New Vulcan Anchor Receives Praise from Sailors and Cruisers

The Vulcan is the latest addition to the modern scoop-type anchors and has been tested and reviewed by many experienced sailors.

In a recent article published on, Alex and Maria Blackwell had this to say about their experience with the new Vulcan: “Yes, this new addition to the Rocna lineup is certainly a good insurance policy for us and for our boat. With it holding us securely to the seabed, our chances of living long are certainly improved.”

The original Rocna provides superb setting and holding performance, but its roll bar presented an obstacle on some boats with a bow platform or a bowsprit. The new Vulcan anchor uses a different geometry and weight distribution to ensure the correct orientation on the seabed without the use of a roll bar, providing the same industry leading performance pioneered by Rocna anchors with a more universal fit.

On his first cruise with the Vulcan, Blackwell dropped the anchor down on hard white sand in roughly 15 feet of water off the remote island on the west coast of Ireland. When their boat veered off the wind, 30 foot of chain was let out. With less than two-to-one scope, Blackwell found that when the chain straightened out, the anchor bit, disappearing into the sand.

“We let out some more chain, snubbing it again at 50 feet, or just under three-to-one scope, allowing for our bow height over the water,” Blackwell said. To test what would happen, Blackwell put his boat in reverse and gradually increasing power. “When the chain straightened out the boat came to a shuddering stop. She didn’t budge. All that then remained was to let out sufficient rode to bring us to a more than five-to-one scope, allowing for the 12-foot tide rise, and then to relax.”

The Vulcan anchor is available from Canada Metal, exclusive manufacturer and licensee of the Rocna brand, and from its distributors and chandleries worldwide. You can learn more about the design and performance of Rocna and Vulcan anchors on the website.


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