Newport Beach Looking at Three Options to Spare Balboa Island Seawall


BALBOA ISLAND, Calif. – The Newport Beach Tidelands Management Committee met Oct. 29 to discuss the future of aging seawalls on Balboa Island. City officials and island residents have been trying to come to a consensus of how best to be prepared for rising sea levels predicted by scientists.

Two options were presented during an extensive discussion involving civic leaders, community members and about a dozen residents who live along Balboa Island’s Grand Canal. City staff agreed to flesh out a third alternative to use dredging as a means to extend the life span of some sections of the seawall.

Balboa Island has been no stranger to its streets being flooded by high tides and waves. Portions of the island experienced flooding in December 2010, when the combination of a moderate storm and high tide overflowed onto the boardwalk.

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