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Black Point Marina: Your Comprehensive Guide to Boating Bliss

Black Point Marina is the largest public marina in Miami and a popular starting point for numerous water activities. Being part of the Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation department, this marina boasts a host of amenities and services that cater to a wide range of interests. Its proximity to natural wonders and vibrant local life adds to its charm, making it a destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Black Point Marina

Apart from the numerous recreational activities available, visitors can also enjoy dining at the Black Point Ocean Grill, a tiki-bar style restaurant offering fresh seafood and live music. Overlooking the serene waters, it presents a perfect spot to unwind and take in the picturesque surroundings.

Key Takeaways

  • Black Point Marina offers a variety of water activities, such as boating, fishing, and diving expeditions.
  • Black Point Ocean Grill serves fresh seafood and live music in a relaxing, tiki-bar atmosphere.
  • The marina's proximity to Biscayne National Park adds to its appeal for tourists and locals alike.

History and Location

Black Point Marina in Miami-Dade County

Black Point Marina is the largest public marina in Miami, Florida, and it is managed by the Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation department. In the early 1970s, Black Point was an isolated area where sailors anchored their vessels to take a break as they headed towards Key West. In 1972, the marina soon developed into a hub for various water activities such as fishing and diving expeditions.

Located at 24775 SW 87 Avenue, Miami, FL, Black Point Marina is ideally situated near Biscayne National Park, making it an excellent starting point for exploring the park's underwater ecosystems. The marina operates 24 hours a day and provides various services and facilities for recreational boaters and fishing enthusiasts.

Services & FacilitiesDescription
Park & Marina HoursOpen 24 hours
Dockside RestaurantOffers dining options for visitors
Park OfficeProvides information and assistance
Fishing & Diving ExpeditionsOrganizes water-based activities
Black Point Marina

Cutler Bay, FL Proximity

Black Point Marina is located within the Cutler Bay area, a part of Miami-Dade County. Cutler Bay's proximity to both the marina and Biscayne National Park makes it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and boaters who appreciate scenic views, diverse wildlife, and various recreational activities.

Cutler Bay offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty, and its close proximity to Black Point Marina provides additional opportunities for visitors to experience unique adventures in and around Miami. With its easy access to the marina, Cutler Bay plays a pivotal role in attracting tourists and locals alike who share a passion for boating, fishing, and exploring the rich marine environments that surround the area.

Marina Amenities and Services

Boat Ramps and Dockage

Black Point Marina offers a variety of amenities and services for its visitors. One of the key features is the boat ramps and dockage, making it an easily accessible location for fishermen and boaters alike. The marina boasts 200 wet slips, providing ample space and convenience for those looking to dock their boats.

Fuel Dock and Dry Storage Facilities

In addition to the wet slips, Black Point Marina also offers a fuel dock for boaters to refuel before heading out on the water. For those looking for storage options, the marina has dry storage facilities available, ensuring that your boat remains safe and secure when not in use.

Picnic Pavilion and Jogging Trails

Apart from boating facilities, Black Point Marina provides a range of recreational activities for visitors. The picnic pavilion is a great spot for families and friends to gather for an outdoor meal while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. There are grills available for barbecuing, making it a perfect location for a weekend cookout.

For fitness enthusiasts, the marina offers bikeways and jogging trails alongside the water, providing an ideal setting for a morning run or a leisurely stroll. These amenities ensure that there is something for everyone at Black Point Marina, whether you're a boater, nature lover, or simply looking for a relaxing day out in a beautiful environment.

Water Activities and Rentals

Fishing and Diving Services

Black Point Marina is an excellent location for fishing and diving enthusiasts, thanks to its proximity to Biscayne National Park. The marina offers a variety of fishing options, from casting off the 1.5-mile jetty into the bay to embarking on fishing trips organized by local operators. Divers can also explore the nearby reef systems, teeming with marine life and vibrant coral formations.

Kayak and Canoe Adventures

For those who prefer a more leisurely water experience, Black Point Marina provides picturesque kayak and canoe routes through mangrove estuaries. Paddling along these calm waters offers a unique perspective of Miami's beautiful landscapes, as well as opportunities to spot manatees, dolphins, and various bird species in their natural habitat.

Equipment rentals are available at the marina, and some of the amenities provided include:

  • Single and double kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Life vests
  • Paddles

Boat Rentals and Rates

Black Point Marina has various boat rental options for visitors to fully experience the area's picturesque waterfront. Whether you're planning a family excursion or a fishing trip with friends, choose from a diverse fleet of vessels, such as:

  • Center console boats
  • Deck boats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Skiffs

Rental prices vary depending on the type of boat and duration of the rental. It is advisable to contact the marina directly for the most current rates and availability. Visitors are required to adhere to Florida boating regulations while operating rented boats.

Dining Options

Black Point Ocean Grill

Black Point Ocean Grill is a popular waterfront restaurant in Miami, known for its casual yet delightful dining experience. The eatery is widely admired for its extensive menu, offering a range of items to satisfy any palate. Some noteworthy dishes served at the restaurant include fresh seafood, raw bar, steaks, and pastas. The grill has managed to establish itself as the premiere dining destination in South Miami.

Black Point Ocean Grill's menu also features delicacies like hogfish, stone crab chowder, calamari, blackened ahi tuna tacos, and bruschetta. Besides its impressive selection of dishes, one of the highlights of this establishment is its Al Fresco setting and seating along the boardwalk overlooking the water.

In addition to its delicious food, the grill is also famous for hosting live music events, creating an entertaining atmosphere for diners looking to have a good time by the waterfront.

Black Point Marina Restaurant

Dockside Restaurant and Bars

Black Point Marina offers a variety of dockside restaurant and bar options for guests to choose from. These establishments are often characterized by their convenient waterside locations and relaxed atmosphere. Patrons can enjoy a range of food options, including fresh seafood, sandwiches, and mouthwatering pies.

Dockside restaurants and bars typically provide a more laid-back dining experience compared to upscale establishments. They're perfect for those who want to soak in the ambience of the marina while enjoying good food and drinks.

Natural Environment

Biscayne National Park Access

Black Point Marina is the largest public marina in Miami, run by the Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation Department. It serves as an ideal starting point for those looking to explore Biscayne National Park, situated in close proximity to the park. The marina is a popular location for fishing and diving expeditions among locals and visitors alike, making it a hub for outdoor enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the park's natural beauty. The Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands Project aims to restore and preserve Cutler Wetlands near the marina to further enhance the natural environment and protect Biscayne Bay.

Manatee Sightings

One of the unique aspects of Black Point Marina's natural environment is the presence of manatees. These gentle giants can often be spotted in the marina and nearby waterways, providing a rare opportunity for visitors to observe these creatures up close. Manatees are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, so it is essential to remember not to disturb them or their habitat.

To improve your chances of spotting a manatee, follow these guidelines:

  • Be patient and stay alert. Manatees may surface for air every few minutes, but they could remain submerged for up to 20 minutes.
  • Wear polarized sunglasses. These help to reduce the glare on the water's surface and improve visibility.
  • Keep a respectful distance. Do not enter the water or approach manatees, as this can cause stress to the animals and disrupt their natural behavior.

Policies and Rates

Reservation Procedures

To reserve a slip at Black Point Marina, guests are advised to contact the marina directly by phone or email. It's essential to provide important details such as boat length, arrival and departure dates, and any additional requests or requirements. Keep in mind that reservations can be subject to availability, especially during peak seasons.

Deposit and Credit Card Policy

When making reservations at Black Point Marina, you might need to pay a deposit to secure your slip. Deposits are typically refundable if you cancel within the marina's specified timeframe. Payment methods accepted at the marina include major credit cards, such as VISA and MasterCard, as well as cash payments.

Rates: Various rental rates apply at Black Point Marina, depending on the desired duration of stay for your vessel. Based on the provided information, the monthly rate is $0.72 per foot. For daily rates or long-term contract rates, it is recommended to contact the marina directly for the most accurate information.

The marina also provides a variety of additional services, such as boat launching fees. Charges for these services may vary; for example, the senior rate for boat launching is $121.00. There is also a vendor yearly pass of $50.00 for marina access service fees.

Visitor Information

Opening Hours and Peak Times

Black Point Marina is open 24 hours a day, ensuring that visitors have ample opportunity to enjoy all it has to offer. The marina's office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Because of its proximity to Biscayne National Park, this marina serves as an excellent starting point for fishing and diving expeditions.

Peak times to visit the marina are on weekends, especially during the afternoon. Visitors should be prepared for the marina to be busier during these times. However, the experience will still be enjoyable for those who appreciate the lively atmosphere that comes with increased activity.

Customer Reviews and Photos

Visitors generally have positive opinions about Black Point Marina. Its Yelp page currently has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, with 61 reviews. Many reviewers mention the marina's serene atmosphere, stunning views, and fishing opportunities. One user recommends visiting without a boat around 4 or 5 in the afternoon on Saturdays or Sundays to enjoy a hilarious show of people trying to pull their boats out of the water.

There are also 205 photos available on Yelp, giving potential visitors an idea of what to expect during their visit. These photos showcase the beautiful waterfront, boats docking and departing, and the occasional wildlife sighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours for Black Point Ocean Grill?

Black Point Ocean Grill is open for lunch and dinner, offering a relaxed dining atmosphere with outdoor seating overlooking the marina. The restaurant often hosts live music on weekends, providing a lively atmosphere for guests. For specific operating hours, it is recommended to visit their website or call ahead.

Are there any fees associated with using the boat ramp at Black Point Marina?

Black Point Marina does charge a fee for using the boat ramp. The fees can vary depending on the season and the size of the vessel. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on boat ramp fees, please refer to their official website.

What types of amenities are available at Black Point Marina?

Black Point Marina offers a variety of amenities for guests, including boat ramps, docking facilities, and a bait and tackle shop. Additionally, the marina has a park with picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking/biking trails for visitors to enjoy. For those looking to dine, the Black Point Ocean Grill offers fresh seafood and breathtaking views of the marina.

Does the Black Point Ocean Grill offer a menu with prices online?

Black Point Ocean Grill offers a menu on their website featuring a variety of appetizers, entrees, and drinks. Prices for individual items may not be available online but can be obtained by contacting the restaurant directly.

Can I find walking or biking trails near Black Point Marina?

Yes, there are walking and biking trails located near Black Point Marina. The marina is situated within Black Point Park, which offers paved trails for both walking and biking, along with other recreational activities such as playgrounds and picnic areas.

How can I find the best route to get to Black Point Marina?

To find the best route to get to Black Point Marina, we recommend using a GPS device or a map application like Google Maps. Enter the marina's address, 24775 SW 87 Avenue, Miami, FL, for accurate directions.

Alternatively, you can visit their website for more information on getting there.

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