Los Angeles Maritime Institute Provides Tall Ship Sailing Experience to Kids

Posted: December 31, 2013

By: Grace Wong [Daily Breeze]

SAN PEDRO, CA -- The wooden boat rocked gently from side to side Saturday as parents and children climbed aboard, using ropes to steady their entry. The sun warmed the December morning and kids skittered across the deck in T-shirts and tank tops while their parents sat on the side watching. With a loud blast, the ship pushed off the dock, its tall masts casting dark shadows on the otherwise blinding seawater.

This trip was the first of four dates for the Kids’ Sail Aboard a Tall Ship, one of the many programs offered by the Los Angeles Maritime Institute. The three-hour trip on a handcrafted wooden brigantine tall ship is a hands-on experience, with both kids and parents helping tie ropes to raise the sails and even climbing up to the top of the ship to take a look from a higher vantage point.

“I’m inspired by that time period,” said Andres Salazar, a 15-year-old who wore a handmade 1800s British Royal Navy uniform. “It was fun to learn how to steer a ship and learn the names of the rigging.”

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