Furuno Introduces New Class of Radar with the DRS6AX “X-Class”

Camas, WA, September 8, 2016 – World-renowned for its awardwinning Radar technology, Furuno is raising the bar once again with the introduction of the new DRS6AX “X-Class” Radar. This Radar sensor brings a renewed and refined 6 kw open array to NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2. The DRS6AX pushes the boundaries of what is possible with conventional X-Band Radars in terms of performance, and introduces incredibly useful new features at an extremely competitive price point.

Furuno has a long tradition of utilizing technology from their extensive line of commercial products in its less-expensive recreational offerings. With the DRS6AX, fishermen, cruisers and workboat captains alike will now be able to experience the value of these advanced technologies. For fishermen, the DRS6AX introduces a new “Bird Mode” that delivers incredible bird detection performance to your NavNet TZtouch or TZtouch2 display. Flocks of birds can easily be picked out at various ranges without manual tuning, all with a simple tap of the Bird Mode feature. It is even possible to discern the movement of individual birds within a flock utilizing Echo Trails! This kind of definition is available without compromising the presentation of other Radar targets.

Increased performance, in both long and short ranges, is delivered in the DRS6AX by optimizing the maximum pulse length to deliver 50 percent more “Power On Target” than the previous DRS Radars. This is achieved by extending the maximum pulse length from 0.8 to 1.2 microseconds. At long ranges, you can easily see landmasses in great detail, and the improved short-range detection offers stunning target separation. Add Fast Target Tracking, where the DRS6AX can detect and display instant target vectors showing heading and speed for up to 30 targets, and you’ve got a Radar that truly is in a class of its own!

“When I’m on a new boat, the first thing I do is ask the captain for permission to check the Radar,” said Tim Moore, general manager of Furuno’s East Coast facility. “I can almost always dial it in for a better presentation than any auto mode. Not so with the DRS6AX. The auto mode on the new “X-Class” Radar beats me every time – and I’ve been doing this a long time.”

Along with a host of major technological advancements, Furuno was also able to make the DRS6AX gearbox pedestal 20 percent lighter and quieter than previous models, due to its new design and an improved, low-noise motor. Installation is simplified and more cost effective, as an external power supply unit is no longer required on vessels equipped with 24 VDC power.

Depending on your needs and mounting restrictions, the DRS6AX offers a variety of antenna options that will fit just about any situation. Open array antennas are available in 3.5, 4 or 6-foot models and mount directly on top of the new gearbox pedestal.

Whether you are looking to spot flocks of birds in the distance, or track moving targets with heading vectors and speed info, the new DRS6AX “X-Class” Radar is the perfect complement to Furuno’s NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2 MFD series. See the DRS6AX in action with this brief video: http://www.furuno.com/special/en/radar/drs6ax-class/


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