Aspen Launches Their 10,000 Mile Tour

An Aspen C120 is about to embark on an epic journey. This 40′ Proa Catamaran will cruise over 10,000 miles from Washington state to Annapolis, Maryland. David and Sue Ellen Jenkins the proud owners of the brand new Aspen C120 Knot Wafflen’ have teamed up with Captain Blake Eder and Larry Graf founder of Aspen Power Catamarans to take their boat on a shake down cruise like no other.

Having already cruised to the San Juan islands and Seattle they will soon depart from Anacortes, Washington and head North into Canada and on to Alaska. This is just the beginning of the adventure. After some summer fun in Alaska the boat will turn South again and run from Juneau, down the Pacific Coast with stops in Washington, Oregon, and California before continuing to Cabo San Lucas and into the Sea of Cortez. From there the boat will be portaged across Mexico and Texas where she will be re-splashed in Galveston. The voyage continues through the Gulf of Mexico to the west coast of Florida, then Key West, the Bahamas and up the Eastern seaboard finishing the trip in Annapolis, Maryland.

Larry Graf, the founder of Aspen, is an open ocean adventurer with several firsts, including being the first to complete the Bermuda Challenge, crossing to Midway Island in the Pacific with a trailerable boat, and traversing the Bering straits in a trailerable cat.

Aside from having a great time the trip’s goal is to clearly demonstrate the strength and all weather capabilities of Aspen Power Catamarans. Aspen’s patented Power Proa-Hull makes a trip like this feasible and fun. The design, with its deep displacement hulls and high bridge deck, slices heavy seas while the twin asymmetrical Proa hulls (one 35% larger) slip easily through the water, creating very little drag. The net efficiency of the single engine cat allows speeds in the teens with single digit hourly fuel burn rate. This unique design provides performance never achieved before in a 40’, multi stateroom, multi head, flybridge cruiser.

One thought on “Aspen Launches Their 10,000 Mile Tour

  1. Salute!
    Any chance I could get you to stop at Deltaville Marina [Deltaville, Virginia… on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay] overnight or for a day? That’s the marina where I keep my 40′ Pacemaker flush deck MY. I would be glad to talk to the owners about your voyage.
    Deltaville is also the home of the very well established WATERWAY GUIDE. Perhaps the editor, Ed Tillett would come meet with you.

    Keith & Jacqui Ruse own the Deltaville Marina and adjoining Deltaville Boatyard on Jackson Creek….DBY specializes in maintaining, repairing, and modifying yachts 40 ‘ to over 70 ‘.
    The companion Deltaville Marina features a brand new oerational main floating dock with in slip fueling and pump-outs being installed now!

    Tight Lines!

    Alan V. Cecil
    757 795 4344


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