Silent 55

The Silent 55 is a solar-powered cat that can theoretically run forever.

  Silent-Yachts was founded in 2009 and introduced the world to the Solarwave 46, the world’s first fully self-sufficient production bluewater catamaran. Now the builder has moved up to the Silent 55, which stretches the concept of a silent ride both physically and technologically.

Thirty high-efficiency solar panels cover the main cabin and flybridge top and are capable of up to a 10 kilowatt-peak, which the builder claims is plenty of juice to cruise up to 100 miles a day and power the boat’s electrical needs. An inverter readies the power for appliances, and a 100 kw generator is aboard but should only be needed in emergencies, according to the builder.

Potential propulsion configurations include twin e-motors — 135 kw in the E-Power version or 30 kw in the Cruiser version — twin 200 hp diesels paired with twin 14 kw e-motors in the Hybrid Power version, or any of those power choices combined with a mast and sails in the Sailor version. Check out the builder’s website for full details.

Inside a salon, galley and helm are in the spacious main cabin, which has excellent all-around views, and the master is forward on the main level. Depending on the buyer’s choice, the layout can include five more staterooms and three or four heads.

Outdoor living consists of a cockpit, an open but covered flybridge, and a sun lounge and twin trampoline nets at the bow. Sidedecks provide easy transit forward and aft.

The Silent 55 can easily be handled by two people and is a good fit for a family cruising without a crew. Storage abounds on the yacht, providing room for a dinghy, bikes and water toys.


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