Ship Owner Gets Prison Time

Posted: March 26, 2013

By: Maureen O'Hagan [The Seattle Times]

When Bret A. Simpson heard the hulking old barge Davy Crockett was for sale several years ago, “he saw the steel and he saw dollar signs,” said assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Oesterle.

Simpson, of Ellensburg, figured he could scrap the 400-foot former Navy ship and walk off with a tidy sum.

“He probably regrets that decision,” Oesterle said. Because in the midst of his ragtag scrapping operation, the Davy Crockett began spilling oil into the Columbia River.

On Monday, Simpson was sentenced to four months in federal prison plus a period of home detention, community service and supervised release for violations of the Clean Water Act. The mess cost $22 million in federal funds to clean up.

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Posted By: TIDE ferrari motorsports, palm beach.Rebecca Cummings. On: 3/29/2013

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Terrific jail time, wish these wimp judges in Florida had balls to throw poluters in jail.. TIDE ferrari motorsports, palm beach,tom davis,jr.

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