Floating Generator Transforms the Ocean's Motions into MegaWatts

Posted: November 6, 2013  |  By: Andrew Tarantola [Gizmodo]

While winds may die and clouds may obscure the sun, nothing can stop the rhythmic lapping of ocean waves. Now, an Australian company hopes to harness that power and convert it to usable electricity with the most powerful wave-energy generator ever created. And this is just their small-scale prototype.

Dubbed the Oceanlinx, this 1 MW "greenwave" generator uses the oscillating motion of waves to power something called a Denniss-Auld turbine. This unique bi-directional airflow device, custom-built for the Oceanlinx, generates high-pressure air currents to drive an electrical turbine as the waves inside the concrete base pulse up and down.

But what's really awesome is that the entire device assembly is constructed of flat-pack reinforced concrete and is designed to withstand 1 in 100 year storms. What's more, these things don't require any special moorings of site preparation and can simply be set on the seabed in about 30 to 50 feet of water.

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