Stop the Raid on the California Boater Fund

Posted: September 11, 2013

By: BoatU.S.

We need your help this week. The California state legislature is about to take boating tax dollars and use them for non-boating purposes. Please act now to ask your state representatives to protect boater tax dollars and vote “No” on Senate Bill 436.

SB 436 would open up the boater-financed state Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund (HWRF) for a non-boating purpose, specifically the prevention of damage to streets and property within cities caused by beach erosion and flooding. It also directs $1 million for streets and property located along Hueneme Beach. While the prevention of such damage is important, boats are not the source of the damage, and using boating dollars to support non-boating programs is a dangerous precedent.

Boat registration fees, fuel taxes and other proceeds from recreational boating activities fund the HWRF, which helps pay for docks, vessel sewage pumpouts and boat ramps throughout the state. Many of these state dollars are matched by federal funds, making these dedicated boater taxes that much more valuable. We must protect the integrity and effectiveness of the HWRF.

You can easily contact your state Senators and Assemble Representatives using the BoatU.S. email system by clicking here.

Ask them to protect boater tax dollars and vote “No” on SB 436!

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