, quiet, and fuel-efficient ride. These engines feature advanced electronics, supercharged power, and impressive throttle response.
  • Two-stroke engines: Mercury's lightweight and powerful two-stoke engine series, such as the OptiMax and Pro XS models, are optimized for maximum performance and fuel efficiency in a variety of saltwater fishing applications.

When choosing an engine for your saltwater fishing boat, consider factors such as power requirements, fuel efficiency, and noise levels. Both Yamaha and Mercury offer reliable and powerful options, but it's important to select a motor that aligns with your specific boating needs and preferences. 

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