Alaska Fishermen Rescue Killer Whale Stuck on Rocks

Posted: November 6, 2013

By: Katie Kindelan [ABC News]

One of the three Alaska fishermen who spent nearly four hours freeing a killer whale stranded on rocks says the whale appeared to know they were there to help her.

“She never fought us,” Jason Vonick, 42, told today.  “She just sat there docile and calm the whole time and let us do what we needed to do.  If we stopped petting her, she’d cry some more.”

Vonick, a 22-year veteran fisherman from Ketchikan, Alaska, was preparing for the start of shrimp fishing season Sept. 30, along with his partners Nick Segal and John Oakes, when the trio noticed a group of killer whales hunting down seals on rocks in Klakas Inlet. 

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