Digital Getdown

Aqua Compact Pro Marine PC, $1,295

For folks who feel more at home out at sea than on land, the Aqua Compact Pro Marine PC will be a game-changing helm asset. As technology continues to march forward, you can keep up with this adaptable multifunction PC. The Aqua Compact Pro PC fits in the palm of your hand — because we all know space on a boat is limited — and packs a powerful fifth-generation Intel Core i3 processor with exceptional graphics performance for the latest 3-D charting and HD navigation programs. No need for a separate chartplotter, because the Pro PC has 8GB of ram and plenty of connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB3 technology.

Digital Yacht,

One thought on “Digital Getdown

  1. I wife and I have been selling for six years and are currently in the Netherlands. When I first purchased my boat I bought a digital yacht computer to work with my maxsea software and my Furuno chart plotter. It has worked extremely well and I recently decided to upgrade to a Aqua Compact Pro PC. I am extremely happy with the product it has lived up to all of its advertisements and what is best is the quality of support I have received from digital yacht with all of the products I have purchased from them. This company is by far the best I have ever had dealings with in all my years of boat ownership.


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