Marine Corps Showcases the UHAC

Posted: August 28, 2014  |  By: [The Log]

WAIMANALO, Hawaii -- The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab introduced the Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC) prototype at the Marine Corps Training Area Bellows, July 11.

The a track driven connector that can reach reasonable water speeds and access beach areas that Landing Craft Air Cushion's (LCAC) and Landing Craft Utilities cannot, the full scale UHAC will be able to carry three times more than an LCAC and can go over more obstacles including 10-foot-high sea walls, according to a press release.

Created by Navatek and funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the model consists of two tracks that are made out of captured-air foam blocks, which gives the vehicle the propulsion it needs for land and sea travel. 

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