Boating BC Announces New Grant and Sponsorship Programs to Support Provincial Boating Industry

Vancouver, B.C. – Boating BC Association is launching a new grant and sponsorship program designed to support British Columbia’s boating industry and local communities looking to enhance boating as a recreational and economic driver.

“BC is better on a boat, and through our various grants and sponsorships we hope to create access to our beautiful waterways for more British Columbians all over our beautiful province,” says Don Prittie, Boating BC President. “Boating BC is committed to improving access to boating, along with preserving and enhancing the industry. We can further support this important sector through the grants and sponsorships that will be awarded this year.”

The new program, made possible through proceeds from the Vancouver International Boat Show, will distribute grants or sponsorships up to $2,500 to organizations that:
• Facilitate and/or improve access to recreational boating in B.C.;
• Work to stimulate knowledge and education on key aspects of the recreational boating industry; and/or
• Promote, improve or advance boating interests in B.C., including participation in boating and
environmental stewardship of B.C.’s waters.
Financial support will be made available to not-for-profit organizations that undertake projects related to capital infrastructure or events and initiatives deemed to increase participation in recreational boating or help to grow the recreational boating industry in BC.

British Columbia offers an astounding 27,000 kilometers of coastline alone – among the longest in the world – plus thousands of lakes and rivers across the province. With such premiere boating destinations, Prittie notes that public access to waterways needs to be at the forefront. In British Columbia it is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly in urban areas with increasing real estate values and expanding development, and he hopes community organizations will leverage the grant program for capital projects that create or improve public access such as boat launches and other infrastructure.

“There are tremendous local economic benefits to having a strong and vibrant boating industry, but those can only be realized if boaters have easy public access to waterways,” says Prittie. “Recreational boating has had positive impacts on economic growth through the province of British Columbia’s history, and with ongoing support, it will continue to be a staple within every community.”

For full details on the programs and deadlines, and to apply visit:


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