Sunreef Power Day Cat

Sunreef's latest is a 60-knot, 41-foot catamaran with a penchant for dayboating.

Sunreef Yachts has made its reputation building larger catamaran yachts — mostly 60 feet and more — both power and sail. Its latest model runs counter to that, measuring just less than 42 feet, but the 40 Open Sunreef Power translates the builder’s expertise in multihull construction into something smaller and definitely interesting.

The 40 Open comes in two iterations: day cruiser and foiling speedster. The former is inboard powered, while the latter is an outboard boat. Inboard power is supplied by twin engines that range from 425 hp to 1,100 hp; outboard power comes via twin 627 hp, four 300 hp or four 400 hp power plants. While the first hull is still under construction as of press time, Sunreef predicts both models will have a top speed in excess of 60 knots. The foiling version will glide above the water when its speed exceeds 25 knots, utilizing retractable hydrofoils, which will result in negligible drag and impressive fuel efficiency.

On both versions, two large sunpads occupy the aft cockpit, one a two-person platform and the other fit for three. A seatback swings aft to create a bench seat out of the forward section of both sunpads; in the forward position, it serves as a headrest for sunbathers. The aft half of both hull sides swing outward and down to create more deck space when the boat is at rest. Triple captain’s chairs face a covered helm that includes touchscreen MFDs for full boat control.

The bow can include a sunpad, which creates room for a cabin between the hulls, or it can feature a seating area with nearly wraparound seating and a couple of tables. The twin hulls can be configured for heads, cabins and utility areas, so the seating area forward might be the preferred choice, especially in the day cruiser model.

The Catamaran Co. (, with locations in Seattle and San Diego, is the Sunreef representative on the West Coast. Sunreef Yachts,


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