Time and Trees Put Kibosh on Man's Plans for Old Boat

Posted: July 15, 2013

By: Mike Dunham [Anchorage Daily News]

Artist Jocelyn Paine put her recent painting "The Chacón: Finding the Right Course" on display at the BlueHolloman Gallery last week. The pastel shows the stern of a wooden ship surrounded by trees, moss on its deck, golden leaves dangling above it. But this is not a picture of a surreal dream. The Chacón, the actual boat, exists much as she's depicted it, off the Glenn Highway near the South Birchwood exit.

"For years I've been seeing this mysterious boat whenever I've been driving on the Old Glenn," Paine said. She took some photos and started the painting this spring. In the course of doing the piece, she researched and found that it belonged to long-time Chugiak resident Thillman Wallace.

She arranged to give a print of the finished painting to Wallace, who filled her in on the history of the 82-foot-long, 100-ton vessel.

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