Argos Nautic Ideal for Mid-Sized Yacht with Garages

Tender garages are becoming increasingly popular with mid-sized vessels, even those down into the 80′ range. Unfortunately, the outboard-powered boats that are compact enough to fit into these tight spaces are often only a step away from being a rubber raft. Argos Nautic offers a pair of 13′ and 10′ bespoke RIB tenders that complement the uniqueness of the finest yacht.

With his renowned and unmistakable Italian styling, Patrizio Facheris designed the Argos Nautic line with the luxury yacht owner in mind. He understands the desire to match the quality of every aspect of a magnificent vessel. That’s why his tenders are so unique and customizable.

Most boats come in an assortment of colors, but Argos Nautic tenders are tailored to become an extension of the yacht it serves, in both appearance and quality. Even down to the stitching on the upholstery and weave of the Hypalon tubes, no detail is too subtle when customizing.

Hidden beneath the elegant lines and lithe contours of the tenders is pure ingenuity, such as their ample hidden storage. As sumptuously comfortable as they are, however, the boats are real performers. They’re quick and sure-footed when jumping wakes, yet dry and civilized when heading to shore for dinner.

Argos Nautic tenders come well-equipped with premium quality components. Isotta tilt steering wheels, LED navigation and courtesy lighting, Fusion sound system, 1/2″ teak and holly flooring, and custom cleats and fittings are just some of the standard, yet luxurious finishing touches.

With a 6.8′ beam, the five-passenger, 13′ 396 model is powered by a single 50–60 hp outboard. Lightweight, it has a top speed of 36 mph.

The 10′ 305 is ultra-compact with a 5.7′ beam. Designed to carry four passengers with a 30–40 hp outboard, it will reach 30–36 mph, respectively.

Well equipped, the 396 model starts at $48,000; the 305 at $38,000.

Contact Argos Nautic, 1572 NW 165th St., Miami, FL 33169. 786-520-4700.


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