May 18, 2023

Axopar 37 ST

Today, I'm thrilled to be sharing my experience with the Axopar 37, an innovative, multi-award-winning, and spectacularly designed boat that is undeniably one of the top contenders in the market.


From bow to stern, the Axopar 37 measures 11.2 meters (approximately 36.7 feet) in length, with a beam of 3.3 meters (around 10.8 feet). This sleek watercraft offers a thrilling yet secure ride with its 20-degree twin stepped hull, a design that has been lauded by experts for combining superior handling with unparalleled fuel efficiency.

One thing that sets the Axopar 37 apart is its modular design, allowing for customization to suit different needs and uses. With options like the Axopar 37 XC Cross Cabin, ST Sun-Top, and the Axopar 37 Spyder, there is a configuration to suit anyone's preferences, whether you're a speed-loving day cruiser or a long-distance traveler in need of overnight accommodations.


At the heart of the Axopar 37, you can opt for either a single or twin installation from Mercury's range of potent Verado outboard engines. The power delivery can range from a single 300 or 350hp up to twin 300hp or 350hp, providing top speeds of up to 50 knots.

For those who prioritize environmental considerations, Axopar has also introduced a full-electric propulsion option with the revolutionary Evoy Pro Electric outboard. The initial cost and range may be trade-offs, but the ecological and low maintenance advantages are undeniable.


On comparing it to competitors such as the Nimbus T9 or Pardo 38, Axopar 37’s innovative modular design, better handling, and fuel efficiency give it an edge. The T9 and Pardo 38 have their strengths, but few can match the flexibility of the Axopar 37.


As confirmed by "Boating Magazine," the Axopar 37 "redefines the art of marine design with its performance and modularity, truly a game-changer in its category".

"Motor Boat & Yachting" declared, "The Axopar 37 combines the functionality of a center console with the comfort of a day cruiser without sacrificing style, performance, or comfort. It’s an astonishingly versatile boat that serves multiple uses with ease."


In addition to its exceptional performance, the Axopar 37 offers a range of optional features that enhance comfort, convenience, and enjoyment onboard. The Wet Bar package, for example, is perfect for those who love to entertain, while the aft cabin is ideal for overnight trips or simply for extra storage space. The multi-storage compartment at the foredeck and retractable table are other customer favorites.

For those sun-loving seafarers, the sun-roof option on the XC Cross Cabin model is an absolute delight, allowing for open-air cruising. And for the music enthusiasts, the optional high-quality audio system from Wet Sounds can turn your boat into a floating concert.


When it comes to safety, the Axopar 37 spares no effort. Its deep V-shaped hull provides excellent seaworthiness, while the high freeboard enhances safety on board by minimizing the risk of passengers being swept overboard. The boat also includes handrails in strategic places for a firm grip when moving around.

For night navigation, the Axopar 37 is equipped with LED deck lights and navigational lights, including a remote-controlled searchlight as an optional extra. And if the worst should happen, you'll be grateful for the high-capacity, automatic bilge pumps and manual bilge pump.


The Axopar 37’s ride quality is second to none. As "Power & Motoryacht" once commented, “With its sharp entry and 20-degree transom deadrise, the Axopar cuts through water like a hot knife through butter.” This, combined with a low center of gravity and twin-stepped hull, provides a smooth, stable ride even in rougher waters.

When it comes to maneuverability, whether you're pulling up to the dock, or navigating in tight quarters, the optional bow thruster provides precision control. Combine this with Mercury's Active Trim system (another optional extra), which optimizes fuel efficiency and performance automatically, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a comparable boat in terms of control and response.


Though the Axopar 37 competes well with its contemporaries, it's worth taking a brief look at the larger Axopar range for context. The Axopar 28, for instance, may lack some of the luxury and space of the 37, but it provides a comparable performance in a smaller, more economical package. Meanwhile, the Axopar 45 expands on the 37's offerings with additional cabin space and power, but with a steeper price tag.

As for competitors outside the Axopar range, the Nimbus T11 and the Pardo 43 offer similar features but with a price tag that generally exceeds the Axopar 37. The Sea Ray SLX 350 is another comparable boat but falls short when it comes to fuel efficiency and customization options.


The Axopar 37 is a standout choice for any boating enthusiast seeking a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and versatility. Its seamless combination of design innovation, superior handling, and efficient fuel consumption makes it a boat that outclasses many in its category.

Boating World echoed this sentiment in their review, stating, "Every so often, a boat comes along that doesn't just raise the bar, it redefines it. The Axopar 37 is one of those boats."

And so, my fellow mariners, the Axopar 37 not only promises an unparalleled boating experience, it delivers on that promise. It's more than a mode of transport; it's a declaration of style, a testament to innovation, and above all else, a vessel of pure, exhilarating joy.

Safe and Happy Cruising to you all!

Charlie Hardcastle
Charlie is Editor-in-Chief of Sea Magazine
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