April 4, 2024

Aquanami Jet Kayak: Spec, Prices, Competition – Your Ultimate Guide

Aquanami has revolutionized the world of recreational water sports by introducing their jet-powered kayak, the JetAngler. An innovative fusion of kayak and motorized watercraft, it presents an exciting alternative to conventional kayaks while offering the flexibility and freedom of a personal watercraft.

Aquanami Jet Kayak

Whether you're a passionate angler or simply enjoy exploring waterways, the JetAngler can take you to places where only non-motorized vessels can go while still offering the power and speed of an engine-driven craft.

The JetAngler offers impressive technical specifications, making it both functional and efficient.

With a standard 15 horsepower, four-stroke engine, the kayak can reach speeds of up to 27 mph and travel a range of up to 40 miles on a single 3.7-gallon tank. Additionally, the kayak boasts a max load of 400 lbs and is equipped with practical features like multiple rod holders, making it an attractive option for both fishing and leisure outings.

Aquanami Jet Kayak

Key Takeaways

  • Aquanami JetAngler combines the best of both worlds with kayak-like accessibility and motorized speed.
  • The JetAngler has impressive specs, including a 15 hp engine, 27 mph top speed, and 40-mile range.
  • Designed for fishing enthusiasts as well as recreational water sports, the JetAngler offers a versatile and efficient personal watercraft experience.

Overview of the Aquanami Jet Kayak

Design and Build Quality

The Aquanami Jet Kayak, also known as the JetAngler, provides a unique and thrilling experience for water enthusiasts. Its design focuses on stability and versatility, ensuring a comfortable ride for both experienced kayakers and beginners alike.

The Jet Kayak features a sleek and modern appearance, with its body crafted from durable materials that can withstand the challenges of various water conditions. Its wide beam and generous dimensions contribute to its stability, allowing anglers and adventurers alike to smoothly traverse a range of water environments.

Specifications and Performance

The JetAngler kayak is equipped with a 15 horsepower, four-stroke engine that can propel it to speeds up to 27 mph.

Its fuel capacity boasts a 3.7-gallon gas tank, providing a range of up to 40 miles, making it ideal for long day trips or fishing expeditions.

The kayak's dimensions are 151" x 43" x 16", and it has a dry weight of 303 lbs, supporting a maximum load capacity of 400 lbs.

EngineSpeedRangeGas TankDimensionsDry WeightMax Load
15 horsepower27 mph40 miles3.7 gallons151"x 43" x 16"303 lbs400 lbs
Aquanami Jet Kayak Specs

Operating the Jet Kayak

To operate the JetAngler, users start the engine and control the jet propulsion system to maneuver the kayak through the water.

The ergonomic seating and adjustable footrests ensure a comfortable experience for riders of various sizes.

Multiple rod holders have been incorporated into the kayak's design, making it an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts who want to reach previously inaccessible fishing spots.

The JetAngler's easy handling and exceptional performance make it a popular choice among those seeking the thrill and adventure of a powered kayak.

Technical Specifications


The Aquanami Jet Kayak has dimensions of 151" x 43" x 16" (length x width x height), making it compact and easy to maneuver in various water conditions 1.

This kayak is designed for both one and two-person configurations, with a total dry weight of 303 lbs and a maximum load capacity of 400 lbs 1.

Engine Details

Equipped with a 15 horsepower, four-stroke gasoline engine, the Aquanami Jet Kayak offers reliable performance for a wide range of water sports activities 1.

In addition to its robust power output, the engine incorporates an electric start system, ensuring a smooth and convenient start-up experience 2.

The engine's fuel efficiency is further enhanced by its 3.7-gallon gas tank, providing a range of up-to 40 miles on a single tank of gas 1.

Speed and Maneuverability

With a top speed of up to 27 mph, the Aquanami Jet Kayak offers a swift and exciting ride 1.

The kayak's speed varies depending on the weight of the passengers and their gear, achieving a maximum speed of 32 mph with one person and 28 mph with two people on board 3.

This jet-powered kayak is not only fast, but also highly maneuverable, enabling anglers and adventure seekers to access narrow waterways and tight fishing spots. Moreover, its stability allows for a safe and enjoyable experience for both novice and experienced users 2.


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Price Comparison and Value

Aquanami Jet Kayak Pricing

The Aquanami Jet Kayak is a powerful and innovative option for both fishing enthusiasts and adventure lovers. The JetAngler model offers a 15 horsepower, four-stroke engine capable of reaching speeds up to 27mph, boasting a range of up to 40 miles.

When it comes to pricing, the Aquanami Jet Kayak offers competitive pricing for its features and performance.

Exact price points for these kayaks may vary by dealer and location, so it is recommended to check with your local dealer or visit the Aquanami website for specific pricing information.

Competing Motorized Kayaks

To provide a clearer picture of the value offered by the Aquanami Jet Kayak, it is useful to compare it with other motorized kayaks available in the market.

  1. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14: This kayak is priced around $4,000 and offers a pedal-driven system to power its motion. With a 600 lbs load capacity and ample storage space, this kayak is geared towards fishing enthusiasts. However, the pedal-driven propulsion system may not be suitable for those seeking the power and speed of a gasoline engine.
  2. Wilderness Systems Radar 135: Priced at around $1,500, this kayak offers a blend of affordability and utility. It incorporates a pedal-driven system, making it a more eco-friendly option. However, it may not have the same capacity for reaching higher speeds like the Aquanami Jet Kayak.
  3. Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136: This motorized kayak comes with an electric Minn Kota motor, offering hands-free navigation with a maximum speed of 5.5 mph. Priced at around $4,000, it is a premium option for those who prefer electric propulsion over gasoline engines.

The Aquanami Jet Kayak holds its own in terms of affordable pricing and unique features. The kayak stands out from its competitors with its gasoline-powered engine, providing increased speed and range, making it an appealing option for a variety of water-based recreation and fishing enthusiasts.

Practical Uses and Advantages

Fishing Features

The Aquanami Jet Kayak has several features designed specifically for fishing enthusiasts. It comes with fishing rod mounting bases that make it easier to secure rods while on the water.

Its reliability and range, with a 3.7-gallon gas tank allowing up to 100 miles of travel, mean that fishers can venture into areas previously only accessible by boat.

The quiet operation of its 15 horsepower, four-stroke engine allows for a stealthy approach, making it ideal for water fowl hunting as well.

Adventure and Exploration

The Aquanami Jet Kayak is well-suited for both fresh and saltwater adventures, with its max. 17.5 Horsepower, 4 Stroke gasoline engine propelling it through various aquatic environments.

Its speed, reaching up to 27 mph, enables users to cover more ground and explore further than traditional kayaks, making it perfect for venturing into new and exciting locations.

Recreational Activities

In addition to its fishing and exploration capabilities, the Aquanami Jet Kayak is an outstanding choice for recreational activities on the water.

With adjustable foot pedals and an easy-to-use central joystick, users can experience smooth, comfortable rides while navigating their chosen waterways.

The kayak's dry weight of 303 lbs and maximum load capacity of 400 lbs make it suitable for one or two passengers, allowing for shared experiences with friends and family.

Operational Details

Fuel Efficiency and Tank Capacity

The Aquanami Jet Kayak is designed to be both fuel-efficient and have a satisfactory travel range.

It is powered by a 15-horsepower, four-stroke gasoline engine that provides a top speed of up to 27 mph and can travel up to 40 miles on a single tank of gas 1.

The kayak features a 3.7-gallon gas tank, which allows users to cover large distances without the need for frequent refueling 2.

Cooling Systems

A significant feature of the Aquanami Jet Kayak is its closed-loop water cooling system3.

This advanced cooling mechanism helps protect the engine from overheating, ensuring the longevity and reliable performance of the kayak.

The closed-loop system ensures that majority of the engine's heat is transferred to the circulating water within the cooling circuit, while the remaining heat is effectively handled by the surrounding air around the engine.

The cooling system effectively maintains optimum engine temperature, even when used for extended periods of time.

Control Mechanisms

Controlling the Aquanami Jet Kayak is made easy and intuitive thanks to its central joystick control mechanism4.

The kayak's joystick provides precise and responsive maneuverability, enabling users to navigate tight corners and challenging waterways with ease.

In addition, the kayak is equipped with adjustable foot pedals for customized positioning and enhanced comfort during operation5.


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Storage and Transport

The Aquanami Jet Kayak provides versatility in both storage and transport, ensuring that users can efficiently move and store the watercraft safely when not in use.

Dry Storage Solutions

Aquanami has designed their jet kayak with storage convenience in mind. The JetAngler includes dry storage compartments that are perfect for keeping personal belongings, fishing equipment, and other gear secure while on the water1.

These compartments are situated inside the driving station, proving that Aquanami is committed to providing users with practical and well-thought-out storage solutions.

Additionally, Jet Kayak has a wet storage compartment, which can be used to store fish and beverages1.

Transporting the Jet Kayak

When transporting the Aquanami Jet Kayak, it's essential to understand its key specifications.

Its dry weight plays a significant role in transportation ease. For example, the JetAngler features a 15 horsepower, four-stroke engine that enables it to reach speeds of up to 27 mph1.

The substantial engine power contributes to the kayak's dry weight, which is crucial information to bear in mind when considering transportation options.

To transport your Jet Kayak, you have several options. You can use a kayak trailer, securely strap it to a vehicle's roof racks, or slide it into the bed of a truck.

For users who require compact transport options, a surfbord carrier is an alternative for lighter models, such as the jetKAYAK GT, which has a maximum of 17.5 horsepower2.

When transporting the kayak, ensure that all loose items are removed and stored separately to prevent damage to the equipment.

Safety and Maintenance

Reliability and Durability

The Aquanami Jet Kayak is designed for both fresh and salt water, ensuring that it is built to withstand various marine environments.

Its engine is a reliable 15 horsepower four-stroke engine, which provides a smooth and efficient propulsion system. The hull of the kayak is made from durable materials, ensuring that it can withstand rough waters and resist wear and tear from regular use.

For added safety, it is crucial to periodically check the water cooling system. This system is responsible for keeping the engine from overheating, which is essential for maintaining its reliability and long-term performance.

Maintenance Recommendations

Regular maintenance is essential to ensuring the safety and performance of the Aquanami Jet Kayak. Here are some key recommendations to keep your kayak in optimal condition:

  1. Engine maintenance: Periodically check the engine oil levels and change it according to the manufacturer's recommended intervals. Keep the air filter clean and inspect the fuel system for leaks or damage.
  2. Water cooling system: Inspect the coolant levels and flush the system as needed. Ensure that the water pump is functioning correctly and replace it if necessary.
  3. Hull and Exterior: Clean the hull regularly to remove any debris, dirt, or salt buildup. Inspect the kayak for signs of cracks or damage, and address any issues promptly.
  4. Storage: Store the kayak in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. This helps to prevent damage to the materials and extend the life of the kayak.

Market Position and Competition

Aquanami's Market Share

Aquanami, a company specializing in the production of jet-powered kayaks, occupies a unique niche in the sport watercraft market.

Their innovative JetAngler is a one or two-person motorized kayak that allows users to fish in areas previously accessible only by traditional kayaks. With a 15-17.5 horsepower, 4-stroke gasoline engine, these jet kayaks offer the range and reliability that previously only a boat could provide.

While it is difficult to estimate Aquanami's exact market share in the sport watercraft industry, their unique jet kayak designs have undoubtedly carved out a loyal customer base. This is especially true among fishermen and water sport enthusiasts seeking a more maneuverable and fuel-efficient alternative to boats.

Competitive Analysis

When examining Aquanami's competition in the sport watercraft market, it's essential to consider both traditional kayaks and motorized watercraft.

In the traditional kayak segment, there are numerous established brands such as Hobie, Ocean Kayak, and Perception. These companies offer a range of kayaks designed for various activities, including fishing, touring, and recreational purposes.

While traditional kayaks do not feature motors, they provide a more affordable and environmentally friendly option for consumers.

In the realm of motorized watercraft, competition comes from various types of boats, personal watercraft (PWC), and jet skis. A wide array of companies, including Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and Kawasaki, produce these watercraft.

TypeSpeedCostFuel EfficiencyCapacity
Jet Kayak28-32 MPHModerateHigh1-2
Traditional KayakLowAffordableN/A1-2
Motorized BoatsHighExpensiveModerate2-8+

In terms of innovation, Aquanami differentiates itself from competitors by offering a unique, jet-powered watercraft capable of reaching speeds up to 32 MPH while maintaining the convenience and accessibility of a kayak. This niche product gives them a competitive edge by appealing to those looking for something that combines the best of both traditional kayaks and motorized watercraft in a single, fuel-efficient package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specifications should I consider when comparing the Aquanami jet kayak to other motorized kayaks?

When comparing the Aquanami jet kayak to other motorized kayaks on the market, there are several important specifications to consider. These include dimensions, weight, engine type, horsepower, top speed, fuel capacity, and seating capacity.

The Aquanami JetAngler Pro measures 151 in * 43 in * 20 in and weighs 303 lbs. It is equipped with a stainless steel impeller, a weed cutter, and an enhanced cooling system for the engine.

How does the price of the Aquanami jet kayak compare to similar jet-powered kayaks on the market?

The price of the Aquanami jet kayak can vary depending on the model and features included. While specific prices are not provided in the search results, the kayaks are described as coming in at an attractive price point. To confirm pricing, it is best to visit Aquanami's website or reach out to a local dealer directly.

What are the top competing brands or models in the jet kayak market?

There are several competing brands and models in the jet kayak market. However, the search results do not provide specific models or brands as top competitors to Aquanami. To find comparisons, it is recommended to conduct further research or consult with a local kayak dealer for recommendations on jet-powered kayak options.

What is the average top speed of jet-powered kayaks, including the Aquanami?

The top speed of jet-powered kayaks may vary, but in the case of the Aquanami Jet Angler kayak, it can reach speeds of up to 32 MPH with one person and a maximum speed of 28 MPH with two people. This should provide a good reference point when comparing the top speed of Aquanami to other jet-powered kayaks on the market.

Where can I find a pre-owned Aquanami jet kayak for sale?

Finding a pre-owned Aquanami jet kayak for sale might require checking local listings, online classified websites, or engaging with local Aquanami dealers. Pre-owned availability will vary by region and timing, so conducting research and regular monitoring for new listings is recommended.

How has the Aquanami jet kayak evolved in terms of specs and price since 2020?

The search results do not provide specific information on the evolution of the Aquanami jet kayak since 2020. However, it is mentioned that the JetAngler Pro model features improvements in storage compartments, seats, and hull bottom design.

To determine more about the changes in specs and pricing over time, visit Aquanami's website or consult with a local dealer.

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