57,000 Pounds of Trash Collected at Record-Setting Coastal Cleanup Day

ORANGE COUNTY, Sept. 26, 2016 – On Sept. 17, more than 7,200 volunteers hit Orange County parks, beaches and creeks to join the fight against ocean pollution during Coastal Cleanup Day. Orange County Coastkeeper and Trails4All coordinated 50 cleanup sites in Orange County where volunteers removed nearly 57,000 pounds of debris — more than 15,000 pounds more than last year’s cleanup — and volunteers recorded obscure items including an inflatable workout ball, chicken feet, an iPad and a car fender.

“Seeing these bizarre items scattered across the sand puts Orange County’s pollution problem into perspective,” said Orange County Coastkeeper Coastal Cleanup Director Julia Williams. “A key component to addressing the issue is inspiring our citizens to take action. Coastal Cleanup Day educates people about how their actions impact the local environment and how they can make a positive difference.”

After the record-breaking cleanup, volunteers celebrated at the first ever Trash Free OC Jamboree — a Coastal Cleanup Day after-party at Huntington State Beach. Partygoers learned how to be environmental stewards year-round by creating and cleaning their own miniature polluted ecosystems, making art out of trash and playing educational games all afternoon.

“While it’s wonderful that this year’s Coastal Cleanup Day removed more trash than ever before, it would be even better to not have trash to clean up in the first place,” says Williams. “It’s a lofty goal, but with informed citizens we can work together toward reducing coastal pollution.”

This year’s Orange County Coastal Cleanup Day corporate sponsors included: Metropolitan Water District, Messiah Lutheran Church, Earth Friendly Products, and The City of Dana Point.

In-kind sponsors include: The Municipal Water District of Orange County, KIND Snacks, Whole Foods, Davey’s Locker, Banzai Surf School, Quivers, REI, Compas Life, Coastal Playground, Jack’s Surfboards and S’well.

For more information, visit http://www.coastkeeper.org/ccd.


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