Riding a Patriotic Wave

Posted: July 1, 2014

By: Michael Miller [Daily Pilot]

It's tough being the Statue of Liberty.

Vanessa Butler learned that lesson her first year riding in the Old Glory Boat Parade. The Newport Beach resident joined family and friends in decorating a patriotic vessel, and with her tall stature, she proved a natural choice to double as America's most famous icon.

Still, holding that pose for the parade's duration turned out to be no mean feat. Butler supported herself by wrapping an elbow around the boat's shrouding while holding a book with the same arm and a makeshift torch with the other. One of her legs, cloaked in the gown, wrapped around the shrouding as well.

Will Butler strike the pose again this year? As of Friday, with the parade date a week away, she still hadn't decided.

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